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Motor cranks slow help!!Vlightningx1v08-30-10  09:15 am
Voltage regulator swapMac_inger10-17-09  07:18 pm
Heated Grips2004 XB12S Lightning Metalstorm10-15-09  09:59 pm
2010 LED Taillight ConversionThespive10-13-09  10:46 pm
XB9R speedometer and tach - how do they work?Greg_e13 10-06-09  09:55 pm
Adding TachBlake10-05-09  10:27 am
Woodpecker Starter Clicking 96 S1Sparky10-04-09  01:41 pm
LED turn signal regulator helpL8_br8ker10-02-09  09:40 pm
Hid kit installedL8_br8ker10-02-09  09:29 pm
Install a tach on M@Bgannon10 10-02-09  08:23 am
Install a tach on the M2Blake10-01-09  01:09 pm
Keep blowing fuel pump fusesBuellogan09-25-09  02:15 pm
Adding accessories/lightsJim_williams09-25-09  06:05 am
M2 gauge facesCyclone0009-24-09  09:11 pm
No lights or anythingMarc04209-22-09  10:29 pm
Xb9-is there an non-OEM alternative for the Cam Position Sensor?Spuds09-22-09  06:10 pm
Steel rotor ???V7409-18-09  01:30 pm
XBS Front Turn Signal ModDucbsa09-17-09  07:10 pm
How long for replacement keys from Buell?Kalali09-16-09  02:08 pm
10A accessory fuses blowingFahren09-16-09  10:22 am
Head temps/oil pressure and temp..XB12SBuford09-15-09  09:23 pm
S2T rear cylinder dies when hot then starts up fine when coolF_skinner09-15-09  06:32 pm
Blown ignition Fuse 06 XB12SsDrfuyutsuki09-12-09  01:40 pm
XB12 '06 Brake Light ProblemBlake09-09-09  04:01 pm
Battery Tender InstalledNickh09-07-09  08:43 pm
Stator/VR Diagnosis ProcedureBuellisticx109-06-09  05:20 am
Xb12scg intermittent cutoutAjaxhunter09-02-09  11:46 pm
Speedo/odo not workingAdventoris08-27-09  04:18 am
Starter switch springCycletherapy08-25-09  05:00 pm
Replacing cooling fanRoycet408-25-09  06:09 am
ECM Spy. Race ECMThespive08-23-09  10:46 pm
Trojan horse carb conversion kit for x1 /s3 ??Twowheeltony108-21-09  12:01 am
Neen help with bad ecm 04 xb12sBombardier08-19-09  08:17 pm
Fuel pump fuseDemarsico08-18-09  07:42 pm
Need a new battery5liter08-18-09  07:08 pm
M2 Gauge conversion Speedo only to Speedo/Tach clusterFasted08-18-09  06:49 pm
M2 Headlight sucks....suggestionsBuell_bert08-17-09  10:44 pm
Left Rear Turn Signal removal/reinstallKimberley08-17-09  09:24 pm
XB9 starting issues.12x9sl24 08-16-09  11:06 pm
Uly blowing both headlight bulbsAndrejs211208-10-09  09:38 pm
M2 electric questionsHonesttom08-09-09  11:27 am
Volt/amp guagesWfhaag08-09-09  10:15 am
HEATED GRIPS STAY ON WITH IGN. OFFRivrunr08-07-09  12:28 pm
Loss of speedometer and odometer # (change)Buell_bert08-07-09  04:22 am
Bad Brake LightBuckeye8608-04-09  10:27 pm
Turn signal stays on!Steinhansen08-04-09  03:50 am
Yellow/Amber signal lenses?Buford08-03-09  05:40 pm
Template Hella Conversion on FireboltsPetebueller08-01-09  09:34 pm
Fan code 36 FAn short to ground or open...HelpOhmightytim15 08-01-09  11:39 am
Is the Blast headlight the same as M2?Honesttom07-31-09  01:30 pm
Trouble Code 21Xcephasx07-30-09  10:30 pm
No bright brake lightXcephasx07-30-09  10:25 pm
Resetting the "Service Now" noticeSocalbuellriders07-30-09  01:36 pm
Cycle Electric componentsJramsey07-27-09  10:30 pm
H3 vs. H3C headlight bulbs?Kurosawa07-19-09  03:08 pm
Speedo/Horn/turn sigs- quit all at once- HELPMainer07-14-09  09:58 pm
Does the blast and x1 share part numbers for the VRMainer07-13-09  09:20 pm
In-depth tuning of the 2008 xb12r ecu?Dsprague07-02-09  03:56 pm
Uly quit this morning after stopping for coffee.David_e07-01-09  10:30 pm
OK help me out here--WHAT DID I FRY!?Coarch06-29-09  06:09 pm
I can't trust my Uly anymoreMotobear4621 06-27-09  11:22 pm
Ignition Switch HEELLLLPPP - 2000S3TBikerat10 06-27-09  07:41 pm
M2 Taillight outKalali06-27-09  07:24 pm
The goo is melting out of my timing sensorKalali10 06-26-09  11:38 am
Engine Temp Sensor S3Mcdusa106-26-09  09:23 am
WHO MAKES THESE LIGHTS..?Firebolt3206-25-09  10:24 pm
Headlight reflector recall XB12R 2004Kurosawa06-19-09  09:13 pm
Headlight modulator AND both lights always onFahren06-16-09  08:50 pm
Help! Assorted electrical problems, bike runs fineDrum3rjay06-14-09  10:19 pm
Need Part Number for 03XB9SL: Headlight adjustment bracketCourt06-10-09  05:00 pm
Red engine light at 3000 rpm??Flog06-09-09  06:38 am
Wiring diagram on digitsKmfw16006-08-09  11:36 am
No headlights!Tom_s06-07-09  03:34 am
30A fuse blowingPso15 06-05-09  01:11 pm
Driving light schematics required or help anyway!Aussiexbox06-05-09  06:59 am
200 mile XB9SX, and turn signals stop workingZanon05-31-09  12:25 am
Check engine lightDanielrg_usa05-23-09  11:29 pm
What's a good substitute for M2 spark plugs- Champion.Sparky05-20-09  08:35 pm
Battery Tdman7705-19-09  10:14 pm
'00 S3 Odo/speedo lights flashKinger05-19-09  09:31 pm

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