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For technical information and discussion of Buell wheels and their repair, maintenance, and upgrade.

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Axle spacers help for allCvc05-28-21  04:55 pm
Laced wheels on m2 cyclone.Shoggin06-10-20  11:08 pm
Torque spec for pm wheel hub Oz_mcd06-05-20  08:36 pm
Load rating for 3 spoke Buell wheelsCeejay03-01-20  12:06 pm
3 bearing wheel conversion issuesBukwylde05-12-18  12:38 pm
Swing arm stretched, now axle will not thread😕Camp76205-30-17  11:45 pm
Ulysses rear wheel modBlakeaspencer06-17-16  08:51 am
XB Wheel Bearings Court22 06-13-16  01:16 pm
Front Axle Spacer Info NeededTurbo_bb09-27-15  05:00 pm
XB rear wheel bearing removalReepicheep06-23-15  08:10 pm
Front Wheel Bearing RemovalDoz11-04-14  07:12 am
'09 xt axle/bearingsFobyfo26 07-23-14  05:08 pm
Laced wheels on ZTL front end?Bernhardgrave22 03-10-13  09:42 am
Need front & rear wheel torque specs ASAP!!!Reepicheep02-26-13  08:28 am
2008 XB12X Rear Wheel-Tire changer tried to remove SprocketReepicheep11 12-10-12  11:19 pm
Alpina tubeless spoke wheels and ZTL2 CaliperDrixton10-25-12  12:37 am
Valve StemsBuell_bert10-19-12  06:12 pm
Torques for tiresThekidd65110-08-12  06:42 pm
Specs. for early(dual disc)17"front wheelsAnonymous09-05-12  05:47 pm
Buells with 8 Piston Caliper Brakes- Rear Brakes Superior?Froggy06-28-12  07:37 pm
Leaking front wheelBuelet10-15-11  11:41 am
XB Wheel leaking air from base of rotor mounting tabs...Buelet10-14-11  08:47 pm
XB rim damageMtnmason09-06-11  07:13 pm
Axle torqueNoodles08-18-11  09:14 pm
Will the gold rims fit on a Uly?Froggy05-20-11  12:28 am
Dynabeads and buellsCalicojack04-23-11  02:38 pm
Are tuber and blast front axle nuts the same size?Jsunstar03-27-11  06:19 pm
2001 Buell blast rear bearings Jbam10103-22-11  06:51 pm
WTB Red/ sun set orange XB wheelsIllbuell03-17-11  10:43 pm
Wheel bearing inside dia.Buell_bert11-29-10  01:18 am
Who polishes XB wheels?Shaggy11-20-10  08:51 am
Bent PM rim lip fix around La Crosse, WI. or ship to?Buell_bert09-05-10  10:45 am
Xb wheels on an 1125Froggy08-13-10  08:43 pm
Rear Wheel BearingsBluebueller12 08-07-10  10:40 am
M2 rear axle woe'sBluebueller10 07-29-10  10:13 pm
Tuber wheel bearingsBluzm207-28-10  11:17 pm
XB Wheel Bearings - re-greasingRays07-25-10  06:31 am
3 Bearing Rear Wheel for XBPso04-12-10  07:20 pm
How to remove back wheel on 2005 XB9Darkwing03-10-10  08:20 pm
X1 Hub WidthEconnor02-03-10  08:58 pm
Front Wheel Balance WeightsBerriault01-30-10  01:41 am
Need Wheel Bearing ExpertiseHusky12-01-09  04:21 pm
Xb Rim Weights?Mark_108-27-09  10:02 pm
2000 M2 Front Wheel InstallationKalali08-16-09  09:23 pm
Removing Powdercoat from.......whatever partPhelan08-12-09  02:34 am
Size of Mounting Hardware for Rotors to rimsAussiexbox08-10-09  04:41 am
Translucent wheels for a UlyAussiexbox08-08-09  09:40 pm
Replacing wheel bearingsScriv07-23-09  05:22 pm
SPECS!!!!Brandon_m07-12-09  12:47 am
Should i be worried?Bluzm206-13-09  10:16 am
Keeping wheels cleanKalali05-17-09  05:10 pm
Nail in back tireRonbob4315 04-07-09  11:25 pm
PM wheels Roadcouch9804-02-09  09:37 am
Wheel bearingsSpdrxb03-21-09  11:45 am
Front rotor rattle on 1999 x1 lightningMbc03-01-09  01:03 am
XL1200C wheelPkman02-27-09  02:47 pm
03 XB9S front wheel03worc9r02-12-09  05:36 pm
Fat boy tireBlueeyedsin02-10-09  12:14 am
1 inch or 25 mmBuell_bert12-04-08  09:20 am
1996 S1 190 or 200 rear tire??Court11-17-08  04:38 pm
X1 Question: Rear axle nut Cyclonemduece10-12-08  02:23 pm
Space between fork and wheelAcav8010-02-08  01:12 pm
Blast Rear Wheel Bearing Part Nos.Jlnance09-16-08  07:58 am
Wheel bearing failuresPso08-22-08  08:25 am
Center stand for tire repairGotj08-15-08  12:38 pm
Just shoot meBuell_bert08-04-08  07:08 pm
Fix for PM spinning rear wheel bearingGjwinaus08-04-08  10:08 am
Powder coating PM wheelsPackrat10 08-03-08  07:38 pm
Is front pulley reverse threaded? 05 xb9sx?Subaru07-26-08  09:51 pm
Cheaper wheel bearings found!!Packrat07-26-08  06:38 am
Purchase? 7/8 hex socket for rear tireAdrien07-23-08  12:55 am
Strada tiresSeeinstars07-15-08  08:45 pm
Removing paintFrankfast06-09-08  09:28 am
Hardened washer replacement?Bordway05-30-08  08:10 pm
Broken, Bent wheels or WideningGohot05-28-08  11:30 pm
Rear wheel bearing, Help!!Bad_karma18 05-06-08  02:47 am
Changing my own tiresBeache28 04-30-08  08:01 am
How do you determine if you bearings are bad.?Rdkingryder10 04-11-08  08:24 pm
200mm TireCudajohn04-11-08  12:33 pm
Torque specs please!Bad_karma03-29-08  12:30 am
XB12R to XB9 Front Axle questionTobycat103-27-08  02:49 pm
XB TIRES99cyclone03-14-08  01:26 pm
03 XB9S Wheel Bearing ?Starbellied_sneetch03-03-08  10:10 am
XB wheels on a tuberPuddlepirate10 02-21-08  08:38 pm
Wheel Bearing SizesClassicbuells02-17-08  08:50 am
Tube frame wheel interchangesCyclonemduece02-15-08  05:54 pm
Wheel Bearing QuestionJlnance02-03-08  08:39 am
Wheel diameter questionBombardier12-25-07  07:30 am
Rim repairBad_karma12-21-07  12:42 am
Repack Wheel BearingsBlake10-30-07  02:08 pm
How to Torque Front Axel on UlyAl_lighton15 10-18-07  12:20 pm
Tire change.....Remove pulley and rotors??Tank_bueller12 10-17-07  09:02 pm
Torque Rear Axle?Reepicheep09-14-07  07:52 am
Spotting (oxidization?) on M2 wheelsJc00008-29-07  11:50 am
Warranty on paint flaking from wheelsBlake08-24-07  06:10 pm
XB Wheels: Polish or Powdercoat?Turtlenek08-23-07  03:54 pm
Anyone know the outside diameter for the XB wheel bearings?Ceejay08-02-07  08:15 am
I have come up w/ a huge break thru for tuber wheels.Blake07-25-07  07:37 pm
M2 rims98s1lightning07-25-07  03:44 am
Swing Arm Ground into NutBuellinachinashop06-10-07  06:29 pm
How is the rear wheel mounted?Firemanjim06-02-07  12:22 pm
How do you ensure wheel is square?Sleez06-01-07  04:35 pm
Spoke rims on buellGangstajay05-07-07  10:51 pm
Tuber wheel/brake swap Stumpflyer04-30-07  10:24 am
Where to buy NSK bearingsFullpower04-14-07  02:16 pm
XB wheels on a Tuber?Ratbuell04-11-07  09:08 am
Squeaking front wheel, nothing rubbing, not the breaks ..Mmmi_grad03-17-07  04:44 pm
Where is the wheel bearing listing??????Firemanjim03-03-07  07:18 pm
Wheel Option for the Tube models?Aragosta33 02-22-07  05:47 pm
Uly wheelsYohinan02-02-07  09:29 am
Goodies For The XB12RMhfirebolt01-14-07  08:24 pm
This one should be entitled how not to fit bearingsOldog10 01-09-07  11:58 pm
Wheel bearing installationOldog12-18-06  12:17 am
Tire to wheel fitmentLoki11-14-06  01:09 pm
New Blue BearingsJlnance11-10-06  09:57 pm
Rear pulley removal5liter10-19-06  06:46 pm
Buell wheelsAcejay10-02-06  11:37 am
Wheel spacers for a 2000 M2Blake09-29-06  09:42 pm
What's the secret5liter09-27-06  08:44 pm
PM wheel differencesBlake09-08-06  06:00 pm
Did I tighten my axles too much???Blake08-16-06  09:57 pm
Axle nut size for '03 XB9Diablobrian08-08-06  01:47 am
Tire balancingSwampy16 06-27-06  12:07 am
Redneck wheel bearing removal for XBIndy_bueller05-14-06  09:38 am
What kind of mileage are you guys getting from tires?Bikemakr04-25-06  08:08 pm
03 XB9S Rear Axle StuckCmhxb918 04-09-06  09:07 pm
Looking for Tutorial on Changing out WheelsBomber04-06-06  09:53 am
This might sound stupid....Boisebuelly02-17-06  01:50 pm
05 XB9R rear wheel removal helpCharlieboy664902-06-06  12:04 am
Wheel bearing removalXb12burner01-27-06  08:34 pm
Service Bulletin B-051: XB9 Wheel Bearings  
X1 Rear Brake Line, Battery Cable (Service Bulletin)  
1000 miles on the new Conti's...updateSkyguy04-24-06  02:20 pm
Archive through October 03, 2005Fullpower1985 135 10-03-05  01:41 pm
Nail in rear tire...Blue02m208-23-05  09:12 am
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