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06/07 xb12ss differences
Constant Headaches 06 Buell Ulysess
TPS Reset using Buelltooth & Ecmdroid
Do I need a Static Timing?
Buell XB Check Engine Lamp Flashes, No error codes
Buell XB stalls on side stand, CEL code 23
New City-x tank pad
2007 XB12X bit the dust
Reverse Gear Mod
XB12 won't run on WOT
Cheap reduced effort clutch ramp assembly for cheapskates
Exhaust stud question
Xb stunt cage about to get tossed, help!
Laid bike down, need new handle bars
City-x tank pad
XB9 & Micron map - Current status??
XB12X exhaust question...
'06 XB12ss rear shock options
Buells in the Alps 12
XB 12 transmission parts needed
Rescued XB now need some leads on parts
Am I a fool to pass on a 05 XB12SCG?
Sanity Check: Should the factory inner airbox touch the o...
Temp sensor 32564-99yb ,alternative part number
ECM swap
Xb9 Fuel Regulator housing cracked
Replacement adhesive for airbox decals?
07 XB12ss woes
XB12S Voltage Regulator
Motorcycle Online looks back at the XB9R Firebolt
Options for Rear Stands for XB?
Service Manula downloads?
Beginning of My Most Difficult Project: XB9R to 12R Thund...
When in doubt disconnect the Bank Angle Sensor (BAS)
04 XB12S Tach bouncing help
2008 XB12S
Rear tire rubbing hugger
Retiring Buell
Ulysses question. Running HOT!
Got my second Buell last week.
Lower Shock for 08 XT
Welcome back!
Highway pegs for 2005 XB12s?
Tire replacement
Dead dash!
Racing XB9r
XB lineage?
XB9R vs XB12R
XBRR promo racing vid
Ulysses Turn Signal
Pure Track Bike
Fairing sets for XB and X1
Racing map XB12
XB12 Ulyesses - Anything to look out for?
Replacing wheels on 09 XB12Ss
About to rotate engine to do intake seals. Do I need to d...
LONG Time.....
Interesting read
Looking for opinion on headlight options for Buell XB12ss
08 pikes peak buell stt
Considering getting back into an XB12XT, what's ownership...
Rear shock from 2006-2007 XB12Ss
Leaking Time-sert
Performance difference between 07+ airbox cover and open ...
"Street Tracker" Conversion for XB's
Stock muffler question(s)
Passenger seat cover xb12ss?
Broken fuel supply line banjo fitting
Ulysses Horn Recommendations
PSA from a greybeard
Need help diagnosing clutch issue on my 2008 Uly
Can the oil filter be removed with the aftermarket chin f...
Difference in different kickstands with same pin
XB parts availability
Front fork height in triple trees?
XB Engine Stand
Buell XB Lightning Seat contacting airbox cover
Buell owner once again!
Where can I get an IAT sensor?
Seat height between the Low and Streetfighter seats?
Tail section swap R to S (again....)
Best protection option for bike knock-overs and low speed...
Bike stand for winter storage
Best way to install battery tender dongle to XB9?
Mystery Wires
Cleaner for translucent air box cover and windscreen?
Microfiber detailing towel for translucent plastic?
Engine Rotation
Touch up paint availability or alternatives
Penzl Mufflers
Resurrecting my XB12 STT
Round 4
Can I ride this?
Good bye XB9SX
Connector 77 - Found a legit replacement
Jardine QMI 2 1/4" needed
Shift shaft seal leak
Do Buell owner's these days keep spare parts?
XB12XT Rear Axle Shaft Thread Size
Source for Bodywork screws
Which XB? Advice needed
XB exhaust options these days?
Fixing my Buell?
Nix Bronx with XB
Need Breakout Box, and Crank Pos Sensor?
UV Dye
XB12XT Electrical Issues
First Buell Issue.
05 1200 SS Lightning ok?
XB9S misfire on highway.
New to Buell..
ISO: Buell race team mechanic, etc. - someone high-dollar.
AFV value
Engine Rotation
Fuel line fitting on fuel pump baseplate
Are xb12ss and Ulysses seats interchangeable?
Clutch cable routing pics request
Erik Buell Interview
Xb rear spring question
Tapping / knocking sound after wheelie, HELP
Local Buell owners (regional subforum?)
XBLights.com tail light
Found my ticking noise
XBS owners. More light.
Leaky Clutch Cable 09 XB12R any help?????
Strange fan on XB9?
Dead battery...fried stator, replacement photos
New to me Buell
Project Pictures &dyno sheets = POSTING
Bearing seal removal?
Straight headers?
May give some buellers nightmares
Oil Leak, Home fix?
Thank you Al and Joanne!
Looking for fellow buell riders in California
2 up riding
Problem with the Forum or???
My bike is Wooing -- A bad bearing?
I Need my foot pegs and linkage Oxidezed
Who has a Micron with wideband O2 bungs welded on?
Stupid horn bracket
1125 forks on XB
Replace instrument cluster?
Kinda definitive 1125 LED signals on XB
Zero Gravity Sport Touring screen?
Clutch/Front Brake Levers
Oil Filter??
Yellow plastics?
Looking for Ideas on getting my Firebolt Seat Covers
Good price for fork seal change?
Opinions Wanted - axle and fork sliders
WTB Buell XB9r Windscreen
Bad TPS?
DEI Titanium Header Wrap
Anybody racing an xb9sx right now?
My belt finally broke.......
Questions to ask when buying used
6mm Rotor from Erik Buell Racing?...
Tail chop questions and part search
Stranded, need information
Any idea how to Change Front Brake pads on 03 FireBolt
Seat questions....
Need 2010 XB12 oil pump
What year ecm will work on my xb12r?
Refurb race can?
P/N needed
Rizoma in the US?
Tunerpro rt v5
Help send Erik Buell Racing to Laguna Seca...
Rear wheel bearings bad???
Rear axel pinch bolts size ???
2010 Turn signal Bulbs
Headlamp and tailpiece on European xb12s
Buell race spring help
No neutral light, no start....help
Need clutch cable asap!!!
inner race left crankshaft bearing
Cut and dried, plain and simple, Primary oil ???????
XB12R fuel pump problems
L.E.D. Pods and strips on a XB12R
Look what I found under my primary cover...
Degreaser vs. Paint!!!
2008 XB9SX Directlink
Stay or Go?
Xb9s to xrb rear conversion
Wheel losing air.
Seafoam uses and experiences
HID install questions
ARRGHH...Clutch cable replacement
2004 XB12s
Check this out
XB Fuel Pump
Ecmspy download?
2008 XB9SR Will not crank
Front left side axle gap
Comfort kit
Instrument Cluster xb12r
Help with ecmspy
Shift lever seal
ID for Clip ons need for Bar End Sizing..
Ft. Lauderdale - Yellow XB9S Spotted in Employee Parking
Idle issue
Pirelli Diablo Life Expectancy
Torco Exhaust Clamp
UH-OH....Pucker moment!!!
Search xpr M31PA292 or another for ECM Ebr XB12 08
Leaking Forks
My Buell with new chrome wheels
D&D Installation--Extra Harness Required?
Lowering lightning
Cruise control, nadz
Front caliper rebuild anybody?
XB12STT plastics and suspension?
Anyone in southwest florida?
04 XB12r Airbox, benefits using newer airbox?
Xb9r price
New member hello, and need XB9S shopping advice
2010 xb9s
Buell Lightning 03' xb9s repair manual??
Spotted - Firebolt on US-131 in Michigan
XB9 pistons in XB12 motor......why?
Oil filters
Temporary solutions to make firebolt more comfortable
Removing detonation with ecm spy
Header Wrap
HID problem
Do these markings look bad for my belt?
Need help with a pizzeria logo
1125R & XB12 Does Croatia's Route 8
Passanger peg bolt size
XB12 - more engine braking possible?
Seats (I know I know, its been discussed)
Weird issue were bike won't start
Tired of the power, lets talk nitrous...
2009 XB12Scg Seat?
Drive belts for sale?
Anyone have pictures of 1125 mirrors on a firebolt?
New Michelins and 190/55 OK to use on XB12R
XB9 parts for my Sporty conversion (please don't hate)...
New to Forum hope to have XB9/12R Project Soon!
My best performance mod to date
If you love green, blue and black...
Will a couple of 2x4s hold a Buell
Hot start idle.
What part is this? - XB12S
Cracked exhaust on 08 Ullysses.. anyone?
Headlight issue
How much to pay for 2005 XB12R
09 XB12SS clutch and brake levers
New guy saying hi
First oil change: Synthetic or Regular
XB12R sighting in KC,MO
" loud crack on XB"
Head Light Bezels for FireBolt
Wheres the oil going?
HID question for those who have done it
Code 36 AND now it wont run HELP!
Anyone done DIY laydown/undertail plate?
Cleaning inside of throttle body...safest chemical?
08 XB12 ECM!?!?!?
Need opinions on used x1
Right Side Scoop?
Stebel Airhorn Install on '07 Bolt
Need mirrors!
Calling All Buell's-Quaker Steak & Lube Bike Night-Wed., ...
Clutch assembly
Need help finding a rubber fitting for firebolt
California Proposed Motorcycle Emissions Testing
Does this look like the cause of my noise?
Idle Issue
Still no starting
Night at the drags.
06 xb12ss map
Max top speed !
2010 ECM flash, fan operation, fuel mixture
Whats this gonna cost? ballpark figure on part$?
Milwaukee Area (or short shipping distance) Stock XB12 Pi...
Garage turnarounds
Red XB9? spotted in Parkville, MO
What cleaning chemicals to Use????
Tire removal/install predicament
Custom exhaust, How am I doing?
ACC Fuse Blowing
Oil on Fan
Fan Removal
Speedometer problem - quit working
Fly, Buy, and Ride?
My Harley shop experience so far.
High speed stumble.
Were the Magnesium rims ever made available...?
Erik Buell Racing Nano-Teck Battery for street...Anyone u...
My latest work on XB...
Headlight lens replacement?
WTB: Random XB Parts
Oops, rear axle installation
Clutch Basket Failure - 4900mi
XB12S chugging and died, now wont start
Ebr drummer ecm
Fuel pump fuse
Just more problems with the Muell
No Headlights - Help!
Greenville, SC. HELP! Where to get service??
Rider coach handbook wanted
Need help finding a part pretty quick
Looking for flushmount bikers
Places in So Cal to have forks serviced?
'09 Lightning ss Right side air intake...
Does anyone actually stock Buells New and Used??
Just a freindly reminder
Tail Tighty...
Need some HID and relay harness help!!!!
Front Exhaust Strap Broken - What Else to Look For?
Handling Problem With Tire Change
What do i do now?
OD for 2007 headers?
XB9 Gearing Swap - any Disadvantages?
Western-Reserve Buell Inventory
05 ventura rack on 08
Yoyo Froggy!!!
Can someone post the headlight harness diagramTrie
Broken Battery Strap (2009 XB12Scg)
ECM from Buell Racing for 06 Uly
10K Maint - (missed 5K) How much and what should I do?...
Will this combo live in street use or be too radical ?
Changing front brake pads - Remove wheel or drain fluid??
Most Creative Americade
City X Bubble Airbox Cover and Windshield
Tools for installing primary conversion
Brake light works when front applied but not rear.....
Primary oil level question
Put in gear, let go of clutch, bike doesn't move....
Spec Ops Fuell map for 06 XB-12's
American Flag Graphics Package
What to do with header pipe
Fan control logic?
Valve cover gaskets
Replacing fan
Oil Pump Drive Gear
No exhaust okay for a few miles?
Wrapping the headers
More good Homecoming news............
First sceduled maintenance, then a strange noise...
Added an 03 XB9S to the collection need mirror options
XB9R fan diagram,service manual
What to Get?? 2009 Lightning XB9 or 2010 Ninja 650R
Buell heads
Looking for some help with foot pegs
Paint Scuff!!!!!!!! i was attacked by the Chinese!
Engine noise
Anyone use Motul for transmission oil ?
Pirelli Angel Opinions?
2010 Race ecm
Anyone have p/n for oil cooler scoop for '05 XB9SX?
Here's a good one.........
Anybody know where I can get one of these?
Can you still get new XB plastics?
Failing fuel pump?
ECM Datalogging?
Xb12ss Lightning Long Touring Seat availability.....
04 Firebolt Wheels fit 09 Lightning Long?
2009 xb12ss issues....
Race ECM???
Oil pump?
'06 xb9sx Surging......need opinions
ECM Reflash for 2008 - Do It?
Comfort for the wife.
Clutch cable adjuster boot. anyone?
Engine light in a new xb12s and a message to HD dealer
Foot pegs on Firebolt
Ully oil pump question
Great deal on tires
190/55 on my Ss
Anyone have part # for CityX handlebar end plugs?
Clutch Adjustment Boot
Xb police bike?
2010 XB9SX selling price
Removing ignition...
Tranny woes revisited: bent shifter fork
Big thanks to this Badweber for an awesome custom part !
Wrecked my Uly, advice needed...
Sputtering/ strange idling/ popping
Need ideas for temporary shifter arm.
Xb9r leaking oil
XB12S Seat
Does throttle body come out before engine rotation?
Primary case wont go back on by 1/4 inch
Pictures from my weekend trip
Warranty Work and Mods
Need Some Knowledge big time.
TPS reset issues
Exhaust question
9 pipe on an xb12
Did I get the right oil?
One More Headlight Question
Procedure for cleaning the combustion chambers of buell
Reset tps, race fuel map, MORE popping?
Anyone with a Corbin or Baldwin in NY?
2009 Drummer Race ECM w/ Special OPS Exhaust
Road America Bike races June 3rd -6th
Lowering a 2009 xb9sx
2007 Buell XB Lightning TT - New and good price?
Riding without airbox cover
____ AAA version drive belt wear and tear opinion with pi...
Muffler hack questions...
Bike won't start
Tire Balancing - How Much is Normal?
Sick City-x, hated the ride in the rain
Need part number- anyone with parts catalog?
Front Axle Anti-seize
Should I replace my original belt ? 039S
Sears has top cases on sale
Header options.
Fork questions
Buell Touch up paint?
Thinking about selling Lil' Blackie............
Fixed my headlight connector
Looking for a seat for a 07 XB12Ss
Lake Michigan Motorcycle Trip (5-29 to 6-1)
Larger diameter grips for 9R
Any sponsors still offering discounts on Buell parts?
Ok 2 headlight questions.
Question for people with multiple bikes...
Oil temp guage
Thread thread.
Homecoming concert only tickets
XB Sprocket shaft inner race part number ?
Battery Strap
How do you check a 2008 and newer stator & regulator?
Thinking about a spec ops
Throttle body-fuell rail?
-Minnesota/Wisconsin- Homecoming Meet-up Planned
Buell Triple Tail Backpack For Sale!!
Question on minor stumble.
Help with oil light...
Mystik Oil?
Exhaust header and a pool noodle
Excellent oil change video from Xboard.com
1 Qt Accusump Oil Accumulator
So I got a new battery....
Headlight problem please help...
Buell Suspension Kit?
New Tires
Best place to go in OR for parts/service?
Besy year XB to buy ?
Code Help with muffler actuator
Suspension Tuning Question
Steering Head Bearing cross reference p/n?
Lightning black plastic
ZTL Front brake pad retaining bolt size
Suspension and riding 2up
Dirt bars on the firebolt XB9SLR
Second bike advice
9R engine noise - Normal???
Should My side stand wobble?
Comfort Seat Group Order Sign Up
Shh####t!! Whats that noise?
Pulled the Trigger
Suspension tuning
Officially a Bueller
06 manual
Just got my 05 XB12S!!
Room for an alarm under XB seat?
Somebody just give me a heads up, please!
Erik Buell Racing Sticker
Steering stem pinch bolt Question???
2009 Race ECM Question (xb12scg)
Leak dye
Dumb Question about kick stand
Cutting out, fuel problem?
XB12s racekit and ECM questions
Looking for an XB9SL for my 5'0" wife
Lightest xb exhaust?
Plug Cable
Helibar alternative for Firebolt
Looking to get xb12r
Mad paint chips on undertail
Cant find this on search....
Race ecm
Rider Footpeg Kit for XB Models $20
Traction Hand Grips Purchase
How are the CityX "X's" held on to the airbox?
Dunlap Sport max Qualifier 2 tire set - any good?
1-year-old batter. (Bad already?)
Scoops and full fairings?
Lightning heads up...
Jardien pipe
Fan question
Late XB airbox Qs...
Going to look at an '07 XB12R
Single headlight conversion
Flush mount signals
Broke the 50 mpg barrier (2009 XB12Scg)
My XB lives!
Breather hose size check
Flywheel sproket shaft nut size?
Thoughts on hsa exhaust?
Starting issues
Best battery
Warranty almost up, what now?
Any Buell riders around the Savannah GA area
Ecm spy software
Virginia Buellers - New Buell Facebook Group
Anyone removed an XB engine?
How do do you hot wire a XB? PM plz
Erik is out of stock on alot of items
Windshield for a Lightning.
Wheel bearings?
Exhaust Hack DIY
Finally going to pickup my Buell
CSI Miami
Reunion Rides or Road America
New Performance XB Exhaust
EBC front brake pads Question???
Anyone notice engine resonance at certain speeds?
05 R6 for an 05 XB9 a fair trade?
Proud new owner!
Harrison Specialties LED turn signals
I think I know the answer but just want to be sure
Firebolt Blinker Project...
Changing primary oil??
Soon to be a new Buellerhttp://www.badweatherbikers.com/b...
My new XB9
Anyone going to the Northwest Sportbike Rally?
Finally got me a buell!
Finally got a 12s
Race can on 12 and 9
Good price on Mobil 1
LED accent placement...?
Splitting cases
New bike, new issues
Well I thought I was done...then i got some more ideas!
'03 and '05 seat rail swap
Xb12r pings/knocks really loud when hot.. Please help!
Healamp modification
Early Firebolt mirror extensions?
Trouble Code 16
Urban assault seat- need more info! Have Q's...
Any 09-10 XB12Ss left at dealers near you???
O2 Sensor Relocation
Harley Fags
XB Oil Consumption?
My LED tail light project summary
Best 6 piston pad for a daily driver?
Exhaust heat wrap
Drummer or Special O.P.S. which is louder?
O2 Sensor
So there is oil
Need parts
What all is involved in a Firebolt to Lightning tail swap?
Headlight shopping
Help I think my issue maybe worse then thought
Comfort seat order
Parts question for levers
Xb9 and 12 fans the same?
Pulsating front brake...ideas?
08+ Oil Cooler on 07 and earlier models
XB9 and XB12 headers the same OD?
Performance vs. exterional
Here is a note a sent to Harley
Differences in 1200 Thunderstorm engines?
Stripped chin fairing screws
2003 or 2004 XB9SL owners manual
Ecm spy for Palm
Wanted: DDFI3 EEPROM's
Another question thats probably been asked...
Long bolt that holds the upper belt guard is STRIPPED
A little throttle cable help please
Can't start my bike with the clutch pulled in
Noob Fly & Ride question..
Before I buy... XB12S
Erik Buell Racing Race ECM for Drummer...
Anybody know Scooternerd? Paid for parts no contact since.
Part question???
Fluid silver spray paint
Parking in windy conditions??
Factory Diagnostics tool V/Ss Spyware
Headlight Halo Image on stock lights
Probably been asked a lot...
What front brake pads for a daily driver?
Are y'all out riding?
Just bought Ferodo Pads... rotor maintenance?
Removing lower triple clamp??
Bike running well
Riding without oil in primary?
Need Help. Bike Won't Start . . .
Front axle bolt tool size
Right Side Scoop is Awesome
Burnt Clutch, anyone use a Barnett setup????
Front isolator part number.
Cheap track fairings?
Interesting Noise!!!
Airbox cover fit?!?
Ecm question
How about a OIL CHANGING THREAD>/????
EBR race ECM Trouble
XB riders near Winston-Salem, NC
Ecmread error fix update
Customizing airbox cover
TunerPro - Check engine light error codes
Haggling on a 2008 XB12S
Comfort kit flash undo?
Check my wheel bearings or part number
Injector cleaner
1000 mile service, dealer or me
Build page
Race ECM
Oil light at startup
I just ordered a new set of wheels
Buying a super cheap 12ss but it has the dreaded dent and...
Heat reflecting material on air box?
Air Filter
Throttle Sticking
Seat mount question
Header wrap painted white
New! Ecmspy Read Now available!!!!!!
Groan, oil leak.
Monster bike ride in July!!
Firebolt Fairing/Windscreen hardware
Stud size on xb Signals?
Head Gasket install
08 CityX on Taconic Parkway
Race sub-frame onXB12s Lightning - Old post reply
Air box cover mask
Rant time -Went to the Harley dealer for some Oil....
Rough sounding XB9
Rocker box Gaskets
Clutch cable install
Anyone encounter this charging issue??
New buell or ducati, ktm ?
Suspension tuning advice please (Custom application)
XB12 Super Moto
Can someone steer me toward a good HID threads
Bar risers on
Paint recommendations??
2010 yellow xb12r only 200 miles witth gpr dampener $8000
What does VE stand for?
I weighed my XB....
Better Bike Stands?
SE Virginia and NE North Carolina
XB9Sx, Oil Lamp, loose torque, metallic sound
Several new Buells in El Paso
Hey dudes need help buying XB 12Ss.
Rear turn signal mod ...
Darnit. Fix one thing and another goes.
Tough choice xb12ss 2007 or 2008?
Engine vibration
First encounter with a XB!!
Issues with neutral gear
Another fork oil thread...
For teh mods
Front Motor Mount
Diablo Concept Questions
Difficulty installing seat on XB9R, is it just me?
Rotating engine - skipping steps?
Headlights melting my fairing! (not bulbs!!)
Clutch oil level
Americansportbike bar risers
Temp light xb 12 s
Xb12ss as a first bike?
Need help linking both brakes.
03 XB9R header gaskets?
Anyone Ever...
Xb12r & xb9 top ?
XB12 header on an XB9 engine?
Box Stock top end for a XB9?
Precision Engineering
Thumb rear brake or???
Turn signal question
Finally broke the 40mpg mark (2009 XB12Scg)
Homecoming Canceled!!??
Size of rear master cylinder
Buell Fest
Weird fan problem
Chaotic turn signals
I am BACK!!!!
Removing header without rotating engine
Help, neither bike will run after TPS reset
Xl form update? oil filters?
Keep fouling plugs...
Victim of the economy
Crap. Stripped intake bolt hole.
Goodyear / Buell Drive Belt
Removed Handguards What bolt replaces stud
Lingo help..
Need pegs...
Rear sprocket size
How do you guys clean the blacked out engines?
Can anyone tell me where i can buy a stock muffler thats ...
New to Buell
Gel seat separation
Confusing race maps.
Xb9r/s eeprom
Direct link question
What would cause this
Cleaning translucent body work
New Bumpus Clothing Blow Out!!!! Happy April!!!!
Need some help guys
2009 w/ Drummer. Race ECM Needed? Please help
9R headlight trim pieces- removal?
Homecoming 2010 T-Shirts, Track Day, and Concert tickets
It's a miracle this thing was running!
Is an XBr9-2007 exhaust the same as a XB12SS-2009
Remove exhaust servo?
What spare parts to take on 5000 miles trip? XB12X 2006.
Another muffler thread
Bike dies after clutch released w/open air and breather
I did my homework...
Rear wheel brgs
Ecmspy questions
GPS Mounting
2009 TPS reset
Just wanted to thank everyone for all the help
How to tell a bad crank
Modifying a stock muffler
Xb Battery Question?
What's a 2003 XB9R worth? $$$$
Questions about 2009 XB12R
What does the race ecm really do ?
Need some HIDizzle help
Map uploading
HOLY S***!!!!
I sold the XB
Thoughts on Dobeck Performance
Need a wee bit of help. looking for uly pdf service manual
Clutch question
Licence plate custom braket
Tire pressure
White Wire Mod????
Houston sighting today on Westheimer
Black Forks on 05 XB12R
09 xb12scg Head bearing
*%$# Harley: warranty issue
BEWARE! NooXB on board!
Mechanic Wanted in the Vancouver BC Area
New Idea?
Catch cans
Eclipse Bags on an '05 CityX
My Open Airbox pics!
Darksaber is down
2008 XB12R or not?
Lose of power on road.
Worst ride ever!!!
I saw you!!
Upper Shock Bolt
Going past 1k miles before 1k service, good idea?
Denver area XB riders
Cooling fan not working. What to check?
Sidecar fun?
Proud new CityX owner
XB12 Lightning front headlight assy. questions
Fouled Plug?
Cold-Idle Oil Pressure Issue
Breather reroute thread?
Oil on the fan...
Fuel economy?
Buell DDFI question
Western-Reserve HD/Buell Inventory
Firebolt SCG model?
Snow Today
ECMS FOR 2010 900 AND 1200 SERIES
Is this right?
03 xb9 help/suggestions
Lower tree removal
Head Neck Bearings replacement Question?
2003 xb low yellow 7k asking $4,000.
Newbie con.
03 firebolt Chin Faring Screw Size
Where to mount fast pass toll pass
Ecmspy help please!!
Overfilled oil
From an 07 to an 08...
Key blank xb12r
A totally new exhaust
The whole "when, not if" scenario happened to me : (...
What non-HD product to use on translucents
Choppy in first
Rattling forks
Where did my cheesgrater thread go?
Redline Oil... which to use (tranny)?
Changing spark plugs
20% off
Replacing the cheese grater
Sell me dead bike
Oil Cooler Part #
09 Scg Airbox cover
Both headlights on, XB9r
4 Ways- Hazard Flashers
Can some one tell me !?
Stock muffler question
EBR ECM Future availability
Aluminum Bars
? Backup camera
Looking for passenger foot pegs and mounting brackets for...
XB9R short rear turn signals?
Primary Sprocket Nut
Right side air scoop for the rear cylinder
I'll try again
Buell stunt
Speculation central
White 9R - white or black mirrors?
Interesting braking concept...
Seat Rails...
1125R and XB12R!!!!!
Cooling fan #2 goes kaput?
Updated kickstand: available or no?
2009 XB12Scg Airbox Cough/Snort????
XB12R Fairings for sale !
XB12R Headlight
Swapping exhaust to stock. What hardware needed?
License plate bracket
Help with race ECM and TPS reset
Ulysses windscreen mod?
Powdercoat or Paint?
Yet ANOTHERan single headlight conversion update
Oil line parts # request
Hard shifting in between 2nd and 3rd
Pictures of my Special OPS exhaust and Ventura Rack
Rpm gauge acting funny
Dark Horse Caliper Relocation
A new take on the 1125R
Changing oil press sending unit
Changing oil press sending unit
Remus Powerizer from Trojan Horse Racing
Limited Edition?
Cracked header on 08 lightning
Give me some successions ?
People to ride with in arkansas????
No respect
XB12S virtual tour on YouTube
Swingarm Oil Line Connections
Stock Lights??
Blue pipes
Primary Chain Check - First Time Lessons Learned
Just put on my new muffler, and now my bike runs like CRA...
New '07 Buell Runs Rough
Where can i download ecmspy, Isnt it free somewhere?
I heared a rumor.
Fan Q?
Holy Buell Crates, Batman!
200/55-17 on my XB12Ss
Open airbox done- pics!
08+ EBR ECM & Drummer Exhaust
Best sounding exhaust system for an XB
New bike Prices
EBR ECM W/ K&N open air and D&D...Awesome !
Silly question
HID lights on a Firebolt?
Orange/Red Sealer around header:exhaust
Rear fender skirt
Select seat problems
Finally got my Cherry Bomb XB12Scg!!!!
XB12S Banner!!!
Primary cover rethreading questions.
Steering bearing stem seized
ˇAyuda me por favor! Need P/N for black XB rocker covers
Breaking the speed of sound!!!!!!
Wrecked bike...thinking of buying a new one. Questions
Need some Pucks
Another Jardine issue
New season mods!!
Riding gear
Flat Black Firebolt Pictures?
Blown base gasket questions
The lightning that they should have built
Clear Tail Lens
Anyone have 04-05 belt guards they don't need?
"Solo Buell" seat cowl
EBR preprogrammed ECM with stock muffler
Primary Oil
What Octane?
Drummer vs special o.p.s
For those that have done the 12 to 9 primary swap.
Valve Seal Replacement
Rear brake on XB9R?
Tire huuger and belt guard
Service Manual
Anyone have 04-05 belt guards they don't need?
Looking for Oil Change thread/tutorial (Buell XBike Oil C...
Freeway Tires
Xb rear sprocket
My old bike is still on eBay
Can NOT doing a tps reset do damage to my bike?
Uly Passenger Peg Setup On XB12SS
Look at my tail !
Throttle cables
It's been a good day
ECM SPY help in NH
Firebolt mirrors
Changing the color on the instrument cluster
Warning Stickers
Homecoming 2010 Track Day announced
Can a XB12SS be lowered like a SCG?
'04 9SL part numbers
I need some advice!
Need decal part #s
Flush Mount Turn Signals...?
Yet another dreamer........
Plug Question?
Brake Light Help!
Buell passenger seat
Seat question
Rear wheel brgs
Where can I get a front pulley disk cover ?
Cluster Question
Is there any way to get a new seat??
Do you have parts that you want anodized blue?
New (to me) XB9, what changes have been made over the yea...
Western-Reserve HD/Buell Inventory
Where to go from here?
Tire question
Harley Davidson Survey
Cheep stiffer clutch?
Tuning help?
2010 Lightning: Guard Removal Questions
Help, stranded '08 XB12XT
Savannah,GA area Riders
Removing the frame puck
Easy pull clutch
Toura Tech Panniers
ECMSpy Downloads?
Silk scarf verdict
Twin Motorcycles test rider wanted
2010 Buell Lightning...
Intake cover!!!!!!! Sweet!
Dumb drivers
What are the known issues on the 07 xb12stt?
Bumpus Buell Inventory
Need advice from the sage Bad Webbers -
Need Eric's cell number
Input needed on Buell trade idea
Dont start the new xb12ss when its cold ?
You guys see this Flea bay Price....
XB12 Backfires "Please Help"
Single headlight at last!
Belt Conversion
Battery question for 2007 xb9r
Programmable or Race ECM for 08+ Opinions
NO dealers have intake covers?
Oil press bulb
Minimum CCA for XB battery
Miami to Eustis, Florida motorcycle transport
New EBR race ECM?
Right Side Scoop
Battery Strap PITA!
Just found my old XB12Ss on eBay!
1000 Mile Service Prep
New Amber Wheel
Looking for a buell!
Penske rear shock springs
Deglazing question
Two guys other use for a brand new Firebolt
CrossRoads Install
WTB..firebolt black plastic body parts
Special Ops
Push start an XB?
Buell race exhaust xb9 and 12 same?
Call me crazy, sea to shining sea on a Scg?
Hero Blue color match
New XB12Ss!!!
I'm a dumba55
Gel seat for a 08' scg?
Lower tree
Pirelli Diablo Rosso Tire Package Specials
190 rear tire
Need parts view of FireBolt front fairing mount asm.
Question: Measuring Exhaust Flow?
Weight savings
XB12Ss pre-pickup prep?
XB12SS mirrors
Rear tire changing...
1125r to xb9 track bike?
XB model and year differences
Where can I get bar ends for a XB12X?
CRG Lever with Swallow handlebar
Colorado XB'ers !!
Steering Head Bearing Numbers
Rim stripes
Buell factory for sale
Looking for a new XB9SX
Buell racing xb12r 08- 09 ecm compatability
Wind Protection for Hands
Silk scarf
Another Tires Thread
ZTL 2 Pad Removal HELP
Technical info on upcoming 09 XB12X potential purchase...
Looking for a Race ECM for my XB12R
Sorry Bumpus there are much cheaper deals
BUELL French Club Forum
Show me your tank bag (XB12X)
Won't Start?
Anyone running Conti sport attack 190/55 on 04 style swin...
Rear Brake Resevoir Cap
Hp question
Front axle wont thread!!!
2009 XB12Scg TPS reset and idle srew set????? 1.13.10-6:18pm
Price for xb12ss
Lowering "kit" from XB12Scg
Modified tank bag into quick-release tail bag
Cool Buell/HD tool
XB12R to XB12Scg
Muffler front mount repair. Pictures
Pics request
Xmas gift to myself
New Custom-made Buell Sweatshirt
GoPro HD possible problem
Cycle Shell
Rear valve cover gasket xb12ss
New to XB12Ss, Few Questions
Parts #s and Price check
Good Price for a new Ulysses? Want to buy now.
Xb9r vs sv1000
09 XB12R ECM tuning?
Cycle Pirate Pegs
More GoPro HD clips
Anypne around Indy that can help with TPS reset
So what did you get?
Bark Busters.... Anybody ever install them?
Thank you for being here!!!
ECM compatability question
Buy an XT Now?
Gas mileage '09 xb12ss is only 40 mpg
Well done Canada
XB12SS seat thread
Are there any cheap new XB's out there?
Speedo question
Lowering a xb12scg for my wife she is 5'3 and is tip toei...
Turn signals XB12XT
Xb oil cooler AN fitting size?
2010 XB and XB12 mods
And one HD question
I hate it when this happens
New HD tech innovations
4th Motocycle and several 1st's
XB12R bike stands?
04 xb12 race ecm with directlink Question??
Last buell's home
Brand new- Looking for some advice.
Steering head bearings
Great Part for your bike
Stock light width
Rusty muffler
Dis-assembling front forks- what parts do i need to order...
08 Gas Milage and dealer reflashes
Fierbolt Lights
Christmas gifts? Sale prices now till Dec 10
The Buell racing site is now up
Firebolt/1125 handle bars
Any experience w/ Ken Sean bar-end mirrors?
Another 'Name this Front Fairing' thread
How much can the stock headlight wiring take?
Anyone else receive a letter from Jon Flickinger?
2008 XB12R Firebolt
Dealer charge for new oil pump drive
Throttle body question
Buell in Canada
Current 2010 XB12Ss price range???
Kick ash or black?
Tsukigi Racing pipes
Pirelli Diablo troubles
Name that swingarm game!
Remus Powerizer
Uly frame available?
Homecoming 2010 and XB Lights....we need YOU!!!
Cold weather bordom
Clock reset on startup?
OK, so Court really is the man!
Toys for Tots
Firebolt Upper Tree
New Brake Rotors or ZTL2 Caliper?
2008 XB9SX Upgrades
2010 LED Taillight Conversion
Throttle Slider/Tube
Service manual
Low speed acceleration squeeking
Does anyone else make the oil filter?
Buell long term reliability
Buell Inventory--Fly and Ride!!!!
Winter Riding Jackets
Oil Line positioning
Knocking sound from the trottle body area
Making my own clothing?
Planning first long trip
Best place to buy XB12Ss seat?
Noob with great story
What's the real story
Warped ZTL Rotor
Seat & Windshield for my XB9SX
Exhaust Help Would Be Much Appreciated
2008 XB9SX
Attaching plastic end caps to the clip on bars?
Direct Link or EcmSpy for the Uly?
161.3 hp and 136.5 ft/lbs of torque!!!
?, those who have had headlight recall done.
Just got my firebolt and problems already
Taller Handlebars On XB9SX
Free Tuning spreed sheets
Voltage regulator?
Does anyone know makes this fairing?
New xb12r
Xb12r front cylinder problems
To sell or not to sell
Tire breaks?
Dumb belt guard problem
Injector o-ring problem
Rear tire change
Clutch Engagement
2007 xb9sx
2010 XB Scoop Comparison Pictures ...
What is a good price for an XB12Scg?
08-09 XB122SS riding position
Repair/Relace the tranny
Front Pulley
Benefits of a Headlight Grill???
New Owner: Is this Normal?
Name that hose
Need your knowledge on XB9's
Finally did the breather mod...
Firebolt taillight
Xb12ss suspension conversio
OK, I need some help... Again. Anyone know of any deals l...
Any trick to loosen the rear axle???
Uly Handlebars on a Lightning
Thoughts on shifter weirdness....?
HD bins Buells
Idea to protest HD
Need some xb parts
Can you tale by the ECM # if Race or Stock ECM
Hand Guard Part Numbers
City X Questions
Clip-ons on a Lightning?
Is this correct
Winter time-
Noob needs help!
XB12SS or XB12SCG?
French Hooligan on XB12Scg
A few thoughts
Jennings, noise decibels, and Spec-Ops
Photoshop help
3d model of XB bike
Empty catch can, should I be worried?
Not Buell related but... any big MotoGP fans?
Ulysses tail bag
I'm gonna puke
Tuning an '09
2008 XB9SX Electrical and Break-In Questions
Fall down, go boom, big ouch.
Daytona Twin Tec Tuner EFI for '08 and newer XBs
Stray electrical connector on my STT
Pretty f'n sick
Driveline/engine changes 2007 to 2008 XB12
O2 sensor
Engine rebuilt
Deals on xb12ss
Voltage regulator?
New bike!!
Front pulley seal leaking
I'm so out of luck...
Lightning header blemish - melted my glove!
2010 Triumph Street Triple R 3
Destruction of resale value for Buells
XB coughing
MN/ west WI susp swap
New 09 uly
Missing Surging HELP!
New Buell Owner
Trying to sell before I trade-XB12R
Retrofit - 2008 motor swap into 2005 chassis?
Will this Harley piece work on my XB?
Motor Question
Firebolt Tail on a Uly?
Bought the new xb12ss to replace my M2
Is the 2010 XB any different then 2009?
What we already knew
SCG ????
Help ID Pushrod Covers
Buell Seats
XB9 Motor Swap
Alternate part numbers for Hero Blue front wheel?
XB seats
Read what people are saying on HD's website!
Bah! Uber-dumb noob question about clutch cable
Help! Multiple part numbers for the same airbox cover?
New XB12SS..what exhaust needs no further mods ?
Bueldog's Corner - life with the significant other...
Buell discontinued.....
My opinion
Front fork length difference for a stand
Header wrap?
Looking for dealer that has the new RSS in stock.
Odd Fueling Occurance
Buell logo, anyone know what font they used?
A few pics from SPI Bikefest
Lightning windscreen mounts
Dropped my bike!!
How did this cover get loose?!
ECMspy not getting real time data?
Laminar lip on extended ZG windscreen?
I should sell RS scoops for a living.
Finally did it.....the Blast is gone.
Rediculous price and time to have dealer change header
EB a Member of BadWeb?
Fuel Pump Problem?
Trans. Fluid
Parts question on spares..
I need to go into business for myself selling RSSs on ebay.
Had a little accident the other day.
Frame Pucks...
Low RPM Issues, help!
XB9R mods
I got an unexpected gift in the mail.
new look tryng to post pics again
72 mph "buzz"...?
Fouled Plug!?!?
XB12 Cam Bearing Options
Online Buell parts dealer
Engine Temp gauge
BadWeb Shwag
Exhaust Woes
09 XB12Ss safety notice recall
Question for Froggy
Possible buy
Pics of XBS Yellow Plastics and Amber Wheels?
Perimeter braking
I finally did it...s to r front swap
Pegasus Dealers?
Oil Plug O-ring Question
????XBS Triple?????
Received my RSS today!
Where can I buy a Race ECM?
Manually Resetting TPS?
2 Firebolt sightings, Appleton/Little Chute, WI
Swingarm swap oil lines
Front Turn Signal Mod
Need help with trouble codes
I'm in.
Brake lever
Riding in the rain
F.A.S.T. Intake
Exhaust Heat Shield Idea
Spec OPS Masterpiece ...
National Geographic Alpinestars leathers
TYRE and TomTom
Well this is stupid
Breather mod blowing seals?
Installed LED signals now NO flash
Need some Quick Help
Nice vid from some bike press that GETS buell
Out of Ideas...Need Help
Tire Installation $
Preload Adjuster Knobs??
My accident a bit back
XB12R Front Rotor
Lyndall brake pads... Where to find?
Installing new clutch cable
Data from Data Logging request?
S bars on an r
400 miles today
Touring seat or Corbin for Ss?
Unanswered question.....
Dyna Beads Installation
Brush with death(not mine)
09 XB Fork Preload Adjustment
03 XB9 frame touch up paint??
Small oil leak.....
Red light to green light changer thingy
Buell sighting clemson sc
Banana Buelling
Clutch cable broke.
Whats it worth?
Bike won't start...need help
Ceramic Coating
No Rice- I need bike pics
Bar End Weights
Mosport Race pics.
Breather mod xb 12r
Aftermarket front pulley cover question
Any denver area buell'ers up for this?
2010 parts on earlier bikes
Clubman CR bars
Book of Buell
CR1125 Clubman Bar Review
My exhaust
Pics of my bike
Just got rear ended! Now I need some help.
Look Froggy
Am I the only one that likes the old paint scheme better?
What language is this French/Italian or ?
No longer will I laugh.......
Buell sighting between Wrightsville & Carolina Beach.
Wheel bearing question
Firebolt with Saddlebags ?
Colorado Sport Bike Nite
Brembo Rear Caliper... Installed!
04 XB12R vs XB9R
A big thankyou to al and joanne at american sport bike
Polishing the Header, Whats Your Method?
2003 XB9R race map or jardine map
Looking for the "stubborn firebolt" cartoon pic ive seen ...
Anyone have dealer access?
Comfort, sure someone else has done this.
Bee in helmet, gravel shoulder review
Product Reviews / Firebolt Mirrors
Newest ecmspy
R mirros on an S!
Roller rocker arms?
Denver Area Service
Quiet insert & jardine
Anything but hd Oil Filter
Micron/ K&N Map - Help please
Ever had a run / kill switch go bad?
Trojan Horse Sub-frame spacers.
Couple of pics from Saturday's ride - Azusa Canyon, CA
This just in.....
Gauge sweep on startup
2003-2006 Firebolt Headlights Product Program 0501
Questions about Clear Coating Translucid Plastics
Troubleshooting O2 sensor with ECM Spy
Husband stuck in Sturgis
Has anyone ever powdercoated their wheels valencia orange?
Primary Chain Adjustment
Bro's '08 Reflash
Engine whistle...
Flasher Relay Source ??
12 engine rebuild
Buell Octane helmet is what model KBC helmet?
Bike crash
BadWebbers in/near Baton Rouge?
XBS to XBR front swap...
Accessing rear indicators
New(Used) Bike, Slight hickup
Jims Tool loaner?
Second, Street fighter seat defective
Has anyone used POR15 on their muffler?
XB9R Fuel Map - 2003 vs 2004
ECMspy gone. Now what?
Frame Gaurds
Passenger pegs needed
Why is there a sleeve between the wheel bearings?
Do I need a ladder to ride the Uly?
Hidden rear brake rotor
BUELL derby cover
Looking to try on Buell Vanson leather jacket in the tri-...
Help me make my wife happy (with the XB12XT).
Richmond Road
Odd Problem, Running Issues, Need Suggestions
Special OPS
Anyone got the rubber thingy from the end of the shifter?
Clutch durability?
Dashboard bulb P/N
Stranded in Fayetteville
Guerrilla Gear Check
Primary oil
'08 - '07 Swing Arm Help
Clutch durability?
#2 in the stable
Stock Blinkers for sale
Transmission Vent Line
Speakers on a firebolt.
Tuner out there?
Will HD replace my battery?
Does the battery charge while riding?
Looking for race ecm ,or remap for 08 lightning?
Tank bag has been packed...
Tail section louvers
Gunbus 410
Primary chain adjustment
90% of badass parts not in america?????
Nuetral switch
New Rubber
VDSTS Software Question??
Where oh where is my timing mark?
Can just a fork stanchion be swapped? Bearing failure --...
Speedometer/Tach Light
Helmet Help
Anyone NOT see this yet?
Clutch Spring Part #
TPS reset in NY/NJ
ECMspy on boot camp
Firebolt in Easton PA
New exhaust, need tips
Going back to stock exhaust?
XB topend on my Sportster
'07 Part Manual Rev A anyone?
Peg feelers replacement
Rusted Gas Tank
Special OPS Pipe Installed Today
Rotating engine
Spark plug blew out
Bad morning
Xb9r motor better for racing
Is the CityX the spiritual successor to the Cyclone?
Engine noise
Stripped Screw on Windscreen
My DIY custom "latus" exhaust
Did something really, really stupid this morning

Dynamometer Comparison of Drummer and D&D Mufflers

Buell Issued Firebolt Racekit
XB9 Frame & Swingarm fully polished
Heli-bars coming
XB direction light problem
What's better than OE tires for the Firebolt/Lightning?
My New 03 XB9S
XB exhaust systems/mufflers
XB9S Oil Leak
Buell XB9S or Ducati S4? Can't decide...
Why are the XB's going so cheap now?
XB9R break in complete
XB riding w/passenger
X1 w/race kit vs xb9r w/ race kit
Tricked Out XB9'S
Taking Test?????????
Transmission fluid level
Sport Touring XB - What would you like
XB Frame Touch-Up Paint?
Muffler Sound files
Force air cleaner for XB's????
Custom XB9R/S Pics
XB9S on Ebay $7,300
Bought a Buell!
Will any Wileyco muffler work on the XB?
Bought a XB9R today
Xb9s power band
XB9R's on tv
XB Wheel Bearing Performance Upgrade - B-051
XB9R Speedometer Failure
How long to get parts?
Ordered race kit last month?
I took the plunge- XB9S, So what do I ad first?
Thoughts on the XB9S
XB Reliability/Extended Warranty?
Firebolt for sport-touring
XB12?? An Anony Rumor Stirs It Up on BWB. What do you t...
Nallin Racing Bolt-On 1050cc XB Kits in stock!!
XB points cover
XB9S- polishing the frame??
Blown XB9S Accessory Fuse
XB9R mirrors (extentions)
M2 or XB9S????
XB9S tail section- aluminum??
The first two HD/Buell Cycle Center/Hoban Brothers Firebolts
Firebolt Aftermarket Muffler?
XB fuel pump
Firebolt Headlights
XB9S vs XB9SL - What's the difference?
XB9R luggage ideas?
Turbo Xb
Xb 100 hp at the wheel
XB owners with Mods sound off
Looking for Lightning Low Advise
Latest Buell....Lightning XB9S
Nice price on XB9- e-bay
XB9 primary drive ratio
XB9x Idler pully Bearing
New parts for the blast and the xb's
Buell Releases XB9S Low. Let the inseam challenged rej...
XB9R versus x1 lightning??
XB Motor in New Sportster?
XB9 Oil Filters
Looking for input - what parts would you like for the XB9R??
History Channel Popular Mechanics Top Ten / Firebolt
Firebolts can't give them away?
XB9S Luggage
XB9 Series Insurance Premiums
XB9S vs. Speed Four on Speed
When is the xb9s really going to be out?
XB9R broke valve guides!?> anyone?
Race kit for XB
XB9R Noisy Fuel Pump
XB9R "parking" lights?
XB9R Front Brake Problem?
2002 2003 Firebolt XB9R!!
XB9 race kit feedback
DireBolt yet another "reliable"bike from Buell "NOT"...
2nd recall notice for XB9R side stand replacement
Service Bulletin B-047: Sidestand Replacement for XB9R'...
The Real Scoop on the XB9R and XB9S by Roadracing Worl...
Got a couple questions for ya...
2002 Buell engine speculation
New Buell Discussion Moved from GDB
2009 Buell XB12Ss Lightning Long
2009 Buell XB12X XB12XP Ulysses Suspension Settings
2009 Buell XB12XT Ulysses Suspension Settings
2010 Buell XB12X XB12XP Ulysses Suspension Settings
2010 Buell XB12XT Ulysses Suspenion Settings
2008 Buell XB12X Ulysses Suspension Settings
2008 Buell XB12XT Ulysses Suspension Settings
2007 Buell XB12X Ulysses Suspenion Settings
2006 Buell XB12X Ulysses Suspension Settings
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