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Basket caseCvc05-05-18  08:42 am
WTB rear footpegs, mirrors, LF blinker coverDunderchee11-14-17  01:38 pm
Blast rear setGearheaderiko10-17-17  05:38 pm
Stock handle bars Cvc07-18-17  03:14 pm
Looking for a carburetor Mmcustoms05-04-17  10:15 pm
WTB VH or Jardine head pipeGearheaderiko09-04-16  05:09 pm
FREE custom intake/air cleaner and V&H SS2R exhaustTiltcylinder10-28-16  05:17 pm
Headlight Bezel WantedGearheaderiko07-05-16  11:48 pm
Looking for used exhaustRaineystblaster05-28-16  08:15 pm
Aftermarket ExhaustThrive2drive01-21-16  10:49 am
Pro Series IntakeDuc16511-11-15  01:38 pm
WTB Corbin SeatJordigirl9210-25-15  10:22 am
Ignition Module/ Rubber gas tank slidesThrive2drive10-12-15  06:20 pm
A few parts neededCr86509-11-15  01:23 pm
Need Rear Muffler Strap & HardwareKenny_gilgore05-27-15  10:59 pm
Blast Stock ExhaustChipmyers04-17-15  06:22 pm
Windshield that is either made for a Blast or fits a BlastOldblasterd12-29-14  05:54 pm
Blast Taillight Mount and LenseKenny_gilgore12-15-14  11:01 pm
Stock exhaust, standard height seat and a few othersHallfleming01-02-15  06:47 pm
Various parts neededCrisancosmin1910-12-14  11:19 pm
Exhast ect....Gearheaderiko12-09-14  12:27 pm
Blast service manualBgtennantshawca08-07-18  09:45 am
Wtb: Corbin or other Custom seat.Jong10-08-13  10:27 pm
WTB: Shift leverDwt1dan08-16-13  07:56 pm
WTB. Super bootBlasted7708-12-13  02:38 am
Wanting Used aftermarket exhaust systemCalebw07-23-13  12:53 pm
Blast rear wheel requiredXrracer106-17-13  02:28 pm
Rear rack and possibly OEM tankbagHachayalboded05-28-13  10:15 am
WTB Blast Headlight BezelMsmith68w02-19-13  11:50 pm
Need some parts that I can't find!Valhalha3003-01-13  03:00 pm
WTB: white front fenderSleez06-19-13  10:40 pm
WTB: Yellow Fuel Tank Cover any conditionLtdin9401-26-13  07:26 pm
WTB: Headlight PartsBlueblast12-25-12  12:48 am
WTB windshield hardwareKennett01-05-13  08:01 pm
OEM saddlebagsRonbob4311-20-12  10:55 pm
WTB: Exhaust Evanj1111-05-12  06:11 pm
WTB - Non-Purple PlasticsCdodd09-13-12  06:03 pm
Need a stock or aftermarket exhaustScubaninja66708-13-12  03:56 pm
Exhaust WantedHigh_plains_drifter08-01-12  12:44 am
Wanted: High Seat for BlastGearheaderiko06-05-12  11:00 pm
Exhaust WantedSycho05-19-12  05:02 pm
WTB used tank coverLivefreerunhard05-16-12  10:15 pm
Black plastic rear cowl WTBLostinmusic05-16-12  09:10 pm
Yellow or black OEM windscreen wantedCcahdvm04-29-12  09:43 pm
Wanted: Mirrors for 2005 Buell BlastSyonyk04-27-12  08:15 pm
WTB: Used Aftermarket ExhaustB18cinvtec04-22-12  09:01 pm
WTB Front and Rear Axle Covers.Xenox09-01-13  12:07 pm
WTB: Black PlasticsIndybuell03-22-12  01:08 pm
Black ring for dipstick hole in tank coverGearheaderiko02-05-12  02:05 pm
Wanted purple body parts (grape )Lostinmusic04-27-12  07:01 pm
Need BLAST SpeedometerKennett03-04-12  04:03 am
Blast K&N FilterAschem12-03-11  11:12 pm
WTB Exhaust header 1.75" ODStyxnpicks12-01-11  04:25 am
WTB: Gas Cap O-ringPharoah10-10-11  04:42 pm
WTB02blastpa08-17-11  09:26 am
WTB SUPERBRACE!Lisainjax03-25-12  06:18 pm
Parting out my baby...Anyoneanyone09-30-13  09:18 pm
WTB Blast Rider lowered footpeg setGearheaderiko07-06-11  08:44 pm
Wanted: Bluell Blast Plastic PartsDbemtit06-18-11  05:55 pm
Front ReflectorPharoah06-05-11  05:49 pm
2001 buell blast part outDan946010-22-11  09:42 pm
Want to borrow stock exhaust near DC areaReuel05-09-11  01:35 pm
WTB stock exhaust.Nillaice06-17-11  01:05 am
Anyone have a set of footpegs laying around?Hogluvr04-16-11  08:39 pm
Speed sensorJrsoct2405-17-11  10:01 pm
Need a petcock...Jrsoct2405-17-11  10:02 pm
Lookimg to trade aftermarket tail light lenses for upper handlebar ...Xenox02-05-12  08:21 am
WTB Timing CoverHogluvr03-23-11  07:34 pm
Stock airboxDakatak8703-17-11  11:24 pm
Full aftermarket exhaust wantedGoodfella4003-17-11  05:04 pm
Vibe dampers for mirrorsPrichmon01-23-11  08:02 pm
Stock Needle or NOKKPrichmon01-23-11  08:01 pm
Stock NeedlThanPrichmon11-19-10  06:32 pm
Stock mirror needed blastRusty798311-20-10  10:39 pm
WTB: Buell windshield, saddlebags, exhaust bracket, corbin seat, VH...Sycho05-16-12  01:13 am
Tank bag?Wolffsoul10 10-26-10  12:42 am
Need a shifterRusty798310-19-10  10:46 pm
OEM WindscreenGearheaderiko08-15-10  05:46 pm
WTB front fairing!The4ork08-13-10  02:31 am
WANTED: xroad fork brace, Jardine HeaderBritchri1007-15-10  07:47 pm
Blast windshield used wanted.Buell_bert07-11-10  07:19 pm
Wanted: Seat for 07 blastCrackhead07-09-10  09:05 am
Wanted: Headlight FairingLancefix06-28-10  02:18 pm
WTB headlight/fairing mount bracketsNillaice11-18-10  11:34 pm
Rear Wheel NeededDoge05-15-12  11:39 pm
Need a Buell Blast headlight assemblyWickedgrl06-14-10  01:16 pm
Really need exhaust Stock, aftermarket new or usedVideoninja06-10-10  11:24 am
K & N filter for stock airbox wantedAschem06-17-10  03:55 pm
Need a good cyl headThe4ork05-28-10  01:38 am
Wtb drive belt! Asap!!Billc06-10-10  09:19 pm
Blast rear turn signal (rubber boot or entire assembly)P3pete05-18-10  04:06 pm
WTB Blast WindshieldLoose105-02-10  06:21 pm
Do Want: 2001 Blast Exhaust - Stock or ?Gearheaderiko04-18-10  12:48 am
Standard seat wanted/ trade for low seatSfranzel04-08-10  09:48 pm
Low Seat WantedWolffsoul04-01-10  06:22 pm
WTB Blast MotorCvc09-26-10  09:06 pm
Vance And Hines WantedBuellerik03-21-10  02:19 am
2001 parts needed Billc03-20-10  11:14 pm
Need the Blast speedometer mount Semirgdj03-12-10  05:55 pm
WTB aftermarket seat & exhuastFaseljd02-28-10  06:50 pm
WTB Corbin Seat for BlastTigger02-21-10  09:37 pm
Need 2006 Blast Carb!!Texas_firebolt12-16-09  04:55 pm
Looking for Buell Blast ExhaustTexas_firebolt12-16-09  04:51 pm
Would like to buy a 2002 Blast Parts CatalogWaldo3810-24-09  10:48 am
Need Front Pegs for 2002 BlastGearheaderiko10-23-09  01:09 am
Forks/trees, blk fender/tank/tail, LH switchesTexas_firebolt12-16-09  04:56 pm
Black plasticsVic6003-02-10  08:25 pm
Windscreen and/or Windshield Needed, Saddle BagsBlack5110-05-09  10:33 am
Looking for blast handlebarsBritchri1010-13-09  05:05 pm
I know it isnt a "blast" part but.....Subvert08-31-09  12:04 am
Wtb lots of goodies for wifes blast help cash in handGearheaderiko08-18-09  01:44 pm
Buell Blast Primary ClutchBueller0808-05-09  02:58 pm
Muller Clutch or similarDamnut06-19-09  11:25 pm
WTB stock blast exhaustTexas_firebolt12-16-09  05:00 pm
Stock MirrorsSwampy06-11-09  11:38 pm
Wanted stock exhaust to pass inspectionGearheaderiko05-25-09  01:23 am
Bodywork or Plastics wanted (post bodywork requests here)Conwaybrew53 06-09-09  11:22 am
All Seats for Sale or Trade or Wanted (post seat requests here)...Gearheaderiko29 04-07-11  09:26 am
Wanted pro series exhaustAaomy04-24-09  10:52 pm
Blast motor wantedRigidbuell04-19-09  10:04 pm
Looking for Screws / Washers for Buell Blast WindscreenIchavis05-12-09  01:14 pm
Headlight bracketsAleutian105-06-09  06:58 pm
Wanted: tank bagSleez04-28-09  04:40 pm
Looking for a few partsSluggo04-05-09  12:40 am
Wanted personal fx sticked setZipper03-23-09  07:59 pm
Looking for Stock Blast Tail LightBlastofrage04-16-09  09:28 pm
Looking 4 Pro Series IntakeRabitt7202-26-09  02:59 am
Blast shifter and "drum" needed...Twisty_mcwrister02-12-09  03:28 pm
License plate bracketJdreadrocker02-26-09  06:16 am
Sportster tank?All3lemmons01-19-09  12:44 am
Wtb smoked tail light lensJoel903-24-09  09:10 pm
Looking for a carburetorGearheaderiko03-13-16  08:31 pm
Archive through July 05, 2014Gearheaderiko30 07-05-14  03:41 pm
Archive through January 03, 2009Buellistic161 48 11-11-13  09:22 pm
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Posted on Friday, April 01, 2016 - 06:15 am:   Edit Post Delete Post View Post/Check IP Print Post    Move Post (Custodian/Admin Only) Ban Poster IP (Custodian/Admin only)

Hello I'm looking for a set of hi-performance cam shafts a step up from stock 2003 cams. thanks Rick, IT is okay to e-mail.
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Posted on Friday, April 01, 2016 - 10:21 am:   Edit Post Delete Post View Post/Check IP Print Post    Move Post (Custodian/Admin Only) Ban Poster IP (Custodian/Admin only)

What you're looking for is Andrews B50 cams or Buell Pro Series cams. They are the same and the only ones that work with a stock head.
That should help your search if you don't find them here.
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Posted on Saturday, May 28, 2016 - 08:11 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post View Post/Check IP Print Post    Move Post (Custodian/Admin Only) Ban Poster IP (Custodian/Admin only)

I'm looking for either a used d&d exhaust or a used jardine exhaust.
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Posted on Saturday, July 02, 2016 - 11:46 am:   Edit Post Delete Post View Post/Check IP Print Post    Move Post (Custodian/Admin Only) Ban Poster IP (Custodian/Admin only)

Good morning I'm looking for a replacement rear brake rotor for 2003 blast. does anyone know where to find a new one, I called sunstar and they said they only sold them to H.D. and did not offer them retail.
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Posted on Monday, July 04, 2016 - 12:23 am:   Edit Post Delete Post View Post/Check IP Print Post    Move Post (Custodian/Admin Only) Ban Poster IP (Custodian/Admin only)

There's plenty on eBay. It may also be the same route on the XB.
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