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BadWeB Terms of Use

I like Buell Motorcycles; Erik Buell and his motorcycles ROCK!

I am a Buell Motorcycle Enthusiast and wish to contribute positively to and participate thoughtfully in discussions on BadWeatherBikers.com (BadWeB)!

By registering for participation in this Buell Motorcycle Enthusiasts' discussion forum I hereby agree to honor and affirm all of the following absolutely and in entirety; I further acknowledge that should I violate these BadWeB Terms of Use, my BadWeB posting privileges may be forfeit.

I will not post profane language.

I will not engage in personal attacks or in derision in any form aimed at other users of the forum.

I agree to treat with respect and courtesy all members of this online Buell enthusiasts' community.

I will honor without question, debate, or argument all custodian/admin request(s) concerning the content and/or decorum of my contributions to the forum.

I will not post any content to BadWeB or hyperlinks to other web pages that one would hesitate to expose in the workplace or to family and children. (If it is not appropriate for showing on daytime public television or on a public billboard, it is likely not acceptable to post on BadWeatherBikers.com.)

I agree to treat others as I would hope to be treated; I will only post commentary with a respectful demeanor just as if I am speaking face to face. In all cases I will avoid flame wars and hateful, derisive, insulting, and divisive commentary. I understand that derisive personal commentary in any form is entirely unwelcome on BadWeB.

I agree and understand that those sowing disharmony and malcontent are unwelcome at BadWeatherBikers.com, a forum for folks who are enthusiastic about Buell motorcycles. I will not masquerade under multiple usernames, nor will I seek to disingenuously conceal my identity.

Should I lose posting privileges, I vow to honor that decision and promise on my honor that I will not seek to regain access through disingenuous means, other username(s), new user account(s). I realize that doing so will constitute a blatant violation of my Internet Service Provider's (ISP's) terms of use and may result in revocation of my internet access.

Absent advance permission from a board custodian, I will refrain from promoting or marketing merchandise, businesses, services and other similar/competing web sites, and I will refrain from any/all market research activities no matter the situation. Prohibited activity includes using the BadWeB forum to interact with customers, posting commercial ads in the BadWeB classifieds, and seeking to organize a "group buy" from a non-sponsor.

I understand that comments posted on the discussion forum represent only the views of their authors and in no way may be construed as representing the views of BadWeatherBikers.com, its custodians, or its owner(s) of record. I will never hold BadWeatherBikers.com, its custodians, or its owner(s) of record responsible for any content posted by users of the discussion board.

All of my contributions (posts) to the BadWeB forum are offered freely for public consideration and I neither have nor will make in the future any claim related to copyright of said contributions. I understand that all content freely authored by me on BadWeatherbikers.com becomes copyright of BadWeatherBikers.com.

If I have a problem with any content that is posted to the discussion forum, I will notify a BadWeB custodian; I will not belligerently confront, either on the board or via private message or other means, the author of the post that I find problematic. I will allow the BadWeB custodian(s) to address and respond to the issue.

By clicking the "Continue Registration" button below, I hereby affirm with no reservation whatsoever my promise to honor and abide by all the above in entirety.

Note: Please be assured that we aim to protect your privacy. We hate spam email. We don't do it; we don't support it; we despise spammers and wish to eradicate them from the internet forever. Be assured that your email address is always kept hidden, the one exception being that it is viewable by fellow BadWeB registered users to whom you send a message via the BadWeB "Private Message" utility.

To register for an account on BadWeatherBikers.com, please supply the information requested below. Any fields noted with a red star (*) are required.

Again, by clicking the "Continue Registration" button below, I hereby affirm with no reservation whatsoever my promise to honor and abide by all the above in entirety; I hereby give my solemn word that I will do so.

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