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Don't make me take off this belt young man!

For technical information and discussion of Buell Secondary drives, Belts and Drive Sprockets as well as their repair/maintenance/upgrades.

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XB12Ss rear sprocket with 90,000 kms - replace or serviceable?Mesozoic05-14-23  09:26 pm
Carrying Spare Belt for '08 XB12XTFroggy06-26-21  12:10 am
Not original belt replacement Buell 1125RTpehak04-27-20  10:19 am
Chain drive idler sprocketTpehak03-03-20  10:01 am
Gearing a xb12r for the highway?Tpehak01-07-20  02:20 am
Belt bent backwardsSpuh08-07-19  12:00 am
Belt Replacement BrandsMyclone201-20-19  01:45 pm
98 S1W belt tension procedureCyclone8u06-22-18  03:25 pm
Xb chain conversionHolbr00k11-09-17  03:21 pm
What size F & R chain sprockets for buell stunt bike?Terrys198011-08-17  03:11 pm
1999 S3 55 tooth rear sprocket Xldevil07-10-16  09:36 am
R&R XB (2008-2010) pulley nut for output shaft seal replacement....Xenox01-03-15  11:21 am
Belt adjustment '01 X1 Right or wrong?Kilroy12-11-14  12:38 pm
Wheel bearing timeDoz11-07-14  07:57 am
New XB12 Belt - Too Tight?Froggy01-30-14  01:43 pm
Idler Pulley Bearing - XBJamba12 08-04-13  05:29 pm
CHAIN DRIVE XB12Fullpower21 07-28-13  04:26 pm
Just need a link to the best chain conversion thread you've seenJdemoxb9r06-18-13  12:49 pm
WTF? Bearings everywhere,,,Reepicheep18 05-16-13  03:36 pm
Output Shaft Bearing Change?Harleyelf05-04-13  06:24 pm
Where to buy a 03 XB9S drive belt????Froggy04-21-13  05:53 pm
Where to buy 29T pulley for xb9r?Terrys198002-26-13  01:39 am
Chain drive vs beltPatayers7310 12-09-12  09:45 pm
'03' belt life opinionsTimmyj05-31-12  05:43 pm
Who makes a 21T front sprocket for late xb12?Dconstrux02-25-12  10:25 pm
Drive BeltNumb_nutz07-18-11  08:34 pm
Big Twin sprockets vs Sportster/Buell SprocketsHenshao07-06-11  07:26 pm
'97 S3 belt. To replace or not?Sparky07-04-11  02:19 am
Front Pulley installRoad_thing07-02-11  09:09 am
Belt Gone SlackHellraged06-29-11  01:34 am
03 XB9R Idler PulleyBottlefedbuell05-15-11  07:40 pm
CNC Pulley DrawingsSkidonenko05-09-11  10:02 pm
Sprocket removal on 96 S2Bluzm217 04-18-11  08:41 pm
Newbie belt questions1125r_mofo04-09-11  12:20 pm
136-137 (1-1/8) BeltsManufromparis03-10-11  07:14 pm
Change gearing 99 M2Bluzm203-05-11  11:11 am
US gearingV7412-20-10  11:55 am
M2 belt replacementFasted11-19-10  01:11 pm
Changing drive belt Griffo11-04-10  04:12 pm
Blast drive belt alignmentRatsblast08-16-10  05:21 pm
XB front pulley removal and case splittingBrother_in_buells06-27-10  04:36 pm
Front pulley removalV7406-24-10  08:40 am
Heat build up on the rear pulleyBuellnutter06-23-10  09:47 am
Front pulley wear on a ulyFarnsracin05-20-10  05:04 pm
So many Part #'s, so little $$. Need drive belt for Daughter's XB9S...984thump05-10-10  10:14 pm
Uncooperative idler pulleySpicerack04-19-10  11:22 pm
Belt lifetime guarantee - fact or fiction ?Pso04-13-10  04:49 pm
Cracked beltBig_muddy03-24-10  04:43 pm
Stone embedded in drive beltBuelltilicious03-03-10  06:37 pm
Rear sprocket removal?Buellatp02-05-10  11:14 am
Super TT belt questionMurf212-04-09  05:41 am
Play in x1 front drive sprocketSnowbees11-22-09  04:04 pm
Needle Bearings / transmission output shaftHoser11-11-09  12:23 pm
Primary drive chain slipperand springUk_blast10-28-09  06:13 pm
Rehashing belt to chain conversionsEboos10-01-09  05:04 pm
Drive belt (Second one)Blake33 08-31-09  01:58 pm
TRANS MAIN SHAFT BEARING Tick08-09-09  01:17 am
XB12R AlternatorIomtt08-06-09  07:05 am
XB12R Belt TensionAl_lighton06-04-09  11:19 am
Blast belt crossBlast_from_the_past05-18-09  12:24 am
Belt adjustment on 99 s-3Kilroy02-12-09  06:00 am
Final Drive BearingsLongdog_cymru02-03-09  10:39 am
Drive belt idler pulleyBuellgeek02-02-09  07:08 pm
Can I use an X1 Belt on a S1 Lightning?Bud_man11-25-08  11:24 am
03 service manual (section 1.10)H2owerker11-19-08  12:30 pm
03 to 04+ Belt Conversion ~ Step by StepBlackbichgsx09-30-08  12:11 am
Rear pulley modPhelan08-27-08  09:53 pm
Checking for worn beltSticks08-17-08  08:47 am
1/4 mile times with x9 pulleys on a x12Bombardier08-17-08  08:21 am
Belt tensionSparropie08-13-08  01:02 am
Any problem switching 65t to 72t on xb12r ?Bombardier07-31-08  07:24 pm
XB Belt AlignmentBen78206-28-08  08:21 pm
Belt "creeping"Tblasier_mmi14 06-16-08  09:58 pm
Baker XL/Buell Trans Front Pulley?Bombardier06-14-08  05:28 pm
Long BeltsAlnagy05-25-08  07:52 am
Xb12 Transmission Pulley Question?Al_lighton04-29-08  08:59 am
Blast drive belt alinmentSparky04-28-08  08:59 pm
2004+ belt upgrade and problems!!!! HELP please!Blake04-24-08  01:53 pm
Sprocket special tool needed?John_s04-22-08  06:23 pm
Correct procedure for setting belt tension on 2000 X1Reepicheep04-11-08  09:59 am
XB rear axle75aztec04-02-08  12:13 am
Silicone Spray for Drive Belt?Bombardier03-12-08  08:55 am
03 Upgrade to 04 from american sport bikeBiofilter12 02-25-08  10:35 pm
XB9S Belt Tension: Taut? Some slack?Buellba_fett02-10-08  05:46 pm
When to go to a chain?Alessio66xb12r01-28-08  02:27 pm
Confused on the 03 beltAlessio66xb12r01-26-08  04:09 pm
'03-'04 XB Drive System Upgrade132416 01-11-08  10:43 am
Changing Final Drive RatioGaryz2812-24-07  01:16 am
Chain conversion for 1/8th mileIbringhds2o11-29-07  11:10 am
Front sprocket spacer question for chainFiremanjim11-15-07  02:59 pm
I need a drive belt!!!!!!!Jlnance10-03-07  09:20 pm
S3 chain interferenceFiremanjim10-03-07  07:41 pm
What other harley rear pulleys will fit a 00 X1??Kochease08-27-07  01:33 pm
Belt install help on 2001 M2Mikej15 08-11-07  01:32 pm
Necessary to use transmission locking tool when removing sprocket nut?Bad_karma08-05-07  08:26 pm
Transmission Sprocket Nut & Sprocket (Left Hand Threads!)Pmpski_121 08-05-07  02:05 pm
Roadside repair BeltMikej08-01-07  08:25 am
'01 m2 belt snapped! Interceptor07-24-07  07:58 pm
Front pulley swap to 29 T ('00 X1)Bad_karma07-15-07  08:11 am
Belt with holes?Bad_karma07-04-07  11:27 pm
Part No's for belt and pulleys.Buelltroll06-12-07  02:12 pm
Idler pulley bearingsJlnance06-10-07  01:35 pm
Dealer service Watch Out!Sdlabrat17 05-27-07  01:41 am
Front Sprocket Guide Acidtuch1005-04-07  10:41 am
Chain Questions XBDiablobrian05-02-07  11:28 pm
Belt squeak and fray...Hdstepchild04-26-07  06:03 pm
XB,Tubeframe belt - interchangable?Joesbuell04-19-07  04:16 am
Ok I give up! Drive Sprocket Removal?Blake04-19-07  01:04 am
Requesting help from the tuber "Chain Gang"Ragnagwar04-17-07  06:51 pm
3 belts in 15,000 milesM2nc04-16-07  11:40 pm
Broken BeltBuellboiler04-16-07  10:29 pm
`06 Uly beltMotorfish04-09-07  06:34 pm
Rear pulley difference Buell to SportsterBuellboiler04-06-07  01:03 pm
X1 Belt Replacement in parking lotOldog04-01-07  02:10 pm
Loose beltCobradave9302-08-07  06:06 pm
Input Needed! Chain Drive ConversionDuff2401-29-07  01:35 am
Front sprocketDisturbed12-14-06  09:57 pm
New "Indestructable" BeltsBlake27 12-11-06  10:16 am
X1 belt brokeBuell_rider_2412-04-06  03:48 am
Bigger Belts???Joesbuell11-25-06  06:21 pm
Front pulley?Bomber11-09-06  10:06 am
SpeedometerJackbequick10-26-06  08:33 am
Belt rubbing somewhere??Buell_rider_2417 10-13-06  11:35 am
03-04 belt conversion for XBS.Norrie10-09-06  10:17 am
Belt noise. Help!Blake10-05-06  09:31 pm
Rear Pulley question5liter09-30-06  09:01 pm
Chain conversionAlessio66xb12r09-21-06  12:29 pm
Wide Tire Rigid ProjectTwisted_buell09-12-06  06:22 pm
Belt ReplacementJgeo09-06-06  02:24 am
Large Rear XB12 sprocketsFiremanjim08-21-06  01:16 am
Belt direction of rotation?Bake07-25-06  03:55 pm
Output Shaft Nut "Loosening"Bomber07-17-06  04:53 pm
Looking to gear xb12rJustridin06-19-06  01:42 pm
final belt : 05/06Reepicheep05-12-06  08:48 am
M2 rear pulleyBomber04-21-06  02:23 pm
04-05 Belt Damage?Madsx04-07-06  02:47 pm
Might know way belt won't trackBomber03-27-06  10:54 am
Please help! XB9R belt drive questionBlake03-26-06  08:34 pm
Chain Conversion Gear Ratios?Firemanjim12-19-05  07:18 pm
'03 updated beltBlake10-25-05  11:58 pm
S1 Belt ReplacementRocketman14 10-23-05  07:28 am
Buell belt width and pitchWaigy10-21-05  01:10 pm
How to produce rear wheel torque in all gear ranges?Kencupp13 10-04-05  12:46 pm
Belt AdjustmentBuellistic14 09-11-05  12:02 pm
Rear Sprocket, Sportster CompatiabilityDaman08-26-05  04:54 pm
Chain DriveTripp45 08-24-05  10:38 am
Fitting 98 X1 swing arm into 1995 S2 FrameWhitey07-19-05  11:01 am
XB 12 Belt R&R helpFullpower02-18-05  03:34 pm
Going from 61T to 55T belt length issuesFiremanjim11-12-04  11:46 am
Metal shavings in my primary oh boyKenbull09-13-04  06:51 pm
Vibration @ 3200 RPMKenbull21 09-12-04  09:55 am
DamnPeter06-06-04  04:45 pm
Have belt, will travel (carrying a spare Belt)Fullpower19 06-03-04  08:29 pm
Archives through August 2005Nevco1436 17 01-08-04  06:51 pm
Rear Pulley WearRenter11-10-03  05:00 pm
Drivebelt on XB9'sDavegess05-10-03  10:54 pm
X1 Belt Replacment Questions.Buelliedan10 05-06-03  03:56 pm
European Rear PulleyColin32 10-29-02  08:14 am
Service Bulletin B-050: Handling of Drive Belt  
Performance Machine Belt Pulley Part #Sleez16 01-23-09  11:51 am
Chain conversionTxbuellrider44 12-06-06  12:15 pm
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