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Someone cut into my harness xb12s HELP!Froggy10-14-11  08:55 am
Help! Not blinkers or tail lightCmdefo10-11-11  09:20 pm
Modify your stock flasher relay for LEDsGreg_e10-10-11  02:02 am
HID problemTerrys198010-08-11  09:19 pm
S2 ignition switch mounting bracketRoad_thing10-08-11  09:53 am
XB12X VR replacement by joining two VRs for smaller bikes?Sparky10 10-05-11  11:48 pm
Main fuse keeps blowingBottlefedbuell10-05-11  07:37 pm
Quick Guide Garmin Quest Rides and RoutesReepicheep10-03-11  01:52 pm
Workaround IC Parasitic Power Draw?Sparky10-01-11  06:11 pm
Instrument Cluster replacedFroggy09-27-11  01:21 am
ECM Front Screw IssuesJacrex109-12-11  10:49 am
XB gage cluster button replacementReepicheep09-11-11  11:36 pm
2000 X1 Trip Odometer Self ResetsNik09-11-11  05:52 pm
Blast Electrical Issues...Shohin09-03-11  12:41 pm
Bulb socket between headlightsBuellboy49208-30-11  11:02 pm
Buell under water now warning light flashingTerrys198008-29-11  11:04 pm
Speed sensorTerrys198008-27-11  05:33 pm
2010 Amber BulbBuell_bert08-27-11  10:32 am
I need a vr asap where can i get oneFroggy08-26-11  04:57 pm
Voltage Regulator ProblemFroggy08-26-11  12:44 am
98 s1 tail lightSparky08-21-11  02:35 pm
AMP+DEUTCH connectorsMesozoic13 08-19-11  02:14 pm
Does ECMspy work on 09 UlyMesozoic08-19-11  02:08 pm
Help! My bike dies after 30 min of riding!Mesozoic08-19-11  02:02 pm
Voltage Rregulator broke on a trip, in 03 XB9R, please helpKezzerdrix10 08-17-11  06:01 pm
Bluhm Enterprises Brite-Lites H-7Schwara08-16-11  09:09 pm
Spark Plugs Self Cleaning Every Startup?Bikelit08-14-11  11:43 pm
Switch to fit RH Switch-block of XB and 1125Petebueller08-11-11  08:16 am
Intermittent check engine light... then some real wierdness.Toecutter08-10-11  11:11 pm
Headlight ProblemTerrys198008-10-11  09:08 pm
Palmer Products auxilary light kit for UlyssesJimr67808-10-11  04:26 pm
Confused! BatterieS keep draining. Sparky08-10-11  02:15 pm
05 XB12R Volatage regulator instalation?T9r08-10-11  09:18 am
X1 headlight problemKilroy08-04-11  06:25 am
Right turn signal indicatorBlake07-29-11  09:08 pm
What do you guys and gals know about "koso guages"?Reepicheep07-20-11  12:36 pm
Headlight question!!!!Argentcorvid07-20-11  09:13 am
HelpTdman31707-14-11  02:16 pm
What does this PLUG do Jramsey07-13-11  08:58 pm
Got in a Accident -cracked lights need advice about upgrades Bamabuellbiker07-13-11  08:08 pm
2nd Speed Sensor since FebruaryBottlefedbuell07-05-11  08:06 am
Key Switch Fuse BlowsGuambuell07-05-11  06:03 am
06 Uly dies when hotSteveford07-02-11  10:15 am
Cycle Gear's "MegaBoost" batteryBent_mind06-25-11  07:11 pm
Battery keeps Melting !!!!!!!!!!!!! Wont Start then diesBamabuellbiker06-23-11  11:38 am
My keyswitch is shorting out on my s2Shot_gun06-20-11  10:26 pm
CEL will not illuminateFroggy06-14-11  10:01 am
Bad ignition switch or ???75aztec06-13-11  02:22 pm
Uly ECM suggestionsSchwara06-13-11  01:35 pm
Break light situationBuelltilicious06-13-11  07:54 am
Ulysses ECM Fan ReprogramXoptimizedrsx06-13-11  02:19 am
Neutral Light, clutch and right turn signalRays06-06-11  05:24 am
Is my slator brokenDaveha06-05-11  10:41 pm
Engine lightFroggy06-03-11  11:20 am
Does the Erik Buell Racing ECM Improve Gas Mileage?...Dentfixer05-31-11  08:35 pm
Trying to build accessory plugL8_br8ker05-31-11  10:04 am
XB9SX battery?Zanon05-29-11  06:59 pm
'00 X1 New Battery DyingHaven56405-25-11  09:09 pm
Corroded battery connectionsBuell_bert05-25-11  09:28 am
Looking for a 2001 X1W race kit and ecmspyAbluesman05-19-11  09:36 pm
2000 x1 stalled while riding, no warning, no power to fuel pumpAbluesman05-19-11  09:31 pm
RSS 1200 Headlamp looseDavegess05-14-11  01:58 pm
Headlight burning outJlnance05-11-11  06:58 am
ECM Connector SealDcmortalcoil05-02-11  08:51 pm
2007 XB12 issueMaryj04-29-11  02:33 pm
regarding last post all sorted apart from this questionEvilone04-21-11  02:31 pm
XBS Underseat Pics?Brother_in_buells04-18-11  03:41 pm
Oil and filter for xb9rBrother_in_buells04-17-11  04:38 pm
Aftermarket Relay substitute for OEM 31522-00B/CDcmortalcoil04-15-11  05:58 pm
X1 tail light issueKublak03-28-11  07:57 pm
Light switch: no lightsJsunstar03-27-11  06:30 pm
Painting A BatteryHusky03-27-11  03:49 pm
95 S2 Trip odometerJumbo_petite10 03-25-11  10:06 am
2000 X1 Lightning Will Not Start Anymore Al_lighton16 03-23-11  01:10 am
528T relay for HIDOzziestar03-21-11  06:37 pm
Blast Died On Freeway - ElectricalBuell_bert03-20-11  08:29 pm
DEI 611T Relay Timer Setup and Wiring for HIDTerrys198028 03-18-11  06:58 am
Head lightRedxbscg03-06-11  04:26 pm
BatteryCecilsan03-06-11  01:22 pm
1995 s2 Thunderbolt - Brake Light Wont Go OffBuell_bert03-03-11  07:07 pm

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