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What has happened???
2009 1125R Red 12,000 miles 2,800 should I buy
1125R Exhaust Shootout
Price for parting out a 2009 1125R
Part number for front fairing mount
Dash says common fault ?
2009 1125R Red 12,000 miles 2,800 should I buy
1125r fuel filter 2008
Rear Wheel Bearing Failure
Oberon in the USA?
ECM file
Where is ground attached to the engine, again?
Just A Little Tip
Does 1125 have different brake lines for tall handlebars?
1125R 2008
1125r flasher unit
O-Rings In Canada
Track Day Pics (CR)
Cr fork springs
08 1125r charge light
Stator/Voltage Regulator/Charging System subforum
Ricks stator vs oem
Hildstrom vs EBR mod
Stator Failure Mechinism
Stator rewind options these days
New Ricks stator and Mofset regulator spares
Stator/Regulator plugs melted. Options...
Stator Connector
SH847 location
Crank Locking tool
New stator and regulator still not chraging
Wire guage
1125R Not Starting
Help-Low voltage while riding and bike died
Another electrical problem
SH847 Installed in the stock location with no Issues
Rewired stator for less output
Voltage regulator advice
Rotor Oil Jet Mod?
Battery Draining on 2008?
Crankshaft Locking Tool Swap
VR over charging only when in gear. Help?
Need repaired rotor
OEM VR Battery plug
Empty bettery in two minutest while riding
Displayed voltage accuracy in IC
Burnt Stator/Regulator Wire
Batt low after every ride after transplant
VR Upgrade
Did this Buell already have a stator/rotor upgrade??
1190 stator rotor fit 1125 ?
Are new stators hit or miss?
Harley Harness?
Rotor question
Looking to rent crank locking tool and red 272 loctite
New to me 08 1125r. Stator rotor mods?
Please help! Any ideas? Blowing Fuses
Random Stator questions from a noob
Turn Signals
Parts Sources
Ricks Motorsports USA made stator
Voltage drop
Diminishing Number of Posts
What should voltage be?
Stators - Build date / VIN range subject to harness fix
Anyone used one of these?
Damaged Rick's stator?
Other causes of low voltage?
Whats the status on the "Harley" fix for the burned stato...
Crank locking tool plug
Comm error - comm error - comm error
Selling my crank locking tool
Upgrades Complete - A recap
What regulator are we going with these days?
Stock Volyage Regulator
Oiling rotor
How does my 200 mile stator "look"? *pic*
A strange charging issue by switching off the low beam li...
Air Cooled Rotor
Stator plug cooked
Short rides R Us... Battery drained, how unusual...
EBR drilled rotor
Dang it! On the second ride??
Stator Rewind Options
New VR or Not?
1125 swingarm removal
From the horse's mouth (I believe)
Ultimate Stator fix
1125 stator cooling
Aprilla stator cooling kit
Stator and rotor fix in UK
Harley unfix
HD dealer protocol?
Ce605 vr
Somewhat complete summary: Buell 1125r - Rotor and Stator...
Installed a Rick's stator today!!
Replacing the stator question
Made it back to Canada!!
Stuck in Providence RI with a fried stator
Ricks asain stator updates anyone?
Rotor will not come off
New ricks stator, new rotor, new VR, failed today.
Looking for a Stock Regulator
Ordered EBR rotor day they closed...
Buell Voltage for newbies
08 1125r not chargin
Stator soaking
A few questions; stator, harness, bolt...
Regulator wiring question
System voltage
1125 Fix
HD relay fix question
Battery and engine light came on
Photos of My VR installation.
We have a few 1125 crank locking tools in stock at 5-0dro
Thank you
Charging question
EBR Rotor Mod
My "floating" voltage regulator bracket.
Any luck with the stock regulator?
And Another Thought
Miracles Do Happen
Fumes pouring out of crank breather pipe
Stator removed
Harness Removal And What To Do With The Harness Afterwards
HD Charging System Fix
Charging system issues
Alternative to loctite 648
New rotor, new stator, new charging problem.
Stator #2 died - time for non-HD fixes (now out of warran...
My VR Bracket
2 Phase v 3 Phase
Stator Test?
Odd charging, still charging...just odd
High RPM voltage overflow
08 1125CR loses all power to gauges, still runs
Strange starting issue after 12K service
Rick's Made in Taiwan . . . .waaaaa?!?!
Stator Output Voltage
How do you check the voltage regulator
HD/Buell Stator Harness Fix
Voltage Regulator Check
Stator scares me
Stators on Ebay
Cranking locking too now availble to loan in CT or northe...
Everything good...bad hot starts.
09 stator types
Purchasing 1125CR- Rotor Question
Finally finished
Voltage Regulator Bracket...
Crank locking tool?
Crank Locking Tool
I have 3 2009 burned stators available
Stator Cover Gasket
HD harness fix removal-left over connectors?
Battery or stator?
VR Required?
EBR ECM causes low voltage??
Mystery wire on HD band aid fix - Please Help
Diy stator rewind and rotor modification
Stator cover removal
Another stator check most people may not do...
Twin Motorcycles complete kit
Greetings and rotor replacement questions
Modification rotor: oil jet hole
Crankshaft oil feed hole for modified EBR rotor
Updated Voltage Regulator Question...
Automotive verses motorcycle alternators
Yup it's toast
EBR rotor, compu VR, rewound stator all installed. Bike ...
Stator harness terminal release tool?
CE605SB Install instructional with pics
1125CR Organ Transplant
08 Stator setup
Charging Troubleshooting Help Please
1,000 Miles After: Return of the System Voltage Error
Where is the part for the 2008?
08 1125r charge light
Crate Motor Update
Looking for Buell service in Ocala Fl.
Oil cover screws 1125r
New Buell Tailbag For Sale
Different frames for the helicon?
Engine mounting
Sprag clutch replacement
1125 followed me home
I really need a Barker map
1125R Parts for sale
Error Codes
L0059.1ama k bracket right side
Gas Guage
2008 1125r sprag starter clutch
Testing the CPK sensor
Stiff shifting problem
Hildstrom rotor cooling method feedback
Been a LOOOONNGG time...
Kill Switch
Ohio Plate "1125R" Available - I whiffed it...
1125 motor swap
Running Very Poorly
Attention, if you're looking for some obsolete new and us...
Stator Cutout Wire Harness
Buells in the Alps 12
Clutch Line Route
Dino shops
First buell on bringatrailer
Stator Cutout Wire Harness
What do I need to do guys
1125 cr 2009 vs 2010 what changes were made?
I just screwed my engine, vry good chassis for sale, bunc...
Front header
Rear caliper mounting torque value help
PLEASE HELP getting no spark. Removed electronic kill mod...
Buell brothers racing
Any tips on removing fuel rail?
LiPo Battery Qurirks
Billet Aluminum levers from ebay and China - experiences?
Bogging at high rpm
Any Oklahoma 1125 riders here?
Which way do your radiator fans blow?
Can the torque values be trusted in the 1125r service manual
Rebuilding front caliper
Observations, Thoughts & Ideas
09 CR won't start
On The Road Again
Does anybody have a 145T final drive belt for 1125R ??
HELP! Neutral indicator stays on
Buell 1125r tank badge 2008
Selling 1125r vs EBR 1125DSB
Front brake pulsation after low side that didn't touch th...
Ambient Air Temp Sensor
Coolant Temperature
Any NEW Shifter & clutch levers?
2009 1125cr leaking coolant
Coolant Filling
TPS reset procedure 2
Radiator fasteners
Right cooling fan issue
On The Road Again
Rain issues
Source for New Belts
Theft Error Code
Air Filter Replacement
K Brackets
Clutch Weep
Does Oil expire while in the engine?
Clutch actuator diaphragm
ECM Droid
Possibly Looking for mechanic in phoenix, arizona.
Barker exhaust
Intakke snorkel removal
Pro stock
Brake fluid
1190RX/SX Forks on 1125R/CR
CR Gearing (Just a poll on opinions)
Rear brake switch
Uly footpegs
EBR 1190 ignition in a 1125R
Instrument cluster update
Made a winter project, transmission blown
Speedo & gear indicator dropping out
Anyone still running an 08 motor...
Looking for Mechanic in Houston, TX
Tires and wheel bearings
Clutch Bleeder leak
After finding metal shavings in oil strainer... oil coole...
Speed Bleeder
Buell is back
Long stpry short. Looking for a motor,
Tensioner pulley installation
Fix for when turn signal stalk rubber breaks due to age.
Racing map XB12
Racing map
Low Side
Left and right Rad fans
More clutch issues
2010 1125 motor
09 1125cr runs terrible after exhaust and ECM reflash
SH 847 Mounted on CR Tail
Unknown Pipe
Some nutjob just posted a 1125 ratbike for sale in Classi...
Bearing Faliure
2010 IC not showing AT
Rear shock removal
2010 Siteglass
Last ride... ( I think! ) for the year
Which gasket?
Megalogviewer and datalogging
2010 Clutch Weep?
Theft Error instrument cluster
What Size Headpin?
Has anyone used Goldfren brake pads?
1125CR Drive Belt Replacement
Where is the thermostat housing?
Help needed with OEM mirrors
Iac and map codes 2009 1125r
Cooling fan operation?
2009 1125CR backfire and now isn't "working right"......
DOes anyone know a Mechanic for south Florida?
EBR 1190RX master cylinders on 1125r fitment issues
Unidentified Exhaust
Revision Moto (BUELLTOOTH.COM)
Question about front rotor mounting hardware
Handle bars , exhausts
Clutch Master Cylinder Compensation Port
Just gotta say.. thannks!
Complete Exhaust Comparo
Jacking point for front end
Looking for a stock 1125cr muffler to modify
Mirror ID help
Bleeder clutch cover problem!!
Latest Flash??
09 1125r fan speed setting
Full Fairing set for sale
Radiator cover hardware
CR headlights...H7 bulbs?
Replacing mirrors
Color Production numbers
1125R woes
1125 mechanic in NM area?
Just Looking For A Second Opinion
Clutch hub tools
1125R has no power output to the cluster/starter/ignition...
Belt Alternatives
Anyone running an Innov K1 (or other heat sensitive stuff...
Do I need a new VR? Want a new VR?
Stalling issue
New Owner. Looking for exhaust
Fuel pump fuse
TPS rest Why?
Front head running underseat one not buell 1125r
Turn off headlights
Headlight Switch - 1125R
Solution for battery spacer not touching battery well?
09 ECM in my 08 1125R
Ohlins FGK 25mil Cartridge Part Number
Wtf voltage
More fuel issues
Coolant burp issues
1125cr started but engine stoped after 5-10 seconds
Error AIC short to ground or open
2008 fuel pressure problems in traffic WOT is fine
08 1125R starting problems
Recent Trackday
All Buell Maintenance articles online
Fork seal driver
1125 parts
Electrical Notes
1125CR brake pad clips
Showa Race Shock vs Elka triple
Barker exhaust too loud
Dobeck EJK GEN 3.5
Denso o2 sensors
Does anyone have the EBC front brake rotor?
Cam timing and poping on decel
Buell Owner Map and Registry
1125R weld on swingarm extensions
Clubman Bars
Technical Articles on wrenching on the Buell
Questions, questions
Neutral impossible to find
Parts porn, Splitlath
Anyway to get rid of the gasoline fumes?
08 1125R tailsection (black) part #
Extended CR Windscreen Aavailable?
Front Drive Gear
Aftermarket fork inserts?
Rear brake master cylinder , Size ??
Wheel Bearing-How to Remove?
New Pegs Installed
1125r with Barker and ECM
Summer blend of gas
Selling my 2008 1125R $3750
Need some direction with what to do with ecm
TPS sensor replacement
Engine swap radiator assembly problem
Replacing CKP sensor
New 1125CR Owner- Help with this damn idle please *Video*...
Cam lock and crank locking tools for forum members to ren...
Brake Pads - Best Place to Buy?
1125r Headlight Filler Panels
First Track Day
Clip ons diameter
Need 1125 front wheel
CEL came on
WTB midpipe
WTB FMF exhaust slip
New Owner Here
Fairing kit
CR headlight assembly fastener size?
HELP!! Theft Error/System Voltage
Bought the wrong stand... Any suggestions?
Advice Needed-Exhaust/ECM
2008 1125r For Sale San Antonio TX
Anyone use the re-usable metal mesh oil filters?
Throttle Setups
Post pictures of your 1125 track/race bike
Belt for Chain swap?
NOS 1125 motor, possibly cheap
Obsolesence ? - My Love and Sadness of the 1125
Post your Twin Motorcycles velocity stacks impressions here!
Nasty starting noise
1125R Ugrades/Typhon news etc
Chimicles lawsuit for charging system
Hole in water pump housing
2008 1125R ?fuel injector replacement?
20% off @ military exchange (airforce)
Fuel Pressure Code
I've got the weeps
Since everyone else is doing it...... (Tire Pop)
Reliable repair manual
Mirror replacement?
Electrical challenges
EBR Race Exhaust - ceramic coated? If so, what color?
Gear for sale
1125R Kicking ass and taking names! vs ZX10R vs R1 vs GS...
Sticker/decal removal
EBR Traction Control!!!!
HMF Slip On???
Selling my CR
Battery or VR issue?
Racing at Texas World
Kruizen's first race weekend
Water pump?
Rear belt tensioner bearing
Bosch 02 sensor part number.
TPS sensor
Deepest regrets
Greetings Fellow Buell Riders
1125 CR headlight bulb #
Shifter options 1125R
Need help - post rebuild IAC issues
New Rubber for CR
Spy shot from EBR
Hero MotoCorp may hike stake in Erik Buell
Flexi-glass ram-air
PC5 fuel map for FMF exhaust/K&N air filter/EBR ECU
2009 Buell 1125 parts for sale
Grips/ Anyone else hands go numb?
Suspension settings
Un-mothballed the XB-12
LED Taillight/Blinker for R
So Cal 1125R riders
Anyone ever try out 1125r 1235 or 1328cc kits??
Electrical problem, HELP!
1190RS Bracket B Race
First track day with the 1125R. Advice?
Leaking clutch
2 CR spottings I'm San Diego today
Coolent level and drain
Drain wha????
Unknown Hose?
Help with German website
1125CR center/front mounted radiator
Bike needs tune up
School me on ECMSpy
Ignition switch lower 1125 vs xb?
Spark Plugs.
Thank you
What year is my bike?
Ebr race ecm / ic
Stator or voltage regulator?
Resonable time for warranty work?
Thank You, DarkHorseMoto
New parts from EBR
Great suspension webcast with Dave Moss. 6:00pm pacific
When was my bike made?
Fuel pump running after shutdown.
New 1125r ecu!
Clutch Heads Up
Why is the fmf......
Protune 3 for sale
Suspension question?
TPS reset procedure
2008 1125r, I was coming home on 635 saturday night and t...
1125 Maintenance Parts Cross Reference
Just an introduction
Foreign object in oil strainer
Best Dealership for Buell parts in the USA question?
New Member
Advice for new owners???
List of Recall Data
1125 Exhaust Shootout from American Sport Bike...
Spark plug cleaning procedure
Latest ECM flashes - Factory (Not Custom) as of 1/1/2010...
Rear turn signals - Affects 2008 and 2009
Changes my model year
Bar ends/ Throttle lock
Convertibars / Raise bar height - 1125R
Drain and flushing/ filling cooling system
Easy Coolant Flush
Givi V35 Hard bags
HID Discussion
Intake solenoid removal

Dyno chart:Erik Buell Racing full exhaust & ECM
Stock 09 CR, 100 degrees day.
'09 CR, bone stock, 2500 mi., dino oil = 133.3 HP
HMF + K&N + Power Commander V
When in Italy ??
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