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Questions from New Buell Blast Riders - ThumperFAQ
Hello from a new Blast rider!
New Blaster
New Blaster
New Blast Rider
New Blast rider
Another new Blast rider
New rider, 2003 blast
Break in question
Blast as a starter bike for a year
I am new, need advice
Simple questions that any Blaster can help me with...?
Blast Mods (newbie)
What year
To Blast... or not to Blast.
To Blast or not
Questions from a future Blast owner
Whats it worh?
Blast good for a short rider?
Best initial beginner mods to a Blast !!
Blast Years to Avoid
A few questions about the Buell Blast
Checking/adding oil
New Thumperee ; )...
New Buelligan
I am buying a 2000, what do I need to look for?
New Rider need a little help. Which bike to get? Blast or...
Newbie needs to be pointed!
New Blast - a few Questions
Fair price for a Blast?
Dumb Question
Belt Tension
Tips on buying a used Blast
Questions from a Newbie - $1000.00 Question
Expected gains? - buell blast mods
Custom Timing Cover
Freds new 2008 blast.
Where to get rings and gaskets?
Gas valve O-ring??
Introducing Gristle
Blast Chopper Rewire
Upgrade to m2 Cyclone?
Only ever drove a Blast until yesterday, HD Sportster
It's a Blast!
New photo of the 2004 P3, Unionville MI
Offroad Tires for Blast?
Turbo Blast runs
Thie end is coming soon for the blast fuel cell covers
Hopeful for help
Recommended timing light
Blast chain drive conversion
Hot Rod Blast
Rattlecan Paint Job ANY HELP WELCOME!!
Wabash Cannonball Bridge
Hit 100
Custom Thumper
Hollywood Riders
Re framed Blasts?
Interesting New Tail light Option
Switch from P3 to an S3 Thunderbolt?
Foot pegs/pedals
Like new Blast in for sale area.
Auxiliary tank
Buells in Berthoud, Colorado on July 10, 11 and 12
Shout out to fellow Blastards
Blast lot??
Just bought a brand new 09
Won't start...
Recommendations for floor chock?
Blast front isolator diagram
Kickstand Switch?
Primary Tensioning Bolt Leak on New Blast
Just picked up a Blast
New account ... new name ... same ol' me
Out for low speed ride with kid
Frustrated with lack of power
Running not perfect and heavy gas use
7-UP ???
Cool Blast f/s not mine
What take along tool kit do you suggest for the Blast?
Thinking about a blast
Painting the muffler ... AGAIN ...
Custom rearsets for the Blast???
Buell Blast Dies When Handlebars Turn
Street 500 & 750
New saddlebags ...
Ventura bag Mounted
Finally !!!!!
After market seat advice sought
Things have been pretty quiet here ... about my drive bel...
Riding gear (specifically COLD weather riding gear)
Carb intake
Forks for blast
Blast Trike
Who here as put in the Baker smooth shift kit?
Saddle bag supports ... less expensive ...
How many miles are on your Blast(s)?
Hot wiring
Tail light fell off ... it's a Harley ... :-)
1st gear noise 03 blast...
Seat mods
Yesterday was not good ... motorcycle wise ...
P3 won't shift past 2nd!
... and then there is this tail light ...
Need to order a new rear tire ...
Any comments about this ???
Affordable Torque Wrench for Primary Adjustment
It's actually slower after upgrades
Arlen Ness style front fairing?
07 Blast - Hard shifting
Rear Wheel Damaged by Bearings at 10,500 miles
Best Blast...
New Front Fairing
Got my new SARGENT'S saddle !!!
Rough idle/back firing and sputtering
Aftermarket exhaust for 2010 Blast?
How is the front axle supposed to be??
Help with handlebar setup please!
2003 Blast Possibilities
Fuel Injected Blast is comming soon.
Buell blast with stripe search
Blast Windshield or ???
A Letter To Erik
Blast knowledge needed in SD
Crashed Blast
Researching a Blast rumor.
Bummed on my Blast
Speed Shifting w/o clutch/Riding techniques
2003 Blast Engines Different?
Blast Parts Sheet / Service Manual
Thanks to this forum
Cops on Blasts
Will this fit ?
2005 Blast for wife?
New Blaster owner 2003 blast all stock....i wanna change ...
Ya'll dont think this lid is to much do ya?
'07 Blast fuel injected?
Speedo needle
Got Thump? (Buell Blast Photos)
First post, here's my Buell Blast bobber
Buell Blast Thumper Knowledge Vault
Engine - all topics related to the Motor
Throttle cable length?
Replacement V&H exhaust baffle?
Motor build brainstorm
Afr gauge install questions
Taller kickstand?
Jetting issues?
New blaster here! Could use some advice
Custom intake
Really rich condition
The End is approaching?
Exhaust option...
Hole in Piston
2005 Blast Won’t Start
Engine is missing at high speed
Primary Drive Chain
Altitude jetting
Basket case P3
Stator output
Transmission false nuetrals and hard to shift after warm up
Different Buell Cylinder?
I'm looking for a new Carb
Does revolution or nhrs still do stage 3 head work on blast
Buell Blast Intake
Buell blast 515cc or 600cc kiits
Auto Enricher? To lean and Rejet?
Crying shame- new blast owner
Just broke down
2002 Blast Suddenly No Spark........
2003 Base Gasket Leak
2010 Blast, leaking from the shifter
Gas tank vent line
Where to buy Auto-Enricher
Blast Exhaust Upgrade
Blast wont idle
W yost rev 1 power tube
Do gas caps release fuel vapors?
2005 Blast - Transmission Leaking
Identify 515 from exterior?
Question about if i can use a certain intake
2010 Buell Blast dies when the sun goes down. literally.
2006 Blast - Cranks cold, then slowly sputters and dies
00 Blast - Smoke from PCV and Won't Start
2005 Buell Blast died on Freeway
Gas Outlet Hose
Oil Change and Clutch Adjustment to Stop First Gear Bucking
Intake, Carburetor and Exhaust Mods for 01 Blast
Stock Muffler Mount
Dies while driving
2002 Buell blast- running issues
Airbox Mod Clarification
Blast won't start 2000
Battery drain
XB cam swap
Engine Noise
Power loss, speedometer goes dead
Buzzing noises, shifting issues and a loose primary chain
NGK 5545 problem
Air build up in the oil tank !
Bogging Down at Full Throttle
Blast not shfting also grinding while in 1st
Inconsistent Start - Stalling in gear and throttling
Won't Start, No Suction at Carb - checked oil, spark plug...
Clutch issue/problem
Mis at warmup
Carb? What have I done!?
Exhuast repair help
New Buell owner....crank case vent tube?
Exhaust hanger
Clutch adjustment
Oil Level
Water un fuel?
Looking for Gearheaderiko - TPS question
Bit by the dragon
Upper motor mount bolts
Oil leak - push rod cover
Backfire through carb
Removing the head...
My 2001 blast
Engine is all good - well together new question
Crankcase cover?
Should you be able too...
Gasket set ?
Exhaust ?
Strange oil leak
Oil leak ?
Replacing CV Jet
New Clutch Still Slips
Primary tensioner.
Looking for thread that talks about clutch adjustment, so...
Clutch Slipping.
Problem Idling and stalling
Intake manifold
Crankshaft Main Bearing Shot, Camshaft Bearing and Crankc...
Blast head swap
Rocker Box Gasket... Upside Down!
To rejet or not to rejet
Good Spark, Timing checked, fuel supply good, cranks but ...
New Exhaust
Transmission won't go to 3rd-5th gears
Pro-series exhaust
Blown stock piston/cylinder...
Blast backfires and dies after rainy ride
Open primary??
Acceleration is Choppy on Incline
New Blast owner... Does this look right?
Backfire blew off carb!
Bolt on big bore vs. XB9 swap
Prospective Blast purchase - oil leak?
02 Blast Top End Gasket Kit
Gas tank installation hangup.
2002 blast starts but dies when given throttle
01 Rocker Box Gasket ID
2001 buell blast won't start
Is there a manual choke replacement for auto enricher?
515 Kit Questions NRHS
Stock Blast muffler interior/baffles
Blast won't start, when it does it stalls
Blast dies after going over speed bumps or others
Pro Series Intake and Spark Plug Question
2000 buell blast tranny issues HELP PLEASE!
Baker 5 Speed
Sea level to 6,000 Ft. Runs like crap.
Crankcase breather
Another motor mount thread. Need advice
15 hours of labor for tranny?
Loose drive belt & Greasing wheel bearings
Putting carb back together
Strange clicking sound, front end.
How far should primary shoe spring go in?
Ehxaust help needed!!!!
Rocker Box Leak Repaired
How to remove this part?
Will this piston work?
02 sat for 10 years
Das boot or AR?
Bike was dying while riding now it barley even starts
Just bought: 2002 Blast and have a question about hoses (...
Need Help
I'm so lost.... Rocker Box Gasket fix
Carb Rebuild
Fuel/carb problems
Aftermarket exhaust
Petcock problems
BLAST SPECIFICS - procedures, and ideas on assisting proc...
Breather hose reroute
EZ Airbox Mod
Broken Front Isolator Bracket
Primary drain plug
Friction Zone Service Buelletin
Mixture Adjustment W/ Airbox On
How hard is it to replace the cylinder base gasket?
Engine Help? ANYONE??
Piston removal
Top end maintenance
Fluid Changes
Primary fluid
Primary Chain Adjustment/Primary Trouble shooting
Primary Chain Tensioner
Primary Clacking at idle - even warm
Whining Blast?
Helpfull hints for RockerCover Gasket Replacement
Rocker box gasket
Rocker cover removal
Screamin' Eagle Selectable- Curve Race Ignition Module
Ignition Timing: How to adjust?...
Ignition timing
Setting static timing
Detecting a leak/quick fixes
Stock Airbox Mod
Engine Isolator Replacement
Clutch Switch Bypass
Primary Chain, Clutch Assembly Unit Removal
49 Stating a California bike
Rebuild Engine Top End
Shifting issues
Shifter Adjustment
Blast Manual & Parts Manual
Engine - Exhaust System
Buell Pro-Series exhaust
Pro-Series Exhaust - Can they still be found?
Stock exhaust mods?
Can I go back to stock exhaust?
Jardine Help!!!!
Jardine quiet core insert
Exhasut sound clips,,,
Home made fun!! - Exhausts!
Modified the Kerker
Straight Pipes
What exhaust? lets vote!
Vance and Hines, V & H exhaust
V&H header shine?
Question about V&H on Blast.
V&H repacking question
High exhaust?
Exhaust Question....Options...
Engine - Carburetion & Intake
I've looked all over...
Gas leaking out airbox
Carb bracing idea.
Rejetting w/ corner cut & velocity stack.
I think i screwed something up
Velocity Stack is discontinued...other options?
180 jet questions
Dyno Jet and tuning
New AR, still no cold start cure
Ordered an Auto Enrichener
Sputtering and popping from the airbox, not das boot.
K&N Air Filter Drop In, Anything else required?
Somebody stole my screws!
How sensitive is the float?
No cold starts
Installed tall velocity stack, what filter do I use? Or j...
Im a bit confused .....
Blast MPG Poll
Troubleshooters, please help a newbie! TIA
Intake - What will work
Pics of my new intake
Where is the air/fuel adjustment plug?
Air-Fuel Question???
Carb Boots
Carb Boot Part #
Fuel Petcock Replacement
Switching to Reserve after using 1.1 Gallon only?
Pro Series Intake
Fuel venting system
Low Fuel
Fuel Filter
Air Box Mods
Hypercharger and the Blast?
Pro Series Exhaust & Intake -vs- Carb Question
K&N Air Filter Repalcement Help
Flex Fuel
Quick question about fuel line
Rejetting question...
Carb swap
Shim needle or N65C needle
Relocating crankcase breather/catch can location
Substites for factory intake coupling ?
EZ's air box mod
New Blast Jetting
Pro series air cleaner w/stock exhaust
Fuell Injected - How to/Can Be?
Gas dripping from airbox
883 carb on blast
2006 blast carb jet sizes
2000 blast with carb trouble fixed by:
Damaged mixture screw while drilling out your plug?
Vance & Hines pipe, jetting, etc.
High altitude re-jet???
Re-Jetted Bike Dies Above 12 MPH
Air Filter
Carburetor help
Carb upgrade for blast
K&N air filter....what do I need to know?
Carb issue and 4/5th gear
Cleaning The Stock Air Filter
Dual Carb, Single Cylinder
Cold start/ carb cough
Carb clean went bad.
Carb Trouble
Spark plugs, & Spark plug tool for Blast
Aftermarket plug wires?
Engine - Newbie Question re: sparkplug
"High Performance" spark plugs?
Spark Plugs
Stumped on Sparkplugs!
Oil the "Viscous" Truth
Redline Oil
Oil foaming?
Rock and Oil Filter
Engine treatment
Proper way to check oil?
Blast oil level after sitting 2 weeks
Iced coffee in engine?
The ultimate oil question!
Blast oil drain plug??
Is this the right oil to use in my blast?
Primary Drive and Transmission
Transmission woes - Blast won't move any more
Blasted apart!
Shifter slips
Transmission Issues on 2002
Thump became a Thud!
Clicking on left side when accelerating.
New blaster
O sh*t!! i knew i should've checked to see if the 1000 mi...
Grinding when putting in gear???
Dropped bike, need some help from you guys!!!
Transmission Sticking
Primary cover removal
Is this normal? shift shaft/primary
Help!!! 2001 blast Kevlar belt snapped off!
Transmission shifter clip and pawl adjustment - MUST DO!
Blast leaking from front sprocket
Oil leaking like crazy from clutch cable.
Muller 'easy pull' clutch device installed!
XB Primary parts on a Blast engine
Clutch or Primary issue?
Blast clutch (or friction zone modification)
Clutch pause
Clutch Cable Adjustment
Adjusting the Clutch
Rejetting Required?
Clutch Cover
Clutch troubles
02 Blast, second "clunk" as I let out the clutch
No Neutral Light to Start
First gear shifter position
Transmission clunking into gear
Transmission jerks (jumping a tooth?) in 1st under load...
How much, if any, travel in shift lever?
Replacing Trans Fluid -- What is best fluid?
Adjust Primary Chain
Blast primary adjustment
Transmission Trouble
Transmission Fluid and other questions
Primary chain
Primary fluid
Extra Neutrals and Clunky First Gear when Cold
Dyno runs
BodyParts-Seats, Fairings,Lights,Pegs,Rear Sets, Bars, Gr...
Seats: All things seats
Removing seat
DIY Upholstry?
Need some feedback regrading standard seat and online ret...
XBS Seat on Buell Blast Frame?
Spencer's Seat MOD
Lowering the low seat
Modifiing stock tall seat
Help = Newbie cannot remove the seat
Blast seat repairs
Stock Blast seat modded by Sargent's Awesome!
Cobin seat on a 2004 Blast?
Steering damper Options?
Running Accessories
Front Clutch and Brake Lever Alternatives
OK, changed bars..now what?
Buell blast axle covers..
You Blast guys are very creative...need info on cafe race...
Mad Maxx Mod: noob needs help...
Xb headlights on a blast
Replacement Tank Graphics
Flyscreen Replacement
FlyScreen Replacment Options??
Buell Blast Rearsets
Considering making rearsets?? and clip-ons
Headlight Conversion Kit
Blast Luggage
Blast luggage repair (and paint).
HD Blast Saddlebags Install
Hard Luggage
$14 Tank Bag v2.0
Blast customizations
Bars lower than superbike
Laverda Bars
New handle bar
Drag bar pics
Superbike bars?
Handlebar question ???
What bars?
What bars are these?
Change out handlebars
Handle bars- superbike-vs-xroads-vs-clip ons
TailPlateMod& more to go!
"Diamond Cut" Headlight...
Blast Mirror threads
My problems continue...
Paint removal
Kellermann Micro 1000 Signals
HELP - Fastrak / EZ Pass / Smart Pass / Fast Lane / I Pas...
Auxillary lighting
Alternative foot pegs
Chopping my tail section this weekend
DIY chopped tail
DIY LED tail light
Vista Cruise Throttle lock!
Removing body panels on blast
Stuck gas cap
Windshield for Blast: suggestions requested
Headlight modulators
Wheels & Tires & Brakes
Drive Belts
Brake Switches
Brake Drag
Rear Wheel Bearings
Front axle question
"BLAST countershaft sproket, rear wheel sproket, and belt...
Belt Cost
Sprocket removal
Brake Pads
Cant find avon tires ... other choices??
Can't get bead to pop
Wider Wheels
Continental Twist (New 2008)
Metzeler Moto FeelFree Tires
Michelin Gold Standard
Cheng shin/SHINKO tires
Pics of my new Barracuda tires
Did I cook my tire?
Tire Air Pressure
Avon Tyres
Avon AM26 any good?
Avon AM63 Tires?
Pirelli Tires
Wanna mount your own tires?
Rear wheel question
Front Caliper Question
15,000 mile service - belt and sproket ??
Rear tire replacement
Chain drive conversion
Big Wheel Blast!!
17" buell wheels on my blast. Got Kit??
Chain drive blast
Rear brake paddle sticking.
Brake Lines
Brake bleed and refill
Front bearings
Suspension Mods
Fork Braces
Largest BLAST Rider & Suspension mods for that!
Sucky Soft Suspension
Front fork seal leaks
Leaking fork
Fork seals
Archive through November 30, 2008
Archive through October 10, 2008
Cleaning the Blast
Engine Cleaning Advice?
Gauges - Speedo,Tach., oil, etc.
Speedo mount/housing
D08set and PPL108181
Weird oil light issue - need some advice if possible
The elusive PPU 108181 odometer code
'07 Blast - Losing the Neutral light after 1/2 hour
Another Tach question
Did the diagnostic test... but what do these things mean?
New rider speedo question
Buell Blast stuck speedo after accident
Cheap and easy tachs?
How to Reset Tripometer?
TTO digital tach
Iequus tach wiring
Yet another speedo question...
MMB & Other Tach Needle Bounce Fix!
Digitron Tachs
Need to Replace Speed Sensor
New Painted Double gauge dash
Tachometer for a Blast
Tach needle started bouncing
Oil Pressure Guage...
Replaced speedo sensor
Speedo not working
Speedometer problem.
Speedo showing inaccurate #'s
Checking Engine Oil
Ignition, Battery, Charging System - Electronic Trouble s...
Turn signal wire colors
Timing Rotor Alterations
Is a working battery needed to do a "diagnostic"?
Tps question
2002 Blast wont start or idle
All electrical power cuts off, then clicks back on
Spuradic starting and dying
Battery Issues
WTH did I do to the new stator
2006 Buell Blast. To what does this wire attach?
Trouble with first bike
Problem With Starter!
Ignition Issues - help for others
Blast Headlight Odd Problems to Not working
Headlight Replacement.
05 blast Neutral Sensor Problem
Taillight and turn signals
Battery/Electrical Problems
A message of thanks and apperciation
Blowing "system fuse"
Spark Plug
Starter diode/ ignition diode problems
Cafe racer conversion....Stumped
Starter Hard Grinding and Not Starting
Lost my only key, you know where this is going...
New Battery but Losing CHARGE!!! http://www.badweatherbik...
Horn issues
I think it's the coil??
Signals and tail light not working
02 Blast ignition module. Will this work
05' Ignition Fuse burning out
Battery Life
Blast not blasting
Blast loses ALL power
Timing is everything
LED Turn Signals Making My Relay Buzz
Starting issues...
2001 Blast - Hard to cold start
Battery Question
Watts what?
No Electrical
Accessory wire location?
Supplemental lighting for Blast?
Blinker Issue
Auto enricher wiring.
2000 Buell Blast Timing Problems
Starter/transmission problems '00 Blast
Neutral Light
Charging a totally dead battery
Setting timing for 515
Starting/electrical problem
Strange starting problems...(where do I start?)
Trouble Replacing Stock Ignition
hyper (quick) flasher on just one Hyper flasher
Horn & Turn Signals not working.
Crane Cams Ignition Module
Timing from Hell!
Blinkers won't stop! They get stuck
Weird Starting Problems
Automatic choke voltage readings?
Where's The Engine Ground Connection
Need an ignition module asap?
2001 Blast no spark but cranks
Turns over but no start.
My bike randomly refuses to turn over, suddenly works aft...
Would stator/regulator problem keep Blast from starting?
Neutral light stays on
Bike won't start
Cold Start Problem
01 Blast runs good cold, sputters, misses and stalls hot
Turnsignals and horn stoped
Help!: Engine dies after 5-10 seconds
Bad ignition module, back fire
Switching highlight flash and horn button
Grounding out? And Carb?
Spark plug wire keeps coming off
'02 Blast Won't Start
Inconsistent starting on daughters blast
Timing correct but won't run right
Charging System
Throttle Position Sensor
Replacement Battery
Neutral light stays on and bike runs but backfires now an...
Brake Light Woes
Losing Power
Starter switch
Newbie -- problem with starter
Bike runs with stand down
Turns over but no spark.
Neutral light flickering
Tip sensor
Stator and Regulator Check
Highbeam woes!
To those who have dominator headlights
Two questions about turn signals
No start Blast
Battery problems again
Blast Replacement Battery
Neutral light is out and stand stalls the bike when down
Extra Blast Keys
Electrical Gremlins
Ignition Modules
OE ignition module for blast
Was/is there a pro series igntion module for the Blast ?
Ignition coil
Another Speedometer Sensor issue, any help appreciated!
Hard starting, but runs fine
Hard starting - Engine hot
Won't start!
Automatic choke/auto-enrichener
Starts then dies.
Fuse blown no trun signals
Ignition steering lock
Cold Iridium Plugs
Where does your ignition module light go off?
Ignition timing help!
Removing timer cover solution
P3 not charging
Links To Stuff you can't find here & BADWEB Links!
BADWEB Links to Topics Close to the Thumper Heart!
Diagnosing problems:
New (to me) Blast problems
Strange Rattle at Steady Mid RPMs
Blast: Cold Start (Reversed Choke)
2010 low mileage blast runs like poo
Brownish Orange colored primary oil when changing.
Starts, idles, and revs, but falls flat under load when ...
Transmission Drain Plug Drip
Bad Gas Mileage?
Blast only runs perfect with float bowl vent blocked
Having trouble with back brakes
Heavy Shaking at Low Speed
07 Blast won't start
2009 Buell Blast Wants to Stall Out at Red Lights
2 belts broke in a month
Mid range rpm power loss/hesitating
Bike will only start with starter fluid
Trans/shifter issue
Trans/shifter issue
09 Blast warms up then revs out of control. Dangerous
Occasional White Smoke
Ajusted clutch to manual exact spec now bike doesnt wont ...
Das boot is melting please help
New rider, new project
Belt "Chirp"
Snapped Drive Belt
Searching for reliable Blast Ignition module
Problems starting/running blast
Bike won't idle
Bike Starts, then dies
The longer I ride the higher it idles...
2000 Blast issues (ignition?)
New Blast Owner
Excitement fading with every backfire
Clutch problems?
New Loss of Power and Backfire
Vent line broke, issues since...
Thomas's 2000
30 mpg?
Restarting trouble
Blast won't start without starting fluid
Blast starts then dies with throttle
Five Blasts with the same problem?
Dropped bike, Wont Start
Turnsignal flasher problems grond or hot to switch
Power Loss and ONLY 30MPG 0-0
Ok. Bike wins. Little help
Brand New Blast Loses Power When Throttle Is Applied
Same old story, stored Blast now won't start.
Throttle not recoiling
2002 Blast won't start
My Bumblebee needs help, 2001 Blast starving
Ride for a while, shut it off, wont restart
Top speed around 65mph: primary adjustment issue.
Oil leak, left bottom
Intake issues
Blast Backfires Past 1/2 throttle
Oil Filter Leak?
Downshift Issue
Cant get over 20 mph
Idling High
Newb problem; vacuum leak/running lean?
New V&H Exhaust White Smoke & Nasty Smell?
2003 Blast - Adjusted Clutch cable..now wont engage gears
Cant get it started
Engine cuts out while driving - some backfire
Sputtering and loss of top end speed
Problems removing Exhaust
To be, or not to be.. That is DAS question!
Can't gain full throttle
Thumping feeling when coming to a stop when 2-up
Clanking in primary case
Put new Superbike Handlebars...loose fitting components n...
Grinding into first and second
Knocking under strain
Transmission issues
'02 Blast backfire + power loss with incline
Issues starting my Buell
Died while driving, will not turn over
What are these?
Another Blasting Headache!
Busted Exhaust(?)
Carb Backfiring?
Success story
515 wont start
Primary chain limiter aint limitin
2001 Blast giving me problems I can't diagnose
2004 P3 Runs Very Rich, Fouls out Plugs
Not sure if it's a problem but...
Missing at 60 then slows down
Bike wont start
Starts ok, then quits.
Transmission chattering
Flat spots around 20-30 Mph
Problems with clutch
Clicking noise when idling
Fires, but not running
Loose piece of Metal??
2000 Blast Problem...she no start...
Clunking noise when starting out from stop
Help, new young one
Oil Leak
Starting Running problems
Low horsepower, engine cutting out
Blast dies
00 Blast Backfiring at High RPMs
Extremely low top speed (60mph) Please help
Help , new guy
Power loss in top gears.
2001 Buell Blast - Hard to cold start; idles high
Push rod leaking oil... : (...
2002 buell blast dies when you turn the bars
2007 Blast Starting Issues
Cold start issues?
Please help! Blast's backfiring and I'm frustrated
Oil leak/clicking
Solutions Beyond "Das Boot"
2000 Buell Blast Stalls When Idling
Continuous throttle!
Blast wont start
Blast lost power on interstate hasn't started since
Rocker gasket
Not starting like it should
Runs Great , and then it doesnt...
2000 Blast choke issues
2003 Blast 10K miles
Blast would not run.
Usefull Notes
Turbo blast
EZ Pass and GPS Questions
Part number changes
Primary and Top End Venting Notes
Side plate for checking gear oil.
Dipstick issues
Help new owner
New/used Blast Questions
Need help with Blast purchase
What do you count as a "Turn" of a screwdriver?
Hydraulic Clutch for Blast
Stock Blast Mods!
Winter Storage and Maintenance
Touring Blast
Rear hugger removed
Sissy Bar, Luggade carrier
DG8 Gear Indicator
Where to secure helmet?
15,000 mile service parts and part number request
Quicky questions about the 2000 model...
Blast: How The Heck Do You Lift One Of These Things??
Lifted the front end today
Check your hoses Blasters
Subframe Peg Removal/Loosening
Tire changes w/o a jack
Alternative Views/Ideas
Ignition timing-alternative procedure
Weight of blast engine/tranny
Oil Drain Line Re-route
Nitrous blast??
Pcv and the infamous oil drip
Aluminum frame single
Blast Desert Racer
Rigid Framed Blast
Off-Road Blast
Perverting a Blast
Hard tail chopper
Tools Needed To Work on your Blast
Tool kit
Spares for Longer Rides
Blast changes through the years
Owners, Repair and Parts manual ERRORS
Thumper Tales (Tales From the Darkside!)
"The Buell Civil War"
Rode EZ's "Sidth"(Black) Blast Today
A Different in Every Sense Single!
And now for something completely different
Blast in an XB frame
What a great ride to work today!
Archive through November 12, 2008
California Blasting aka The SLO Ride
Mutant Buell motard at HC
Written for Advanced English Class -
Buell Blast Racing!(and track days)
Any info on this drag racing blast
XB Top Swapped Buell Blast Videos! Racing CBR250R
Blast lap times vs 250 cup
XB frame conversion or?
Track Days
LSR Racing is a "Blast"
LSR Racing is a "Blast"
Racing the Buell Blast!
Help Disableing the Rev. Limiter: Possible?
BB Heim Joint Set Up for Racing
Eliminating all safety switches....
Oil Cooler
Racing The Blast Frame
Record Setting Blast
Blasting Around (Buell Blast Riding Groups)
Looking for Green Bay Blasters!!
Cleveland (CLE), Ohio looking for fellow Blastards
S.E. AZ Blasterz?
DFW Buellers?
Buell Gathering In Lees Summit, MO 64063 Would you attend?
Jacksonville, NC Riders
Idaho Thumpers
Jersey thumpers!
East TN??
Maine Blast
Any Blasters in the Minneapolis area?
Charlotte/Mooresville/Statesville, NC area?
Heritage Trail Civil War Rides in Arkansas
Northern Indiana?
Jacksonville, FL
Riders around Chicago
Any other Blasters in metro Atlanta?
Anyone in CT?
Denver Metro Area?
North Eastern Iowa/ Dubuque Iowa area
Blasters near Rocky Mount/ Raleigh
Bike Night in the Lehigh Valley!
Madison WI Thumpers?
Cherokee survivor rally
Brew City Blasters?
Hampton Roads, VA
In S/E Pennsylvania or N Delaware
Nashville and Middle Tennesse
Atioch, Pittsburg, East Bay California - Lets Ride!
Blasters in syracuse
Buell riders in MD
St. Louis riders?
Jax Storm Troopers
Eastern Pennsylvania Blastards...
Fellow thump heads in central IL
We have any Blasters in the Tri-State? NY, NJ & PA
Any Blasters near Texarkana, AR/TX
Pensacola (Northwest Florida/Lower Alabama)
Hello Ohio?
Anyone in Portland, Oregon?
Central Indiana
Jax florida blastard anyone near
Las Vegas
Metro Detroit / Southeast Michigan
S. F. Bay Area - Blasting on the Dark side!
Southern California
Sunny Florida
Westchester/Putnam/Rockland Co. NY
Buell Blast Recalls, Tech Bulletins, Notices, & Concerns
Warning! Pro Series engine failure...
Pay It Forward: Blasting Goodness! (Trades Welcome!)
Extra Parts, Exchange Parts
Black bodywork for trade
Stock head light wanted
Girl's Club-Women who Blast!
"Really dumb stuff I've done"
Buell Blast Motorcycle Classifieds...
Buell BLAST! Motorcycles for Sale
Buell Blast 2004 - Pro-series everything - low miles
'05 in the Western Puget Sound, Washington
2002 Blast, black, Boston
2001 Blast - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
2000 blast
Hot Rod Blast
2008 Black Buell Blast, Western New York
2001 Buell Blast For Sale $500 Near Philly
2003 Custom Buell Blast
Stock Muffler from 04 Blast in excellent condition
2007 stock Blast
Blue 2009 Buell Blast 2,000 miles Levittown Long Island N...
2007 Buell Blast for sale (MI) $895
2002 Blast ready to cert new tires Black $1750
2005 Buell Blast - $2900 OBO
2005 buell blast for sale 8k miles
2006 Blast, 5500 miles, great condition, $2000
2004 Buell P3 Blast for sale, sunset orange, in Acworth, ...
Selling my Blast
2003 Buell Blast Black 5k miles. Clean Title. Southern In...
FS in central CA! 2002 black, 2006 blue, ~8k miles on both!
2003 Buell Blast Florida
2000 Buell Blast - Black & Purple for Sale - Ohio
Yellow 2002 Blast, 9.5/10 with 1137 miles- Gold Beach, Or...
2008 Black Blast Vermont/New England
2003 Blast FS - Lots of Upgrades
2009 yellow blast huntington station NY
2001 Buell Blast Ripley WV
2001 blast for sale in arkansas. $1300
Selling the blast (2001)
08 Blast 13,000 miles in Arkansas
06 Buell Blast 515 big bore S&S carb Florida $2500 obo
07 Blast 3500 mi - San Francisco CA
2001 Blast with upgrades
Salvedge Blast in mid-California
2005 Buell Blast for sale
2005 Black Buell Blast c9000 miles N. Florida $1850
2001 Buell Blast in NC
2002 Buell Blast For Sale NH area
2000 blast for sell
2006 Buell Blast for sale
09 Blast Yellow FL
07 Blast in San Jose, CA
2002 Blast , $2500, Bossier City ,La. 350 mi. on engine...
2007 white Buell Blast for sale -Sunnyvale, California
2004 blast 1 owner 4k miles lots of goodies
2003 Buell Blast For sale 6k Nor cal San Fran
2001 Blast Custom for Sale! Tons of custom parts!
Buell Blast Dirt Tracker
2003 Blast 3700mi. $1200 Columbus, OH
2002 buell blast for sale
2007 Blast for sale
2007 Black Blast $2000 Michigan
2001 Buell Blast; $1,500. Central Ohio
2001 buell blast 3000 miles 1700.00 b.o st paul mn
North Chicago - MINT 03 Blast, 1,200 miles Trade/2,800 OBO
2000 Blast $2000
2004 Blast for sale Nashville TN $1250
2006 Blast $2,400 - Maryland
FS: 2003 Buell Blast, $1,400, Yellow
FS: 2008 Buell Blast (+) Extras, only 549 miles. Hattiesb...
2003 Buell Blast 5,300mi central VT *SOLD*
2000 Blast w/9800Mi, 8/10 (SOLD)
2007 blast for sale-$3000 obo
My 2006 Custom Blast...Offers?
(Sold) 2004 Buell Blast (NY), $2500, 1700 Miles, Mods, Ne...
2006 Blast $3000 - Central FL
2000 buell blast in NJ
(Sold) 2004 Buell Blast (NYC/LI, $2500), Excellent Cond.,...
2003 buell blast 2,900
02 Blast, 8.5k, $1500
06 Blast For Sale...
Blast+ setbacks+pipe+intake $2200 madison wi
2002 blast, approx 11k mi, $2000
2005 Buell Blast for sale $2500 obo
2006 Buell Blast $2500
2005 Blue Buell Blast - Greenwood Indiana - 9/10 - $3200
2003 blast 2500.00 obo.
Black 2006 Buell Blast, 8/10 3,700 miles, Canon City, CO ...
2002 Blast
2003 blast -brain teaser-
(Sold) 2004 Blast w/Mods & only 1700 miles - NYC
2002 Black Blast, $2000, 4400 miles, North California
2006 Blast $2,500 in South Texas.
2004 Buell Blast - 2350 miles - Florida
2002 Blast - Appleton, WI $2400 obo
2003 Blast with mods
2001 Blast, San Antonio area, $2,000
2002 Blast $2200 (Neg)
2007 Buell Blast - Buy One Get One FREE
2005 Blast For Sale
2006 Buell Blast - $2800 OBO - WI
2002 Buell Blast in South Carolina
2000 Red Blast-5000 miles---Kansas-$2222 OBO
2002 Buell American Motorcycles P-3 Blast
2003 Black Buell Blast in MA - Low Seat - $2650 obo
2001 Blast in KY
03 "granite" blast
2006 buell blast FL
2002 Buell Blast F/S in Charlotte, NC.
02 Blast - San Diego - $2300
01 blast in Denver
Blast in St.Louis $2200
Craigslist in MI
2008 Blast In Philadelphia
07 Blast in NH
Buell Blast 2001 - $999 (Edmond, OK)
Harley Davidson- Buell Blast - $1200 (columbia MO)
05 Blast Blue - $2800
Blast pro series cams two sets avail
2001 Blast in florida $1700 obo
Parts bike, not mine
2004 Blast $2800 New Orleans
03 blast f/s ohio low miles!
2001 Buell Blast for sale in central NH
'08 Blast in Philadelphia for sale. 240 miles! $3995.00...
Blast in MD
2008 Buell Blast
04 Blast
01 Blast Jacksonville, FL
'05 Buell Blast--HD factory wrty. till '09--$2500
Buell Blast Streetfighter (yes I'm selling)
07 Blast w/ 3300mi - Omaha, NE
'02 Blast! For Sale
2003 Black Buell Blast w/ New Tires in Boerne, TX for $2200
Buell BLAST! Parts & Accessories for Sale
My Buell Blast's exhaust header broke
2001 headlight brackets
2004 Buell Blast complete parts bike Clean Title South Je...
FS: black dial adjust brake and clutch levers
Wanted: stock blast headlight
K&N filter for Buell Blast Pro Series intake 29012-03Y
Buell Blast Parts
For Sale Pro Exhaust
Large Canadian Inventory of Blast OEM Parts
ALMOST complete parts bike
Buell windscreen for sale $120+shipping
Aftermarket exhaust
Shift lever (very nice cond.) and headlight brackets (not...
Buell Saddlebags
Lots of Blast stuff - V&H exhaust, headlight, mirrors, bo...
WTB Stock Carb Boot.
OE Speedometer Wire Harness, Gasket and Trip Reset Boot!
Crossroads rearsets for buell blast
Heres a chance to win accessories,parts & discount by li...
Stock Blast muffler
2002 Blast Parts bike Leftovers
2003 Blast Parts
NEW Blast Axle Covers, Front and Rear
Saddlebags, Low Seat + extras
Blast stock footpegs - with pins and cotter keys...
Brand new PJ Motorsports velocity stack
Wtb Blast gas cap
Full intake with SuperBoot?
WTB 2002 Blast Front Fork assembly/Fork tubes
2002 Buell Blast Engine 8000K No issues Last time it ran ...
2002 Buell Blast Engine 8000K No issues Last time it ran ...
Various Blast/non bike-specific parts for sale
2000-2008 Buell Blast Saddle Bags
Blast Saddle Bags
WANTED!! jardine header or full system
Need stock Buell Blast exhaust
WTB: complete rear wheel assembly + tire
Buell Blast Windshield - $125 Shipped
Parting out. Pro Series, V&H, Screaming Eagle, Millenniu...
Free Stock Mirrors
Blast Pegasus Front axle covers, NEW.
Motodynamic LED tail light 20% off GROUP BUY
Trade low profile seat
Jardine RT1 Muffler w/ quiet core less than 300 miles
Parts for sale
Cams for your Blast
Blast tires for sale
WTB Stock exhaust
For sale, book for a 01, and cover for bike
High profile seat
FS .010 base gasket .030
Wtb: Stock carb ready to run or rebuildable
I have purple plastics for sale
WTB Rear Sets
Parts and book
Blast drive belt wanted
In need of a shift lever!
WTB: Black Plastics
Pegasus Tank Decals
FS/eBay: Buell Blast SuperBrace
Blast air box
Any one have exhaust Ideas?
WTS: Pro Series
Blast Front Axle COvers
Stock exhaust for sale
Custom high seat for sale
'01 Blast Service Manual For Sale
Blast aftermarket exhaust wanted
Stock Exhaust
Yellow plastics
Needing a high seat
WTB: Corbin or aftermarket seat
WTB: Stock carb needle
SuperBrace deal for Badwebbers ......
Box of Blast parts
The last of the 03 blast parts. make offer
Parting out my baby...
Blast modded Kerker exhaust
Set of yellow plastics
2007 Buell Blast
Stock Exhaust
Interest in a few items?
Swap my low seat for standard or high seat
Brand new Low seat
Rear sets
2001 buell blast part out
New K & N for bent intake.
WTB: CityX or STT bars
FS Blast front & rear axle cover set
FS: Buell blast front axle covers
Blast Aftermarket Exhaust Wanted
Extra parts
Clip ons for Blast
Blast parts
Buell blast exhaust (stock or aftermarket) wanted
WTB: stock muffler hardware
FS Stock Handle Bars $1.00
Superbrace group buy
Low profile seat for sale
Buell Blast Windshield 9/10 - $150 shipped
Blast project xb type thing
48/175 jets & Iridium plug
Blast gas tank
2007 low seat for sale or trade
Blast Tools FS
Vance and hines wanted
Plastics WANTED !!!!!!
Blast parts
K&N Filter - New In Box
K&N Filter for stock airbox
Buell Blast Windshield
2005 Buell Blast Complete bike Parting out
2003 blast part-out feeler
Blast Axle covers
Blast Carb
OEM Muffler/Exhaust. Free to BadWebBiker (pickup), or ju...
WTT my V&H exhaust for your stock exhaust and all hardwar...
Buell Blast OEM and Aftermarket Accessories for Sale.
2006 Buell Blast Muffler/Exhaust for Sale, 1200 miles.
2009 Buell Blast Factory Service Manual and Parts Manuals...
Buell Blast OEM Windshield for Sale
Windshield for sale.
Super Das Boot Offer
KBC Force RR Dark (SM) & Sparx Corsa S07 RETRO(MD)...
All SEATS for sale or trade
150 mile low seat to swap for tall seat
Low seat for sale
Rich's Gel Seat
I have a Low Profile Seat for sale or trade.
Low Seat for Standard.
Trade 25" for 27" seat?
Corbin Seat
Yet Another Low Seat
Trade my low seat for your standard.
Blast Low Seat for Sale
ALSO need stock high seat ..
New condition Stock Height seat.
ALL Bodywork or Plastic for sale or Trade
Yellow Plastics for sale
Blast Windshield for Sale
Blast tank cover and tail and low seat.
Buell Blast Windshiel Kit Black
New plastic- Grape Juice tank cover and tail
Windshield, New in Box. Tank Bag, New in Box.
'07 Service Manual, Dowco cover
04 Blast Front End
Givi a750
Dual dominator headlights
2001 Blast (blk) being parted out on eBay
Left over blast parts
Excess stuff
Blast Parts and Messenger bag
02 Blast Motor
Free Stock Blast Exhaust!!
New rocker box gasket set
Stock LEDs
Archive through May 23, 2009
Blast pro series intake new in box
2001 stock cams
Vance & Hines exhaust for Blast
2001 Blast Offical Factory Service Manual
Garage cleaning time...see if you need anything.
D&Dexhaust and Jardine exhaust for sale...
2000 Service Manual $25. in excellant shape
Vance&Hines Exhaust. 200 miles on it.
Motorcycle Pants - SIZE L - $99 (Columbus, OH)
Blast stock exhausts for sale, 2 of them.
Bunch of Stuff
Pro-Series Cam Set
Blast K&N filter for sale
Exhaust for your blast?????
Stock dunlop tires <150 miles
Crossroads Handlebars
V&H exhaust for sale 150
D & D Exhaust System
Custom "Berkshire Widget" prototype Handlebars for sale...
Saddle bags
Buell Blast Saddlebags for Sale
Buell BLAST! Motorcycles Wanted
Blast wanted
WTB XB-Blast
Buell Blast WANTED (NY/NJ/CT/PA)
2009 Blast wanted......
2009 blast exhaust wanted
Blast needed for summer fun-massachusetts
Blast in Central Texas?
WTB: Buell Blast in North Texas
WTB: Buell Blast (MN)
2003 or newer blast wanted!
P3Blast/Fort Smith/Booneville Arkansas
Wanted blast with tinkerability
Buell Blast 2007
Looking for a cheap runner
WANTED: Buell Blast In California
WTB Blast in Kansas City Area
Wanted: Buell Blast (south dakota)
WTB Blast in/around SoCal
WTB Blast in California
Stock exhaust mount hardware
Looking for a good condition Blast
WTB Blast - Upstate NY/VT
WTB Blast any year
Need a Blast, $2000!! in TX
Black plastics
Looking for Blast 2500$ Max Tri-State area (Vermont, New...
A good deal?
Looking for a Blast in Colorado
Buell Blast wanter - Chicago
Buell Blast Wanted Tri-State Area
Blast wanted - Houston, SA, Dallas, NOLA, Memphis, Lil Ro...
WTT my ATV for a Blast!
Timer cover
New Buell Blast - OTD from dealer
Buell blast wanted
Buell BLAST! Parts & Accessories Wanted
Caliper flange bolt boot
Blast rearsets
Carb Body
Buell Blast Pro Series Exhaust Wanted
Basket case
WTB rear footpegs, mirrors, LF blinker cover
Blast rear set
Stock handle bars
Looking for a carburetor
WTB VH or Jardine head pipe
FREE custom intake/air cleaner and V&H SS2R exhaust
Headlight Bezel Wanted
Looking for used exhaust
Aftermarket Exhaust
Pro Series Intake
WTB Corbin Seat
Ignition Module/ Rubber gas tank slides
A few parts needed
Need Rear Muffler Strap & Hardware
Blast Stock Exhaust
Windshield that is either made for a Blast or fits a Blast
Blast Taillight Mount and Lense
Stock exhaust, standard height seat and a few others
Various parts needed
Exhast ect....
Blast service manual
Wtb: Corbin or other Custom seat.
WTB: Shift lever
WTB. Super boot
Wanting Used aftermarket exhaust system
Blast rear wheel required
Rear rack and possibly OEM tankbag
WTB Blast Headlight Bezel
Need some parts that I can't find!
WTB: white front fender
WTB: Yellow Fuel Tank Cover any condition
WTB: Headlight Parts
WTB windshield hardware
OEM saddlebags
WTB: Exhaust
WTB - Non-Purple Plastics
Need a stock or aftermarket exhaust
Exhaust Wanted
Wanted: High Seat for Blast
Exhaust Wanted
WTB used tank cover
Black plastic rear cowl WTB
Yellow or black OEM windscreen wanted
Wanted: Mirrors for 2005 Buell Blast
WTB: Used Aftermarket Exhaust
WTB Front and Rear Axle Covers.
WTB: Black Plastics
Black ring for dipstick hole in tank cover
Wanted purple body parts (grape )
Need BLAST Speedometer
Blast K&N Filter
WTB Exhaust header 1.75" OD
WTB: Gas Cap O-ring
Parting out my baby...
WTB Blast Rider lowered footpeg set
Wanted: Bluell Blast Plastic Parts
Front Reflector
2001 buell blast part out
Want to borrow stock exhaust near DC area
WTB stock exhaust.
Anyone have a set of footpegs laying around?
Speed sensor
Need a petcock...
Lookimg to trade aftermarket tail light lenses for upper ...
WTB Timing Cover
Stock airbox
Full aftermarket exhaust wanted
Vibe dampers for mirrors
Stock Needle or NOKK
Stock NeedlThan
Stock mirror needed blast
WTB: Buell windshield, saddlebags, exhaust bracket, corbi...
Tank bag?
Need a shifter
OEM Windscreen
WTB front fairing!
WANTED: xroad fork brace, Jardine Header
Blast windshield used wanted.
Wanted: Seat for 07 blast
Wanted: Headlight Fairing
WTB headlight/fairing mount brackets
Rear Wheel Needed
Need a Buell Blast headlight assembly
Really need exhaust Stock, aftermarket new or used
K & N filter for stock airbox wanted
Need a good cyl head
Wtb drive belt! Asap!!
Blast rear turn signal (rubber boot or entire assembly)...
WTB Blast Windshield
Do Want: 2001 Blast Exhaust - Stock or ?
Standard seat wanted/ trade for low seat
Low Seat Wanted
WTB Blast Motor
Vance And Hines Wanted
2001 parts needed
Need the Blast speedometer mount
WTB aftermarket seat & exhuast
WTB Corbin Seat for Blast
Need 2006 Blast Carb!!
Looking for Buell Blast Exhaust
Would like to buy a 2002 Blast Parts Catalog
Need Front Pegs for 2002 Blast
Forks/trees, blk fender/tank/tail, LH switches
Black plastics
Windscreen and/or Windshield Needed, Saddle Bags
Looking for blast handlebars
I know it isnt a "blast" part but.....
Wtb lots of goodies for wifes blast help cash in hand
Buell Blast Primary Clutch
Muller Clutch or similar
WTB stock blast exhaust
Stock Mirrors
Wanted stock exhaust to pass inspection
Bodywork or Plastics wanted (post bodywork requests here...
Black tail plastic. any condition.
Hero blue windscreen wanted
Wanted: inexpensive tail section
Anyone have a yellow flyscreen??
Blast body pieces( Color Change)
Want to Buy/Want to Trade Blast Plastics
Wanted: new or used windshield, tank cover and tail (WHI...
Black windscreen wanted
All Seats for Sale or Trade or Wanted (post seat requests...
Low seat wanted
SEATS Wanted
Wanted, usable seat pan
WTB - used Corbin seat
Need a High sSeat in ANY conditon
Wanted pro series exhaust
Blast motor wanted
Looking for Screws / Washers for Buell Blast Windscreen
Headlight brackets
Wanted: tank bag
Looking for a few parts
Wanted personal fx sticked set
Looking for Stock Blast Tail Light
Looking 4 Pro Series Intake
Blast shifter and "drum" needed...
License plate bracket
Sportster tank?
Wtb smoked tail light lens
Looking for a carburetor
Rear axle abd swing arm nut needed
Buell Blast Classifieds - Archives
Need parts!!!!
Anyone here part out a Blast?
Air box cover
SuperBoot for sale!
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