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For technical information and discussion of Buell Transmissions, Primary Drives and Clutches as well as their repair/maintenance/upgrades.

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03 XB9S Won't Downshift34nineteen09-09-20  06:06 pm
Trapdoor trans removalCaptainkirk05-07-20  11:23 am
RED SHIFT 585v2Mesozoic02-20-19  09:26 am
Second gear skipping out on acceleration06ltnglong02-17-19  07:07 pm
2000m2 garage tipover leads to problemsFasted09-17-18  10:16 pm
What could be causing my primary vent tube to to be puking on a 200...89rs120016 07-30-18  11:54 am
Clunk while in gearTurbooster01-12-18  10:57 am
Shifting woes 06 xb12Blakeaspencer09-27-17  12:26 pm
Middle shift forkBrother_in_buells08-09-17  03:38 am
XB 3rd Gear "jumping" Gschuette07-24-17  12:48 pm
'02 X1 Lightning Hard ShiftTwo_seasons06-02-17  05:27 am
RED SHIFT 585v2 cam installation?Steadydipped04-04-17  03:50 pm
XB12R transmission stuck in gearJim210-13-16  08:23 pm
Blast shifter alternatives?Soup1e12-28-15  02:02 pm
First gear slippage...Reepicheep11-11-15  12:22 pm
02 Blast shifterGenie8633309-04-14  02:24 pm
M2 transmission snap ring name and tool type???Buell_bert08-28-14  11:47 pm
M2 Cyclone trans. shifting/noise/slopReepicheep27 08-28-14  12:06 pm
M2 Transmission noise/MetalBluzm215 06-16-14  10:56 am
Are all years of the buell blast transmittions the same ?Thenewguy94110-11-13  03:09 am
2000 buell blast tranny issues HELP PLEASE!Thenewguy94116 10-11-13  01:54 am
School me on the tranny vent...Reepicheep09-25-13  08:25 am
1st to N and back is all I've got...Samruai_sam0709-12-13  04:33 pm
93 Sportster transmission in a '00 X1 Dj_engine03-23-13  10:24 am
Baker XL6 install worriesVecchio_lupo12-01-12  08:09 pm
2nd to 3rd shifts hardHarleyelf19 11-19-12  09:11 pm
Homage the Buell Guru's hereOberon11-17-12  04:39 am
Cyclone Trans Oil ChangeWheels6308-15-12  05:18 pm
Stuck in 5th, lost power to the wheel on freewayDutch8507-19-12  12:24 am
Starter gasket?Bluzm207-18-12  11:02 pm
Primary oil ran dry in x1 Earl87gta06-30-12  07:48 pm
Transmission oil leakEss3tee05-06-12  09:14 pm
Countershaft Gear Support Plate (HD-37404)Kdkerr205-01-12  01:45 pm
Timing gearsVerwa04-18-12  06:36 pm
Can't find any gearHarleyelf12-13-11  11:34 pm
Transmission gear undercutting and assemblyJgcable12-13-11  03:36 pm
Need help with Blast engine/trans configurationCharliechitlins10-23-11  03:43 am
Clutch shell bearing replacement(XB)Sfbmx8808-24-11  04:46 pm
99 m2 cyclone serious problems HELP!!Reepicheep06-18-11  08:13 pm
XB12R 2nd Gear QuestionFuzzz06-18-11  10:34 am
Lighter Sprockets? Aluminum?V7405-14-11  11:08 am
Anyone have a tranny for an 07 xb9 firebolt.Burckman05-04-11  09:31 pm
Crank Seal ToolMidnight_rider04-21-11  09:58 pm
Newer tranny swap?Prostreet04-06-11  05:38 pm
Parts numbersShag949903-21-11  03:20 pm
Primary Breather Hose "Catch-Can" X1Jramsey03-18-11  12:52 pm
Rebuilding tranny XB9SHusky01-12-11  04:22 pm
Xb transNikolai01-11-11  11:43 pm
Pops out of first gear (04 xb12s)Reepicheep12-17-10  05:31 pm
Lost 1'st gearThundermutt12-01-10  02:31 pm
99 MS trans prob273409-16-10  11:08 am
Hard to find neutral and gears.Buell_bert09-01-10  07:02 pm
Tranny vent tube burnt by rear pipeArgentcorvid08-25-10  08:29 pm
09 Uly XT hard shiftingBcmike08-08-10  09:58 pm
NEUTRAL LIGHT WITH CLUTCHJixaman07-29-10  07:59 am
Sixth gear?Av8guy05-23-10  03:08 am
Front pulley slop - so, how screwed am I? New2vtwin05-15-10  03:43 pm
01 M2L shifting very stiffDevil_dog02-25-10  11:08 am
06 ULY hard shifting from 5th to 4th, HELPBevmiller11-26-09  06:51 am
Shifter hangs when trying to shiftAzxb14 11-23-09  01:34 pm
Revised transmission in earlier cases?Nik11-02-09  03:47 pm
Problems shifting 05 xb12scgNik11-02-09  02:08 pm
97 S1, 10k miles tranny/belt problemPuddlepirate23 09-03-09  04:52 pm
BDL 28t pulleyBuell_bert08-28-09  01:50 am
Main bearing rightside babo0mM1combat08-13-09  08:18 pm
Shifter on M2Prior08-04-09  07:09 pm
New bikewith only 800 miles will not shift into first or secondRyanclark7506-24-09  07:13 am
FRONT PULLEY M2Cyclopp06-21-09  10:24 am
6 speed in Uly????Mbest06-03-09  09:54 pm
Shift kits fo 05 xb12scgBw2005-15-09  05:32 pm
1998 S3 Not enguaging gear. Buell_bert18 03-01-09  12:52 am
Stupid questionBombardier12-08-08  02:49 am
Speed shifting a buellBombardier11-12-08  07:35 pm
Ccrrunches when shifting into 2nd gearCycleaddict10-17-08  02:43 pm
Blast Transmission knock! Please help!Buell_bert10-07-08  09:37 pm
2000 buell blast grinds gears shifting from neutral to first.Chevy7209-24-08  06:36 pm
Help! can't back up!Fuzzy09-23-08  06:04 pm
Jerky 3rdTbowdre09-10-08  11:08 pm
Shift drum questionFiremanjim08-07-08  04:10 pm
First gear clunks twice? 00 M2Djkaplan11 07-14-08  01:19 pm
Neutral lite??Chainsaw07-09-08  08:37 pm
3RD Gear a bit stickyChainsaw07-09-08  08:33 pm
XB low-side shifter repairsSweatmark06-11-08  03:25 pm
5th gear help pleaseKyle7821006-09-08  10:17 pm
Xb12r transmission bearingsMdd13405-30-08  09:59 am
Engine/Transmission Noise after tranny fluid changeBurnjo04-20-08  10:39 pm
S3 Stuck in first, Ideas, help???Thunderbolt2278604-15-08  08:08 pm
Xb rocker box modJackbequick04-14-08  08:54 pm
Been a long time since i been here.I need some tranny help.Puscifer14 03-30-08  10:19 pm
Looking for an exploded view of Harley 4 speedBuell_bert03-30-08  08:45 am
@HoserXldevil03-29-08  01:55 am
Transmission woes...Interex205003-24-08  01:37 pm
Transmission Clunk Between 1st 2nd 3rd Like Clutch Not ReleasedReepicheep02-21-08  08:56 pm
S1 trapdoor bearing question310bueller01-22-08  07:27 pm
Drain Plug TorqueLoucksgl01-18-08  11:14 pm
Xb9 hard to down shift in to 1stDjkaplan11-30-07  11:12 am
Shift Shaft LeakingBuell_bert11-19-07  05:03 pm
Tranny replacement checklist/requestNew12r19 11-13-07  03:59 pm
Bonehead move: accidently shifted into 1st without the clutch engag...Djkaplan23 11-01-07  05:41 pm
Trouble shifting XBReepicheep25 10-26-07  09:45 am
Royal Purple tranny fluid?Jflaig10-24-07  11:54 am
Shifter LeakBluzm210-01-07  09:38 pm
Tranny leak on an 03 XB9S132422 08-02-07  06:21 am
Tranny is very hard to shift from 1st into 2nd..........98s1lightning07-23-07  07:48 pm
'00 X1 1st to 2nd Shift: Skipping, Missing, Chattering?Meatstick8107-12-07  12:12 pm
2005 XB12R to 2006Benderbuell06-13-07  12:27 am
Trans/Gear Fluid leakCyclonemick05-31-07  02:14 pm
Trans no neutral locks up in gearRadon3010 05-04-07  12:35 am
New Uly won't ShiftBlake13 05-02-07  12:26 pm
Shift lever shoulder bolt coming out. Help???Shaiss05-02-07  10:22 am
Blast transmission problemsEzblast04-25-07  05:14 pm
'02 M-2 Cyclone shifting troubleReepicheep10 04-20-07  08:02 am
5 speed ratio choicesPanic04-14-07  01:37 pm
Help lost 1st,4th,5th gears in daytonaReepicheep03-19-07  12:38 pm
I Transformed My Transmission...Jayvee15 03-15-07  12:34 pm
Shifting Problems with my 05 XB12R, PLEASE HelpJetjock03-09-07  10:44 pm
Blast trans makes a Second ClunkTim03-04-07  08:45 pm
04 XB12r tranny issuesShaiss03-04-07  05:50 pm
Shift Detent Plate/Drum PinsEzblast12 02-12-07  04:06 pm
Cold shifting problemBlake12-27-06  05:47 pm
Some Trouble Checking Transmission LubricantNutsnbolt11 12-10-06  01:54 pm
Alternative mounting hole for shifterDiablobrian12-05-06  01:19 pm
2KM2 Shifts into first, but-Jc00012 12-04-06  09:37 am
Xb9r tranny not goodSflabuell11-10-06  11:56 am
Tranny Rebuild ServicesSloppy11-07-06  01:56 pm
Should I expect problems in the near future?Jackbequick11-05-06  09:23 am
Buell/Sporty transmission?Jackbequick11-02-06  08:50 am
Tough shifting especially when hotBobpaul08-16-06  10:43 pm
Won't go past 2nd gearMoboy51608-10-06  05:31 pm
5th gear/main shaftBlake08-10-06  12:30 pm
Quad ring / oil seal leaking 2000 x1Antibling06-13-06  10:58 pm
Tranny trashedBazza_t05-18-06  08:53 am
Downshifting issues, `05 XBOz66605-12-06  10:00 am
I think my tranny is toastSteveshakeshaft22 05-08-06  09:49 am
2002 M2 trannyXldevil04-07-06  04:41 pm
96 S2 sprocket questionHugh_jass03-31-06  04:04 pm
00 x1 shift dentent Camaroboy869115 03-15-06  09:30 pm
Tuber Transmission Upgrades?Road_thing12 03-08-06  02:58 pm
Retaining Ring/Clip RemovalLake_bueller03-08-06  09:43 am
Tranmission Breather Question - 99 X1Patrickh14 02-07-06  11:03 pm
S2 transmission gear ratiosBuellistic01-30-06  09:09 am
New Tranny'sPanic26 11-27-05  01:14 pm
Infamous first gear rounded off dog thingXldevil11-20-05  12:39 pm
Drive Ratios / 6-Speed TransmissionMikej36 10-03-05  05:23 pm
Transmission ArchivesM2me764 26 08-21-05  05:18 pm
Tranny failed too downshift.................Buellseye31 08-25-04  03:11 pm
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