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Got oil dripping out of your crankcase breather(s)?

1. Ensure engine oil level is between full and low marks on dipstick (check hot engine with bike straight and level, insert dip stick fully).

2. Switching to a good well trusted name brand synthetic oil, due to its superior tolerance for high temperatures, may reduce/eliminate oil escaping out the breather(s).

3. If engine oil level is within proper range and synthetic oil hasn't vanquished the problem, oil emissions via the crankcase breather may indicate excessive blowby. Verify the integrity of your piston-ring to cylinder seal via standard compression and leakdown testing (cheap). If compression is below spec and/or leakdown is greater than 10%, your engine may need a top end refreshment (new rings and rehoned/rebored/oversize cylinders). Make sure the honing or reboring is done by a reputable shop that understands the importance of proper boring fixture setup (cylinder must be clamped between fixture, often called "torque plates" to simulate its condition as installed/bolted into the engine between cases and cylinder head).

Dyno Test Results - Breather Check Valves

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