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Things slipping away from you? Talk about your clutch issues here.

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Gear selector bolt backing out01s3t10-02-20  10:58 am
Barnett scorpion clutcg_buelligan_07-11-20  04:09 pm
What are the differences in XB R,S,X, clutch cables?Xbpete13 09-28-19  02:11 pm
Clutch Slips and then Catches Rhythmically in 5thOcbueller05-20-18  06:06 pm
It is my Clutch Plates!???Fishman16 05-13-18  05:39 am
Wich clutch kit? XB12 2009Fishman05-13-18  05:28 am
Clutch adjustmentTwo_seasons08-26-17  02:43 pm
***DRY BEARING SOUND***Bannon14 06-02-17  10:34 pm
Primary Cover Clutch Cable Threads Stripped...Ninjadestroyer04-28-17  02:40 pm
Sans spring plateTwo_seasons02-26-17  11:22 am
Broken Parts on clutch Brother_in_buells12 10-05-16  03:27 am
Grinding when shifting into first from NDave04-10-16  08:40 am
2001 X1 New Clutch update at around 30k Just in time! Buellistic03-01-16  09:16 am
Blast ClutchJohnelliott01-07-16  05:57 pm
Xb12x in need of new clutchBuellistic10-24-15  01:14 pm
Another clutch won't disengage. Related to RH low side?Longshot10-19-15  09:42 pm
Water damage rusted Primary,hub,needle bearing,primary chain,clutch...Bsulysses09-16-15  04:05 pm
P3 blast clutch adjustmentGo_moto08-16-15  03:28 pm
Barnett clutch cable for X1.Wildbuellrider03-22-15  12:25 pm
Uly Stuck in Gear after fall - help please!Faceman02-04-15  10:36 pm
Has anyone installed a judder spring and seat?Runsatzombies01-01-15  05:21 pm
2009 xb12xt clutch general questionFasterlapdunn12-06-14  01:41 pm
Broken Clutch Cable into primary XB12R/ TrackdaysBamabuellbiker10-30-14  12:13 pm
Question about Clutch cable O-ringKenny_gilgore02-18-14  09:22 am
Whining from primary areaHarleyelf01-21-14  07:18 pm
Energy One Extra Plate clutch in '06 XB12X Uly - Watch Out!Arcticktm01-21-14  01:27 pm
Clutch assembly removalHarleyelf12 10-18-13  12:39 am
Barnett Clutch Buell S1 Make 1998Bluzm208-28-13  11:33 pm
Clutch assembly retrofit?Livers06-26-13  04:53 pm
Clutch hub needle bearingPhat_ham04-14-13  06:32 pm
Down-shifting kills the motor... What could this be?Dmac0910-11-12  11:03 pm
Clutch bearing replacementLivers07-28-12  03:21 pm
Oil leaking where cable enters primary...Hams07-14-12  11:25 pm
Shifting questionDtech06-27-12  10:15 pm
Anyone have the part number for an adjusting screw assembly?Wolfo6806-21-12  10:28 am
Clutch woesMcbueller_x111 06-01-12  06:45 pm
Going to neutral between 2nd and 3rdUwmad05-30-12  09:10 pm
Loosing power while RPMs going upSchwara16 05-18-12  11:59 am
Do I Need a Slipper Clutch for XB12X with Electric Shifter?Mbest04-19-12  01:03 pm
Clutch basketJlewis04-12-12  08:25 pm
1125 driveline lashBartimus23 10-09-11  04:52 pm
Clutch not engaging.Fughley08-10-11  10:41 am
Replacement clutch problemStryker08-01-11  05:34 pm
Questions reassembling Clutch PackTerrys198006-12-11  12:06 pm
Broken tab on clutch hubNikolai06-12-11  12:00 pm
Replace shell bearing?Nikolai06-12-11  11:57 am
2008 1125r clutch adjustmentFroggy05-17-11  10:29 pm
Where is my neutral?Waldir04-22-11  08:08 pm
Lost 4th and 5th gear?Reepicheep04-11-11  12:04 pm
Clutch hub on XB12SGriffo04-09-11  05:03 am
Why does first gear tend to grind when down shiftingBlake03-21-11  02:24 am
Clutch and gear shift problems after trans fluid replacementReepicheep13 03-19-11  09:51 am
Lost just 4th gear?Bluzm220 03-16-11  01:18 pm
'99 X1 No Clutch...Buell_bert02-13-11  01:21 am
Initial CLUNK when engaging 1st gear when coldAl_lighton02-10-11  04:50 pm
Clutch plate stack upCh47phillips07-05-10  10:06 am
Clutch cable interchangeBuell_bert06-06-10  11:31 am
Clutch won't engage for some reason...?Mjf197906-06-10  07:26 am
X1 Clutch Cable Part NumberBuell_bert05-26-10  03:00 am
Which clutch cover gasket?Chase12s04-14-10  10:05 pm
Clutch cable needs constant readjusting on 2002 X1Greg_e10 04-07-10  09:44 am
XB series clutch adjustmentGreg_e04-01-10  12:04 am
Clutch very different after oil change???Greg_e03-22-10  12:00 am
Clutch engagementGreg_e03-21-10  06:37 pm
Only have 1st gear & NeutralEzblast02-04-10  03:46 pm
Clutch basketMr_hyde01-01-10  04:55 pm
Clutch adjustment helpNightstalker11-25-09  11:44 pm
Barnett Scorpion ClutchNewbolt09-10-09  01:43 pm
X1 and M2 clutch cables the same???Buell_bert09-02-09  04:40 pm
2001 Buell X1 Blown Out ClutchBuellx1innh08-17-09  09:34 am
Low side damageDthquazi08-06-09  08:06 am
XB vs. tuber clutch - are they interchangeable?Jeffb07-28-09  10:10 pm
Alto clutchJeffb07-28-09  10:08 pm
Clutch will not fully disengageSparky06-22-09  03:25 pm
Clutch Dragging after changing primary fluid..Ideas??Sparky06-17-09  01:03 am
"Narrow" friction plateAcav8004-30-09  03:43 pm
All XB clutches the same?Barker03-01-09  09:30 am
Clutch cable rubber boot FULL of waterXb_tx02-27-09  03:03 pm
06 clutch spring upgradeLllbmanlll02-10-09  12:27 pm
Custom Chrome's Clutchlite ?Bwesky02-08-09  11:40 pm
Replaced clutch but still wont go14d02-08-09  02:50 am
CRG Shorty Clutch/Brake Levers for a BlastCrackhead01-13-09  02:26 pm
Which way to move engagement at lever?Fasted11-11-08  07:34 pm
HELP= Broken clutch cableFromparis11-06-08  11:57 am
Loud Clicking / chattering noise shifting to first from neutralMokuloa10-18-08  08:46 pm
Clutch replacement help?Buellmeister5709-23-08  06:51 pm
Clutch cable stretch, shifter pegFasted09-04-08  07:19 pm
Remove pressure plate to tighten primary nut?Alessio66xb12r08-25-08  05:01 pm
Clutch basketAlessio66xb12r11 08-21-08  11:00 am
Bike doesn't roll easily in 1st gear after 1000 mile Service Bombardier08-19-08  05:53 pm
Clutch cables is leakingXldevil07-06-08  12:29 pm
Drive still engadged with clutch all the way inTexas_firebolt07-05-08  10:51 am
Clutch Inspection Cover GasketDavidoforlando06-15-08  10:52 pm
Archive through June 07, 2008Bad_karma809 90 06-07-08  01:52 am
Clutch PullGrlryder34 03-28-06  10:34 am
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