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For technical information and discussion of Buell Bodywork and paint as well as their repair/maintenance/cleaning and upgrade.

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Paint Codes
Amazon Green DBC 48449
Billet DBC 36571
Black Magic DBC 95055
Blue Streak DBC 19038
Canyon Red DBC 75049
Carbon Black DBC 9700
Demon Blue DBC 5246
Onyx Alloy 95152-32
Orange DBC 61876
Race Stripe White DBC-91853
Reactor Yellow DBC 81746
Red Snap DBC 75050
Spark Red DBC 75056
ClearDCU 2042
Clear HardenerDCX 9
Reducer DT 870
Reducer DT 885
Reducer DT 895
PrimerK 36
PrimerK 201

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X-GuardBuellxb12scg08-05-23  03:42 pm
Parts for S396s2t11-30-22  01:22 pm
Nuclear blue !!!!!Littlebuggles04-01-22  02:07 am
1200 rs colorsRono11-03-21  08:31 pm
Looking for nuclear blue touch up paintLittlebuggles15 07-01-21  05:43 am
Buell XB Clear Primary Inspection CoversTpehak11-11-19  12:54 pm
S1 oil tankEriczs111-05-19  01:06 pm
S1W Tank SealingEriczs111-04-19  12:14 pm
Blazing Orange?Classicbuells10-07-19  12:49 am
Cracked/Peeling Clear Coat on Carbon Fiber IntakeTpehak06-10-19  10:01 pm
Are PM wheels forged, cast or...??Raincitybuell10-06-18  08:30 pm
Anodised blue wheelsJazzbutcher07-31-18  06:52 am
Stripping old paint/applying new to plastics-any updates?No_sprk06-15-18  12:59 pm
XB Plastics ScratchesCourt02-05-18  11:39 am
Is there any touch-up paint available anywhere these days?Gvelox01-27-18  01:47 pm
Rubbing Compound to Remove Stains on Frame?Megadeth93404-07-17  02:13 am
Painting 2002 M2Brother_in_buells10-14-16  11:42 am
Primary cover looks gunky xb12xBlakeaspencer02-28-16  09:12 am
Firebolt Plastics Question..??Zektiv12-28-15  09:25 pm
Buell Paint and Body SpecialistTmbabb10-16-15  09:27 pm
Left bracket46yeah10-08-15  01:05 pm
97 S1 frame touch up paintRyan97s105-11-15  11:22 am
Reactor YellowRoaldnelson04-09-15  01:13 pm
Which decals are these?Ceefuhs03-17-15  01:51 pm
X1 gas tank and cover on S3?Newmans307-18-14  01:45 pm
Degrease engine?Shaggster07-06-14  08:26 pm
Paint questionNewmans317 03-28-14  01:15 pm
Can you name this part? Froggy03-16-14  09:04 pm
AMS OIL Power FoamImblasted07-06-13  07:45 pm
Plastidip (same as in 1125 forum)Imblasted07-06-13  07:43 pm
What about Pearl White?Lynrd06-24-13  03:42 pm
Anyone know...?Husky05-19-13  02:12 pm
Buell touch up paint doesn't seem to matchBobbydigital45005-06-13  06:18 pm
Phantom metallic frame paintBuell_bert03-05-13  08:04 am
Clear coat X1 frameSerialk11-06-12  08:53 pm
Trade my yellow buell plastics for white...... Any takersNire2310-31-12  11:57 pm
S1W frame paintBull10-21-12  04:03 pm
Clean oil drips on headerPikeben0812 08-10-12  08:25 am
Adding a mesh or screen to larger air intakesSchwara06-12-12  11:03 am
Brake Dust??Timmyj05-30-12  03:11 pm
Dimentions of S3T Nose DecalJramsey05-10-12  08:13 pm
Tail Light WeldTorco40604-29-12  07:04 pm
Subframe/side rail paint colorXb_hooligan04-29-12  05:25 pm
1125r Chin Fairing / Belly PanTerrys198004-21-12  07:35 am
BUELL XB race muffler coating?Bman12r04-18-12  11:50 am
Kick Ash Airbox Cover keeps cracking!Whatever03-24-12  06:21 pm
Headlight/fairing options or advice please?Terrys198013 03-09-12  12:53 pm
Buell Build DatesBuellbill02-24-12  12:04 am
Xb12STT white emblems part #????Armymp0912-01-11  09:34 am
05 XB9R Oil spots burned into swingarmRho_13811-08-11  09:20 pm
Removing paintGlide11-06-11  07:40 am
Cracked FlyscreenMadrahn10-04-11  06:21 pm
Powder coating +/-Buell_bert09-15-11  10:41 pm
Taller Windscreen for XB ?Schwara27 08-24-11  02:36 pm
Wrap vs. paintReepicheep13 08-13-11  12:43 pm
Chipped paint on gas tank Gunshow1107-01-11  11:37 pm
Translucent Red vs Cherry Bomb RedTriax06-30-11  11:26 am
Blast PlasticsFroggy06-26-11  07:39 am
95 S2 frame paint code or specific nameJumbo_petite06-18-11  10:28 pm
Wanted Blue Seat CowlBuelleaps305-26-11  12:06 pm
Scratch removal / polishing plastic black P3Desertfox04-27-11  10:55 am
Frame color of XB12STTJavakilla04-26-11  12:37 pm
Need color code for 98 S1's Molten Orange Km204-24-11  10:33 pm
Using a rust converter/reformer on your XB mufflerHusky04-18-11  05:27 pm
1996 S1 Billyboy04-15-11  09:01 am
Looking for nuclear blue touch up paintHarley_mechanic04-09-11  07:48 pm
Painted S3 inner bags or dash?Brubry03-30-11  06:45 pm
99' X1 Blue Stripe paint codes - Are they the ones above?Bsanorton03-24-11  06:14 pm
Factory Lower FairingStargazer03-19-11  12:26 am
Fuel tank painting or replacementKilroy03-05-11  08:15 am
New Buell rider....has anyone converted their headlight on a buell ...Terrys198002-18-11  04:44 pm
Painting the Frame on my 03XBIts_a_buell01-31-11  08:30 pm
Exhaust System Removal and PaintingBetterdays01-31-11  11:52 am
Piant removalV7411-23-10  07:11 pm
Removing powder coat paintTurbines11-23-10  09:09 am
3D letter removal from tuber tankKm210-21-10  08:27 pm
Gas tank torque settingCyclone0010-01-10  12:39 pm
Spray Painting Plastics...Revz11 09-29-10  09:24 am
Painting plastic with truck bed coatingRevz09-24-10  08:07 pm
Filling scratches in plastic tankKm209-16-10  02:46 pm
Prepping tube-frame for PaintZtferrari09-12-10  01:08 pm
Will My Buell Color fade in the sunCyclone0008-23-10  11:01 pm
2010 XBR Swingarm PaintThekosack08-19-10  01:28 pm
Custom paint jobBent_mind08-16-10  03:24 pm
Can I use CAR WAX on my BuellTerrys198008-13-10  11:38 pm
Removing Bubbling PaintDuceater08-11-10  04:08 pm
Painted my plastics.Spiderman08-11-10  08:21 am
Plastic tank fillerBcp07-25-10  12:59 am
Looking for paint recomendationsTruth07-23-10  06:37 pm
Engine Paint, Frame/Wheel Paint recommendations??Duceater07-16-10  02:19 pm
Designer Black vs. Villian BlackThekosack06-28-10  10:15 am
Whats the scoop on scoops?Froggy06-08-10  07:04 pm
How Long will New OEM Parts Still Be Available?Froggy05-22-10  04:14 pm
Windscreen cracksSilverfang05-17-10  04:12 pm
Removed the "X" from my xb9sx...Ramm05-10-10  10:23 am
Ruined airbox cover?Blarg05-08-10  12:15 am
Firebolt fairing/windscreen helpHybridmomentspass04-26-10  08:34 pm
Parts becoming obsoleteFroggy04-14-10  10:30 am
Xb12ss rear fenderQwk2race03-23-10  09:05 pm
XB - Belly Pan for Factory Race ExhaustKevinfromwebb03-21-10  08:57 pm
"steam" degreaserKalifornia03-11-10  04:34 pm
Black is blackThekosack15 03-08-10  08:51 pm
Brake rotor cleaningBlake03-08-10  10:24 am
Buell XB12R FULL FAIRINGSChelpdogg14 02-21-10  11:38 am
"Cherry Bomb" parts value?Redbuell120302-06-10  10:50 pm
Carbon FiberCvc02-06-10  07:50 pm
Paint Help... STEP by STEPKusskid7613 02-03-10  05:55 pm
XB12ss Cracks In Front ScreenPaulh01-30-10  09:03 am
RED,WHITE AND BLUE PLASTICS SWAP MEETKalifornia01-16-10  01:53 am
Cheesegrater helpFierrosc01-10-10  08:14 am
Seat And Header QuestionsDvc35701-07-10  06:49 am
XT Bodywork replacementStevewauk12-27-09  10:19 am
''01 M2 Gas tankRichsm211-18-09  04:36 pm
1125R radiator coversVosnick5211-17-09  02:04 pm
Where to get touch up paintChelpdogg11-01-09  01:53 am
X1 Race Stripe Number???Jay91610-25-09  09:55 pm
Sharkskins fairing stand cutout pictures/templateChelpdogg10-17-09  07:26 am
Square footage of a stock Cyclone header and elctropolishing.Cyclone0010-12-09  09:51 pm
Laminar lip on extended ZG windscreen?Goinsideways13610-11-09  02:18 am
Header polishingBluzm210-07-09  12:29 pm
Custom idea for X1 airbox coversJay91610-04-09  11:11 pm
S3T parts interchangeSparky09-18-09  11:52 am
Oil Stain on the header.Kusskid7609-16-09  06:14 pm
12X front fairing/windscreen on a 12S?Chelpdogg09-15-09  06:21 am
Carbon swingarm covers and rear huggerChelpdogg09-11-09  03:25 am
'09 XB12R Airbox Cover on an '05?Bromanowski09-10-09  11:45 pm
New LED tail lights?Bromanowski09-10-09  11:43 pm
Do i have a bent headlight support?Chelpdogg09-02-09  08:12 am
Painting Tuber parts (Tank)Cjburr08-21-09  11:19 am
Taller windscreen for XB'sSoulebot08-06-09  03:14 pm
Camo FrameSweetfish8907-29-09  10:28 pm
Buell XBR fairings XBRR track carbonChelpdogg07-29-09  01:26 am
Frame polishing - just a couple more questionsJdemoxb9r06-21-09  09:09 pm
Removing tank logo residueLonewolfnavet18 06-20-09  05:39 pm
Water in tail lightTdman7705-29-09  01:00 am
Swing arm touch up paint2008xb12scg05-27-09  07:34 pm
New PaintTaylon05-21-09  09:04 pm
Seat coverBplass05-20-09  07:24 pm
Front middle piece in XB chin fairing Info needed Husky05-17-09  06:34 pm
Cleaning boot scuff marks off XT bags....407guy05-05-09  01:02 pm
Undertray removed?Vtbueller05-04-09  08:19 pm
Front fairing body workNbpcp05-01-09  05:44 pm
Heel GuardsTalloyd51904-30-09  09:05 pm
Tanks a lotKilroy04-30-09  06:14 am
PaintKilroy04-24-09  06:06 am
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Just got done removing rear reflectors/questionLuvthemtorts09-18-05  10:27 pm
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BadWeB is instituting a new format for all Knowledge Vault (KV) topics. The aim is to facilitate navigation and improve the performance of forum specific key word searches.

Please therefore post new technically oriented questions via the "Start New Thread" link located at teh bottom-left of each subtopic list and in the appropriate KV topic.

Please try to word subject titles with keyword searching in mind, so that others with similar questions/problems might easily find applicable threads. It would also be very beneficial if we would include the year and model of the subject Buell motorcycle in parentheses, like ('97 M2), at the end of the subject title.

That ain't too much to ask is it?


BadWeB Custodians : )
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Posted on Thursday, July 05, 2007 - 04:02 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post View Post/Check IP Print Post    Move Post (Custodian/Admin Only) Ban Poster IP (Custodian/Admin only)

http://www.sportbikes.net/forums/showthread.php?p= 3002852&posted=1#post3002852

Check out the spiked windscreen bolts : )
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