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What happens if I use a factory race header with a stock ...
S3Clock Question
MB Customs X1
Stenzil brace
M2 Cyclone
'99 M2 for sale...maybe...in the spring...the short versi...
LED Headlight on 2KM2
Best battery suggestions for a 2002 M2?
Harley Davidson Daymaker on m2
Battery vs solenoid plunger
Carb change
School me...
How long?
No 4 th or5th gear
FB Marketplace post--Indianapolis: '97 Thunderbolt
FB Marketplace post--Indianapolis: '97 Thunderbolt
Someone knocked it over
This is weird...
It's that time again...
Cafe racer part
Oh, crap...not again!
Sad Day
Thunderstorm rocker covers on XB heads
M2 & M2L Tail & Fly Shield Decals/Branding Question
Took my Cyclone completely apart last winter, Im ready t...
Catch can
Drive Belt
2000 M2 Cyclone No Neutral light at times won't start
Gas tank protector suggestions
Petcock o-ring
Zombie Apocalypse
2002 M2 - petcock question
Anyone still dealing with the "Keihin Cough"?
Dim brake light
X1 Rear Fender hugger fit M2?
M2 Rim ?
Springs M2
Case question
2000 shifter drum detent plate fastener modification?
Free M2 seat, just pay shipping
99 M2 needs fork seals reaplaced
rear brake resevoir
Single to Dual M2 headlight swap.
Been Awhile M2!
02 x1 header on a 99 m2?
Dual front brakes?
99-02 M2 stock muffler, bracket,clamp,bolts
2000 M2 Header to frame clearance
2000 M2 manual needed,,yesterday!
Hate to ask, but how do I get my rear wheel back on?
Heavy Handling
Air filter and clutch question
Front iso install- '99 m2
M2 Swinging arm removal
97 rear brake pedal on 2000 Cyclone?
Billet2race bars
Electrical problems
Alternative Showa fork sliders fit M2 stanchions?
Primary Gear Oil?
99 m2 has been sitting
Changed 1st gear to Andrews close ratio.
M2 shift & S2 Shifter
2000 Cyclone M2 Sale
01 M2 Cyclone, will see this Sat.
Possible M2 purchase
Cyclone has no spark and stator is testing bad.
Carburetor Upgrade
Andrews high ratio gear pair for stock tranny question.
2002 m2 cyclone grounding out
Looking at 2002 M2
M2 cyclone picture search
2000 M2 Front Rocker Box Gaskets Replacement
Sportster Transmissions
Interchangable body parts
LED Dash Lights
1998 M2 Buell rebuild
Change fork springs without jack
99 m2 speedo sensor
Ever seen this before?
New fork springs - Progressive
M2 Clutch replacement ??
Stock muffler and hardware
Fork tube nut size
M2 refresh
Installed CF Chin Fairing on 2000 M2
2001 M2L muffler mount spacer
How much rise on M2 handlebars?
Shift Lever Sucks - Stock Upgrade Question
2KM2 Back to Stock
Dyna 2000i Installation on M2
Identify header
Middle shift fork
Ignition module for M2
Front belt sprocket
M2 Cyclone Military Themed for Sale
M2 oil tanks
M2 Cyclone muffler advice
Will a Blast fly screen fit A M2.?
M2 cyclone 1997. Whats it made of?
M2 rebuild
My new old cyclone killing my savings... 1 step forward, ...
2000 M2 Cyclone Suspension Issue
M2 Fork Crush Washer
New owner of M2
M2 Seat conversion S1 lookalike?
Rattling front brake rotor
What exhaust headers will fit my 98 M2
Best trans and engine oil for M2
Removing the tailpiece on my M2
Breadbox: filter options
New to me 1999 M2
Stalling after start
01 M2 dies on me every 2 miles
M2 parts in Australia
M2 look like HD XR 750
Sport touring M2 Cyclone
Finished M2 Rebirth
Was jetting/tuning carb when it backfired through the car...
Can you still buy replacement Keys for M2?
Gearbox nightmare
2000 m2 cyclone parts
Shock recall help
2nd doesnt always engage
Rear shock
Head light and more
New member just a couple questions
Ideas on a different finish for stock swingarm.
New to me 2002 M2
Front fork oil
Seat cover for 2001 M2
X-1 muffler on M2?
Frame differences?
My buell?
98' M2 Making Strange Whining Noise
What is this?
What is the most HP or baddest buell engine
LED Headlight upgrade, but with issues. Help?
Handelbar dimensions m2
Catalog parts m2
Steel Swingarm?
1997 X1 white Lightning
Flooding Issues - M2 - Starting Technique
2002 buell m2l cyclone ignition module
NICE M2 for Sale
Sportster and m2 engine interchange of parts
2000 M2 Cyclone
Smaller Front LED Turn signals on m2 Cyclone
Governed or just a gorilla in a head wind?
S&S M2
Fun Ride
M2 Racing Project.
M2 Fuel Tank Cross Reference
Slipper clutch for cyclone m2
Stock tire size
Occasional lurch during very slow speed corner
Original shock recall
Champion spark plugs
Primary chain 1/2" 5/8" or 3/4"
New forcewinder?
Bolt size, please!
CV40 mods
NO more guessing!
Nice Ride on Sunday!!
New jet and muffler, 2 Thumbs up!
2002 cyclone accessory catalog
Tank mask
Intake manifold seal
So, what's a base gasket leak look like?
Intermittent start
Corbin seat
Any idea on the real value of a M2 2001 with 14k?
XB'er wants M2 headlight conversion!
M2 Dual Rotor Set-up
Race exhaust for a 99 m2
Hiccups/cough gone still have ?
M2 finicky shifters?
M2 rescue !
Cure for hiccups
Aftermarket exhaust 02
02 M2 carb kit
Bad Buell Day????????
Engine noise/fuel odor
Engine mount broke
Mikuni carb
Glue for fork bumpers
97 M2 front end.
Damn force exhaust !!!
New to Buell- oil change help/general maint. M2
X1 tail section on M2?
Buell manufacturing comes to a halt
Great article comparing Sportster to M2
Part No. Headlight Assembly and Fairing / Mounting
CV Adjusting Idle mixture
Sportster & Buell engine
Good price on an M2?
Clutch adjustment
Daytona Twin Tec ignition
Rear shock preload
Oil blowing out the transmission vent
Ran with V.O.E.S. Unpluged
Which Napoleon mirror
97 M2 Seat
Forcewinder install M2 - newbie questions
2002 M2 color question
Install a tach on m2
Price on a 2002 cyclone
The Lunge in 1st gear is gone!
Fork re-seal
Got what I wanted... now not so sure
Removing/Replacing Buell Tank Decals on my M2...
Where does the Zerk go?
What front fenders work?
Wheel stripping
Stands and winterization
Tranny fluid level
Tail section
Handle bar risers.
2000 m2 hock recall?
Axle adjustment bolt
Forcewinder intake
Thunderheart ignition system
Chin fairing install
Wheel options for my 2002 Cyclone
01 M2 Headlamp Question
Stripped Primary Drain
S2 Thunderbolt
Lowered pegs
My 09' Buell 1125R FOR YOUR S2
S2 Dream Machine
S2 kickstand fix / piggy back plate
S2 taillight bulb common number
Greetings from Germany and some Pictures
S2 petcock gasket replacement
1996 ST2 Progress Photos
Hello and new to S2
Tuber collection for sale..... some rare unicorns.....
S2 rear wheel bearing part number
Throttle Cables
Seat Lock Blues
S2 needs saving...
New S2 caliper pistons
ECMSPY ECMDROID what is available now?
Front Caliper Pistons
Potential "Save this Bike"
The New S2/S2T Registry Tread
1996 S2 for $1500 - Somebody save this tuber
S2 replacement drive belt info wanted
S2 registry revisited
S2 seat pan
Help me love my S2
S2 oil tank washer/gasket 6700B
Stock needle jet holder
S3T no start with sidestand down
Turn Signal Replacements
95' S2 windshield fairing well nut size?
Brake light was staying on
1995 S2 tail light harness
95' S2 Bodywork - looking for tips
1995 S2 rear turn signal options
1995 S2 mystery wire and broken bracket
Fork Seals
Rear Brembo Master for 1996 S2T
Stamped vin or riveted vin plate?
Need some help mixing Quicksilver Metallic
S2T POLICE 2500$
New 1995 S2 owner
Buell Rims
Best way to lower rider pegs?
95' S2 wiring questions
S2 Battery - orientation of the terminals
Tail light wiring
Off topic - eye candy
YAY!! All DONE now BLUE!!
S2 Tail Section
Happy Thanksgiving to all!
Stock S2 camsharfts.
Side stand that MIGHT work
More on the NEW PAINT
New Paint
Any tips for jacking the bike up to work on it?
Off topic: Date and time
Difference between S2's made for CA v the rest of the US
S-2 rear master
S2 rear shock.
S2 Rally
Oil Leak
New to me S2T
Signature Series Documentation
Who else used the S2 & S3 tail light lens? Moto Guzzi?
Front fairing bags order here
Never seen 1 of these !
The dreaded Spring ritual of sanding the rust off........
S2 (maybe) Newbie Questions
X1 Lightning no keys, jumping the key switch
C/F S2 original ham can air filter housing. Thicker air f...
Front rotor
S2 heat sheild
S2 and S3 header pipe interchangeable?
Its been waaaay too long!!
Front Iso Install Question
My Air Cleaner is GONE
Rear brake fluid requirement....
Roached Front Wheel - Options?
S2 - Front Wheel Spacer Question
Not mine - S2 for sale
Anyone know this S2 for sale?
S2 stock engines
S2 stock-wheel plastic spock plugs not listed in parts book
What oil do you use
Brake and Clutch Levers
Rear Turn Signal Placement
S2 Returns to the road after too long in storage
S2 Customize
Buell S2 Timeline: Quonset Hut?
S2T brake wiring diagram please
The S2 kickstand
Part Number for U Seal on tank cover
S2 swingarm grey paint
Selling my last Buell
Took my S2 first ride this year
S2T Saddle Bag Backs
Isolator 101...........
Isolators - replace all 3 or start with front?
Second disc kit
Second disc kit
Parkway Blue paint code - any recent new info ?
Front Fender Question
I'm getting an S2 again
S2 Front Brake Pads Options
Fairing Screens Anyone?
Better headlight for the S2 for those interested
Lunch Ride
Left side brake caliper and rotor
Who has 1995 S2 VIN 4MZRT11H2S3000961
Turn Signal Stem
Buell paint color
Broken signal lights
S2 rear axle nut
Kickstand... again.
S-2 rear pads
S2 Custom front
Timing question
Thunderbolt S2 Seat Question
S2T winter project
S2T Rear Isolators
Stock Carb Jets?
S2 fuel mileage
Now I've seen everything!
Burned exhaust valve
Signature Series kits for sale and wanted
S2 foot peg options
Slight variation in original WP Shocks
Looking for S2 Windsheild
Starter motor blows main fuse
Output bearing size?
Just joined the club
Petcock options
Isolator Plate Plugs
Torque for oil tank drain?
S2 Rear Master Cylinder and Caliper Rebuild Kits Wanted
How to polish up PM wheels...
Broken Negative Battery Cable
GREAT-DEAL for S2 rear brake pads
How to revive Marchesini wheels
Happy Belated Birthday...
Bodywork Question
Speedo drive spacer
Fork Seal Repair
Twin Cycle S2 Rear Shock
1996 S2T Rescue
Tighten up the S2 Buell
Electrical pin
Help please! Need axle spacers for 95 S2
Headlight measurement
Kijiji Ad in Canada...1996S2T
S2 fork - bottom out bumper
Build Sheets??
Tuber collection for sale, Some rare unicorns....
Wiring diagram for x1
New Style Oil Pump Gear after 37000
Confirmation that an aftermarket HD16207-79B front Isolat...
M1R forks
Exhaust butterfly valve
Fuel tank fix
Fall Tour
S1 Parts on Ebay
98 S3T Left Saddlebag Latch Repair Help
Removing Headlamp X1
'99 X1 lightning cutting out
Buell RR1200 manual/parts book
99M2 on auction, NOT mine.....
Brake drive pins
M2 electrical issue
New clutch cable
M2 Fuel Supply Valve leaks
'00 X1 electrical issue
Head breather leaking oil
New Intake Seals plus insurance
99 S3 swingarm isolators
LED taillight upgrade
Top end rebuild.
Any good solutions for covering the tail and turn signal ...
X1 S3 Fuel Pump Rebuild KIT + Tank Gaskets!
New X1 Oil Lines Sum B
New S1W owner and have some questions
Made in India Alloy Manta Tank
Is this a 1996 S1 Airbox?
1998 Orange and blue S1W Stolen -- Albuquerque NM
Euro vs USA X-1 Exhaust Compatibility
96 S1 lightning forks
X1/DDFI limits, throttle body upgrades, carb, etc.
ECMSPY, ECMDROID a little help? 2000 X1
S3 Paint Scheme Question (19990
Pushrod Oil Leak?
Picked up a new S1
X1 Lower chin fairing mount question
S-3 Mirror Question
Fuel pump related part#s needed...
1995 S2 Ice white pearl paint code needed
Key copies
Where to find new x1 tank cover gas cap gasket?
S3 inquiry
RS For Sale
Who's old enough to remember the release of the '99 Cyclo...
Selling 2000 Buell X-1 Lightning with alot of extras
98 S1 Warranty Tank Care/Procedure to keep from bubbling
Can I reuse my gaskets?
Intake and exhaust options
Personal Message HelpNeeded
Need established inmate near Minneapolis
Changing front tire
Fork oil level for 1997 S3T with the WP fork?
Tips for flushing the gas tank
MotoComposites-anybody use these CF parts on your X1
Throttle cable
S3 fairing on X1
Floating rotors, sinking feeling.
2000 X-1 engine question
2002 White Lightning Start issues after shock repair
Erik Buell tells the truth
Oil pump leak
Dale Jr's X1 for sale
X1 fly screen/headlight on a 2001 S3.
X1 Front fender
Is anyone making a muffler for M2 race pipe
Harley Davidson oil filter
S1 voltage regulator relocate?
X1 seat
Banke S2 Shifter Assembly
1250 cc / Mikuni HSR42 / 2 inch headers / stock muffler /...
Repair the low fuel sensor..is it possible?
1 1/2 rear sprockets
X1 error codes, 45, 57, &74 (?)
What can we do with a Stock X1 Muffler
Anybody have a diagram of an S1 front fairing assembly?
S1 Lightning: the swing arm swap is done
RR1000 ACT
The S1 restoration is finished: time for celebratory pict...
Help finding an X1 seat
X1 rear wheel bearing seat repair
Looking for Tuber EFI throttle body parts
Recalls, Swing Arm Change, Header repair advice req
"Buell is back" it says
Bike values
XB wheels on a tuber
Metmachex S1 aluminum oil tank
S3T Front Isolator upside down?
Buell X1 race bike spotted
Any picts of snap red and molten orange bikes next to ano...
I'm New Here!
Just missed it!
Tire Changing on PM Wheels - Advice Needed
Repair of crack on 1999 m2 cyclone muffler
M2 rear lowering kit
Update my M2 Headlight and many items..Help me spend Chri...
Lowering an X1 Link on ebay Got pictures?
Replacing an S1/X1 headlight
Molten Orange Decals - Reproductions
Clip On Advice
S2 pad bolt frozen and stripped
Clutch/Transmission---changing all bearings between outpu...
Dual carb, separate intake heads
I must repent.
S3 front rotor
Could use a favor- caliper to borrow?
Fueling issues
Xb lowering shock
Teenage Model
Oil filter part number 99-2002 x1
Mikuni tuning?
Header primary diameter
Finned head bolt covers cheap rt23
Clutch lever? JB it?
Am I insane? XB to a tuber... agggghhhhh!
M2 sounds rattling from primary
2001 X1: not running on rear cylinder
Feeler for a 99 x1 selling as is/ possibly parts
Needing a longer bolt for my front updated isolator - gra...
Choke cable upgrade?
Lightning x1 muffler choices
1999 m2 cyclone pic
Top End Gaskets - What Tools?
X1 shock rebound?
S2 price book
Some general questions (X1 lightning)
2000 x1 front axle spacers
Rear shock reservoir mounting
Carb advice needed...CV 44 (screaming eagle)
Reworking the rear section of my S1
What did we do to day (31 foto's) 6-6-2014
Lightning x1 how much weight can it hold
Force exhaust alternatives
Brake pads?
Question on installin Telescoping Pushrod Covers
99 x1 clutch adjusment
Interesting X1 turbo build on xlforums.com
Funniest S3 ebay add yet...
Starter switch/Kill switch assembly
Rear shock replacement
Started fine 3 days ago, rough yesterday, won't start tod...
Perfect Molten Orange touch up paint
S1 Forks
I am exhausted
Question about the X1 (oil)
S2 Electrical Connectors
X1 rear tail
X1 For sale by me.
ECMSPY freeware source?
We have all OEM replacement headers 2 inch and 2,5 inch o...
98 S3T looking for parts
Easy fix for weathered S1 Indicator Lamp Bezel lens
Identifing Penske Shock
Trans vent catch can location on 2000 S3T?
Somebody Save This!
I need a Volcano Grey paint match
Clutch inspectoin cover stripped threads
2001 x1 very ill
X1 vs. S1W??
Complete Buell Pro Series Race Kit for Tube Frame Buell's...
Buell TM Pro Series Header and muffler for sale
Need serious front brake help, out of ideas
Free pdf service manual of select models
Finshed my support/pulley guard
2000 S3 for sale in Austin
Oil line fitting questions
Oil out the rear tire crank seal done
Front and rear master cylinder rebuild
Good deal on a full D&D
Slight Ping or Detonation
Wahts a clean 98 S3 worth?
Need a 16.5 shock mount
Bad Lifters
New seat
Headlight bulb replacement
How a tuber should sound at speed
XB footpegs on a Tuber
What a PITA!
AFV Reset with ECM Spy
X1 seat latch
What's your comfortable RPM?
Need to know how many oz's of fork oil M2
Where can I find foot peg mounts
What don't I need, geez. HD Service Dept.
Wiring diagram 4 Tach M2?
Hydro graphics.
Peculiar S3 on CL
X1 Gas tank cover
Recalled shock?
X1 carb conversion. Need help with in tank pump mods.
HID Light Kit
2000 x1 lightning backfireing and missing
Race Muffler Rattle?
Updated exhaust hanger instructions.
Rocker Box Umbrella
98 S3T muffler needed
Dunlop D616 - Discontinued?
99 M2 rear caliper
Took the bike on the 1st ride
Price point for 97 s1
Ignition Switch Problem
Need an S3 part number...
Bad Ass tool to get!
Exhaust Threds?
Xhaust/tuning question
Rocker box gasket replacement
How much extra is lo-milage bike worth?
Anybody know anything about the Forcewinder intake kits?
Wrecked S1?
Hot restart starter grind - S1W
Wierd hissing/squeaking noise on deceleration
Wp forks dampener question.
Paint removal
2000 buell m2 cyclone
'97 S3T Paint
Addressing rear pulley
Penske reservoir frame clamps
Anyone using this headlight??
X1 Fuel Pump Replacement candidate?
EBR Race Wear goes live!
Dumb question time...X1
M2 Fork Tube Diameter
M2 with race header and Drummer!
S1 v M2 v X1
My x1 seat cowl build.
Thanks to all those that helped.
Fuel on off leak
2000 m2 cyclone
Clutch slips after new clutch pack install
#696 S2, Just Bought
Stock ECM vs Race ECM
S1 rear shock
Race header install frustrasion!
Coil for X1
CV44 manifold?
Kickstand finished
Front caliper issues
S3 Fender crack
M2 low?
Rear shock bracket big-to-small?
Recognize this??
Developing Buell X1 Ohlins front fork upgrader kit
Rocker box gasket PN#'s
M2 front brake line: how long?
I am going to loose it HELP!
XB Rocker Box Conversion
Angle-boot plug wire for rear head?
Tachometer Bulb 68073-99Y Obsolete
Anyone have a header????
Question about crankcase venting?
What headers fit
Primary Cover Installation
Here is the bike that you ALL helped build!
ECMSpy reading
Tuber headlight bucket, X1, how do you open it?
Overheated S3?
Converting your stock ECM to a race ECM with ECM SPY
S2 Production Numbers
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