Getting Started

Welcome to this discussion board! This document gives you the basic knowledge that you need to use this board effectively. If you experience any difficulties with the board, contact one of the custodians listed under the Contact link from the Main Menu.

Reading Discussions

Anyone with WWW access can read discussions on this board. To read discussions, navigate to the discussion of interest by single clicking on the links from the list of topics and subtopics. You can navigate backwards using the navigation bars at the top of each page.

Contributing to Discussions

To post a message to an existing discussion, fill in the "Add a Message" box at the bottom of the page. You may use formatting codes or basic HTML tags to improve the appearance of your post. At the discretion of the custodians, the discussion may allow public posting or may require a user account (username and password). Follow the instructions on the form to supply the necessary credentials for posting.

Where available, you may click on a "Create New Conversation" button to start a new discussion. This will add a subtopic with the subject you specify and start a conversation with the initial message that you specify. After filling in the subject line, post a message as described above.

Searching the Board

This discussion board can be searched by time of post (New Messages search) or by matching text (Keyword Search). Each of these searching mechanisms provide convenient methods to locate discussions of interest.

To search for new messages, click the New Messages link from the Main Menu. If you have an account with a valid username and password, fill in your username and password in the appropriate boxes to search for messages since your last check. If you do not have an account, you can still search for new messages posted since a given date. The Last Day and Last Week options on the Main Menu are equivalent to searching for messages posted within the last day and messages posted within the last seven days, respectively.

To search the board by keywords, click the Keyword Search link from the Main Menu. You can then specify the words that will be used in the search. Additional instructions for using the Keyword Search option are displayed on the search screen itself.

When you have performed the search, click on any of the links to the pages to view the page, or click on a link in the result to go to the post where that text occurs.

Getting an Account

Having a BadWeB user account provides the following benefits:

To get a user account, first click the Edit Profile link from the Main Menu of this board and see if "Instant Registration" is available. If not, e-mail one of the custodians listed on the Contact page and request a user account. Be sure to include your e-mail address, full name, and desired username if you e-mail a custodian. Please note that BadWeB abhors spam and will absolutely not provide email or other personal information to any outside parties.

Where to get further information

For additional information on using this system, read the Formatting document and the Troubleshooting document, available from the Main Menu. If you have additional questions or concerns, post them to an appropriate area on the discussion forum, or contact one of the custodians or the board administrator from the Contact page.

Policies, Rules and "Netiquette"

Buells ROCK!

I am a Buell Motorcycle Enthusiast and wish to contribute positively to and participate thoughtfully in discussions on (BadWeB)! I understand that BadWeB is a family-oriented open public community of Buell enthusiasts.

By registering for participation in this Buell Motorcycle Enthusiasts' discussion board/forum I hereby agree to honor and abide by all of the following absolutely and in its entirety.

I will not post profane or vulgar language, nor will I engage in personal attacks nor in malicious derision in any form of other users of the board. I agree to treat with respect and courtesy all members of this online Buell enthusiasts' community. I realize that there is never any justification to violate this policy, and that if I do, I may forfeit my BadWeB posting privileges.

I will honor without question, debate, or argument any/all custodian/admin request(s) concerning the content and/or decorum of my contributions on the forum. I realize that there is never any justification to violate this policy, and that if I do, I may forfeit my BadWeB posting privileges. Basically, the BadWeB custodians prefer to enjoy BadWeB rather than argue with indignant or disgruntled folks.

I will not post any content to BadWeB or hyperlinks to other web pages that one would hesitate to expose in the workplace or to family and children. If it is not appropriate for showing on daytime public television or on a public billboard, it is likely not acceptable to post on I will honor this policy and understand that should I fail to do so, I may forfeit my BadWeB posting privileges.

I agree to treat others as I would hope to be treated myself (be excellent to each other); I will only post commentary with a respectful demeanor just as if I am speaking face to face. In all cases I will avoid flame wars and hateful, malicious, derisive, insulting or divisive commentary. I understand that malicious derisive personal commentary in any form is entirely unwelcome on BadWeB.

I agree with and understand well that those sowing disharmony and malcontent are not welcome at I will not masquerade under multiple usernames, nor will I disingenuously seek to conceal my identity by accessing BadWeB through anonymizer type proxy web servers. Should I lose posting privileges, I vow to honor that decision and promise on my honor that I will not seek to regain access through disingenuous means, other username(s), new user account(s). I realize that doing so will constitute a blatant violation of my ISP terms of use and may result in revocation of my internet access.

Absent permission from a board custodian, I will refrain entirely from the promotion and/or marketing of commercial merchandise or other similar/competing web sites.

Absent permission/approval from a board custodian, I will refrain from using the "Post as Anonymous" option, which is reserved only for who have a serious and valid need to utilize the "Post as Anonymous" option.

In summary I promise that while participating on BadWeB I will: be excellent to other BadWeBrs, refrain from posting lewd, profane, vulgar or other non-family oriented content, honor the requests of board custodians, refrain from posting unapproved promotional/advertising/marketing content or hyperlinks thereto, and refrain from unapproved use of the "Post as Anonymous" option.

I understand that comments posted on the discussion forum represent only the views of their authors and in no way may be construed as representing the views of, its custodians, or its owner(s) of record. I will never hold, its custodians, or its owner(s) of record responsible for any content posted by users of the discussion board.

If I have a problem with content that is posted to the discussion forum, I will notify a BadWeB custodian; I will not confront either on the board or via private message or other means, the author of the post I find problematic. I will allow the BadWeB custodian(s) to address and respond to the issue.

If I have any questions concerning the acceptability of content for posting to BadWeB, I will seek clarification prior to posting it.

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