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Buell Motorcycle Service Bulletins and Technical Bulletins

B-001 Safety Recall Code 0800 - Front Brake Line

B-002 Product Program BP1 - Instrument Panel Stabilizer

B-003 Vehicle Identification Number (V.I.N.) Update

B-004 Noncompliance Recall 0801 - P/M Wheel Labels

B-005 Safety Recall Code 0802 - Fuel Cell Assembly

B-006 Safety Recall Code 0803 - Instrument Panel Stabilizer

B-007 Safety Recall Code 0804 - S2-T Handlebars and Touring Handlebar Kit, P/N 55899-94Y

B-008 Safety Recall Code 0805 - 95 and 96 S2/S2-T California Models Quicksilver Carburetors

B-009 Product Program BP2 - Touring Handlebar Replacement 96 S2-T Models

B-010 Product Program BP3 - Anti-Rattle Kit

B-011 Safety Recall Code 0806 - M2 Cyclone Front Brake Line Wire Guide

B-012 Product Program BP4 - Euro S1 Lightning Rear Fender Support Kit

B-013 Safety Recall Code 0807 - 1997/1998 Front Brake Rotor Drive Pins

B-014 Safety Recall Code 0808 - Turn Signal Flasher

B-015 Safety Recall Code 0809 - Swingarm

B-016B Product Program BP5 - Isolator Kit, Revision B

B-017 New DDFI Calibration and Remote Idle Adjuster Kits

B-018 Safety Recall Code 0810 - Front Isolator Mount System

B-019 Safety Recall Code 0811 - S1 and S1W Negative Battery Cable

B-020 Safety Recall Code 0812 - 1999 X1 Rear Brake Line and Positive Battery Cable

B-021A Safety Recall Code 0814 - Fuel Tank Retention System, Revision A

B-022 Safety Recall Code 0815 - Fuel Tank Vent Valve Assembly

B-023 Safety Recall Code 0813 - Side Stand Safety Switch

B-024B Safety Recall Code 0817 - Shock Eye, Revision B

B-025A Safety Recall Code 0816 - Swingarm, Revision A

B-026 Fuel Filter Bracket Retrofit (Japan Only)

B-027 Care and Maintenance of Molded-in-Color Body Panels

B-028 Buell Blast! Initial Care Program

B-029 Carburetor, Ignition and Spark Plug Update

B-030 Safety Recall Code 0818 - 1999 S3 Rear Brake Line

B-031 Safety Recall Code 0819 - 1999 X1 and S3 Fuel Filter

B-032 Product Program BP7 - Exhaust Header Mount Retrofit Kit

B-033A Safety Recall Code 0820 - Shock Reinforcement Package, Revision A

B-034 Recall Campaign 0821 - Race Muffler Retention Kit

B-035A Shock Absorber and Front Shock Mount, Revision A

B-036 Safety Recall Code 0822 - Blast Rear Sprocket

B-037 Rear Shock Locknut Tightening Procedure

B-038 Safety Recall Code 0823 - Pro Series Handlebars

B-039 2001 M2/S3 Shift Linkage Kit

B-040 Number not used

B-041 2000-2001 Blast TP Sensor Adjustment And Diagnostics (English Only)

B-042 1999-2001 Cyclone M2 Fuel Tank Protection Kit

B-043 2000-2001 Engine Sprocket Nut

B-044 Safety Recall Code 0824 - Shock Absorber Bracket

B-046 Shipment Procedure for Frame/Fuel Tank (English Only)

B-047 Product Program BP8 - Sidestand Leg For 2003 Model Firebolt (XB9R)

B-048 Safety Recall Code 0825 - Sidestand Leg for 2003 Firebolt XB9R (Translations updated 10-29-2002)

B-049 2003 Buell XB9S Initial Care

B-050 Critical Drive Belt Handling Procedures

B-051A Product Program BP9 - Wheel Bearing Upgrade For XB9R And XB9S Models, Revision A

B-052 Safety Recall Code 0826 - Sidestand Leg For 2003 Lightning XB9SL (English Only)

B-053 Voltage Regulator Information Update

B-055 Buell XB12 Driveability Diagnostics

B-056 Safety Recall Code 0827 - Throttle Control System

B-057 Safety Recall Code 0828 - Horn Wire Routing for 2004 XB9S, XB9SL and

B-058 Firebolt and Lightning Fuse Running Change

B-059 Safety Recall Code 0829 - Blast Fuel Vent Rollover Valve Assembly (English Only)

B-060 Safety Recall Code 0830 - Sidestand Pivot Bolt For 2005 Firebolt XB12R And Lightning XB12S, XB9SX

B-062A 2006 Throttle Body and Throttle Position Sensor Production Change

B-063A Safety Recall Code 0832 - Sidestand Assembly Replacement For 2006 Ulysses XB12X

B-064 Safety Recall Code 0831 - P&A Accessory Tall Windscreen Part Nos. 58214-06Y and 58214-06YA

B-065 Ulysses Service Literature Update

B-066 2006-2007 Ulysses XB12X Bank Angle Sensor Recall, Code 0833

B-070A Service Bulletin & Supplement - Buell 1125R Engine Oil Check Procedure

B-071 Product Program 0502 - 2008 Buell 1125R Calibration & Starter Solenoid

B-073 XB12X & XB12XT Top Case & Side Case Luggage Latches

B-074 Service Bulletin - 2008 Buell 1125R Throttle Position Sensor Service

B-075 Service Bulletin - 2008 Buell 1125R Transmission Jet Recall

B-076 Product Program 0501 - 2003-2006 Buell Firebolt (XB9R/XB12R) Headlights

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