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What is your primary malfunction soldier? : ) Please learn this... Don't even think about overtightening your chain. Wise folk suggest setting the chain slack to no less than 5/8" and closer to 3/4" total up and down play when the chain is in its most taught position.

The Hayden M6 tensioner is not a reliable device in a Buell primary. Stay away from it.

Thanks to Dago for suggesting we make the following more visible to everyone, and for the nice banner...

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2006 XB12Ss Primary full of white heavy creamScotter_trash11 07-31-11  08:33 pm
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I can wiggle my clutch assembly!!!!!Jramsey06-08-11  05:09 pm
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Primary/Tran Drain Plug Torque Specs?Scubaduck03-22-10  12:20 am
06 and 08 primary sprocket difference?Husky16 02-27-10  05:47 pm
Lately I'm full of dumb ???'s: shifter shaft seal removalSpuds02-08-10  12:19 pm
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Best gearing for fuel mileage?Bryn120302-05-10  03:21 am
Primary Drive Chain To TightBuell_bert01-10-10  08:52 pm
XB12-XB9 Primary Gearing swapGoody12-10-09  09:49 pm
XB primary cover with crank access?Fast107511-27-09  12:46 pm
Primary chain adjustmentRichsm211-17-09  08:06 pm
Grinds Going into Fourth GearReepicheep11-01-09  09:10 am
Stator Replacement 1996 S1Kalali07-29-09  11:09 am
Primary drive gear swap what is really needed???Mmcustoms13 07-08-09  11:02 pm
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04 XB12 Primary coverPetebueller04-10-09  08:53 am
Primary concernCyclonemick03-30-09  09:13 am
How do you get the sprocket of of the rotor???Barker03-24-09  09:38 pm
Rear SprocketPetebueller03-11-09  06:54 am
SHIFTER PAWL ADJUSTMENTKingkaz03-03-09  12:02 pm
Oldie but Goodie - Water in the XB PrimaryBuell_bert02-27-09  07:11 pm
Can i re gear a 200 blastSuper_cj02-10-09  06:53 pm
Evolution Industries Aluminum Primary Gears Wear?Xldevil12-31-08  07:50 pm
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Primary fluid fill line: This diagram makes it easy!Bitbear12-08-08  04:39 pm
Cyclone primary gasket upgradeBuell_bert16 10-28-08  09:52 pm
Primary Drive RatiosPetebueller16 10-23-08  04:54 pm
Help with finding correct XB9 primary fluid fill level!Bombardier10-20-08  01:47 am
First gear questionReepicheep10-08-08  05:35 pm
Sprocket LockerWreeves70710-07-08  04:00 pm
WTF is it now ?????Newbuellertoo58 09-30-08  10:02 am
02 X1 final drive belt replacement5liter09-25-08  08:28 am
Help...can't get the engine sprocket offGamdh09-06-08  06:28 pm
Primary cover gasket leaking? alot of fluid leaking out..X1 LightingReepicheep08-25-08  01:16 pm
Clutch basketRde4808-19-08  08:15 am
2003 to 2006 Belt Conversion03worc9r07-26-08  09:02 am
Converted Buell Blast to XB12 primary.....loud!Texas_firebolt07-25-08  09:21 pm
Newbie mistake !!!! Arrrrgh!!Newbuellertoo11 07-22-08  12:08 pm
Inside Blast Primary PicsReepicheep07-12-08  03:24 pm
Need help Primary chainStretch02307-05-08  03:00 pm
Old crankseal removal procedureBluzm210 06-27-08  10:13 am
Drive Pulley Tensioner BearingXldevil06-25-08  09:16 am
Front drive pulley removalReepicheep06-25-08  08:35 am
Auto tensioner for Primary chainAl_lighton06-19-08  01:19 am
Re-sprocket an 05xb12rBombardier06-14-08  01:31 am
Loose Clutch SprocketSparky06-13-08  08:51 pm
Primary chain looseBlake29 06-11-08  06:22 pm
1999 buell cyclone m2 serious problems!!!! helpBad_karma06-07-08  02:03 am
XB12 to XB9 gear swap for 08 UlySkyclad04-29-08  01:26 pm
How much metal is normal?Bombardier04-24-08  07:57 pm
Thank you everyoneReepicheep04-23-08  12:46 pm
Tranny noiseSquash04-18-08  09:11 am
Flywheel shaftReepicheep04-16-08  07:07 pm
Falling cams?Reepicheep04-03-08  02:49 pm
Filling primary?Bluzm204-02-08  10:45 pm
Best way to find "tight spot" for primary chain adjustment?Bombardier47 02-22-08  07:43 pm
Neutral switchBad_karma02-15-08  02:02 am
Primary and trans fluid on 07 ulyssesAl_lighton02-11-08  09:52 am
Shifter Prawl AdjustmentChevysolid01-16-08  08:52 pm
Primary belt in BuellsAlessio66xb12r12-03-07  01:14 pm
I need help removing my primary cover on my '00 M2Reepicheep11-14-07  02:08 pm
02 Lightning Primary Cover RemovalBad_karma11-10-07  12:20 am
Primary tensioner longevity5liter08-31-07  10:19 am
How loose are the engine sprocket spline fits?Vr120308-28-07  12:52 pm
2k X1 lightningBad_karma08-22-07  11:46 pm
Help Identify Clanking SoundDtx08-20-07  08:27 pm
Any reflections on belt to chain conversions on tubers? Rick_a08-20-07  09:43 am
38 tooth XB sprocket on older engines????Jeffb07-25-07  10:18 pm
8 bolt rotor/sprocket assemblyDoncasto07-04-07  01:12 pm
How much oil for 2001 M2 primary?Djkaplan06-27-07  12:40 pm
1st to 2nd/2nd to 1st shift problemsDjkaplan06-27-07  08:37 am
Archive through June 26, 2007Froggy629 62 07-31-18  06:25 am
O4+ XB9/12Rs and Inspection of Primary ShoeM1combat11 09-22-05  11:16 am
Need Help!!! removing engine sprocketBlake09-17-05  03:44 am
Archive through July 30, 2005Bluzm243 08-08-05  10:26 pm
Archive through June 06, 2005Road_thing30 06-06-05  09:32 am
Archive through March 21, 2005Bluzm230 03-21-05  01:17 pm
Archive through February 08, 2005Reepicheep30 02-08-05  10:00 am
Archive through November 02, 2004Henrik749 26 11-02-04  01:56 pm
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Thanks to Dago for suggesting we make this more visible to everyone, and for the nice banner...

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