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Nissin 17mmHams02-16-12  11:41 pm
Stuck calliper pistonHarleyelf16 02-03-12  06:58 pm
Rear Brake caliper 98 S3TBino01-21-12  04:41 pm
Front pot size?Terrys198001-14-12  02:52 am
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5mm vs. 6mm Erik Buell Racing front rotor...Fasteddieb07-05-11  08:54 pm
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99' and 00' brake reseviorBuell_bert08-04-10  07:48 am
ORDER FOR TUESDAY 7/6/2010Terrys198008-03-10  09:53 pm
BrakesSparky07-28-10  04:37 pm
Stiff rear brake Hulagun07-06-10  03:38 am
ALTH Disc Breaks on my 2007 XB12Scg Lightning lowBrother_in_buells06-27-10  04:11 pm
More feel at the Lever?Nallac05-14-10  12:35 am
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ZTL2 CALIPER, I can not find in stock, will no longer produce more?Mr_keys02-07-10  02:07 pm
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What model does this fit??Fasted02-01-10  08:16 am
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X1 front brake caliper NEED HELPEboos08-04-09  09:27 am
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Nips in the front brake XB9S 2003 modJetne07-14-09  07:09 am
Proper proceedure for replacing front b/pads(XB 12S)?Bondo07-10-09  04:27 pm
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09 xb12scg Rear brake squeek for 5600km!!!!!!Gaza07-01-09  07:28 am
Centering Brake Disk on CarrierBikerat06-28-09  01:35 pm
Movement in front rotorCourt06-03-09  10:13 pm
Brake bleedingSkntpig06-02-09  09:23 pm
Replacing Front Brake HandleJayman05-26-09  03:33 pm
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Posted on Monday, May 07, 2007 - 03:51 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post View Post/Check IP Print Post    Move Post (Custodian/Admin Only) Ban Poster IP (Custodian/Admin only)

My S3 is 10 years old, well maintained, brake fluid flushed once a year. This year the front got mushy, I can almost pull the front lever to the grip. I'm thinking the master cylinder is toast. I've reflushed the system and still same problem.

Any thoughts.

(Message edited by s3tbolt on May 08, 2007)
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